Monday, April 20, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

While I didn't have the most productive weekend- two days off are two days off and there were many sporting events to indulge in. Onward to the Monday edition of my blog:

- As I'm writing this, I'm watching the Sharks game. It's tied 1-1 and nearing the end of the second period. I'm still trying to get into hockey, and HD is really helping.

- The Cubs won with late home runs both Friday and Saturday. Alfonso Soriano is showing what a great player he is, though I'm still not quite sure why he is a lead off hitter. Aramis Ramirez hit a walk off home run on Saturday against the hated rival Cardinals, and had the game not gotten rained out Sunday evening, I'm fairly sure he would've gotten thrown at during his first at bat (for showing up the pitcher when he hit the game winner.) So far, the Cubs have not been clicking as a team, yet they are 7-4. I have a feeling they will only get better.

- For as much as I did not follow much of the NBA this year, I did watch a large majority of the Bulls/Celtics game on Saturday. That was an awesome game. Without Garnett, it looks like the Celtics and Bulls match up almost evenly. As a former basketball player, I typically get frustrated watching games that feature high amounts of mental errors (turnovers, defensive mistakes, lack of boxing out, etc.) This game, was a very well played game where I felt both teams were giving great effort and competing on level that should represent the NBA more often. Derek Rose tied Kareen Abdul-Jabbar for the rookie first game playoff scoring record with 36 points. He'll win the Rookie of the Year for sure. I'm so happy the Bulls drafted him, and I have a feeling he'll be a stud for years to come.

- The Giants and Diamondbacks scored a total of 6 runs total in their series this weekend. The great news is that the Giants' starting pitching was amazing. The terrible news, 4 runs of offense over a three game period will usually not result in a series win. Tim Lincecum looked amazing during his 13 strikeout performance on Saturday. While I'm happy to see fellow Northgate High School Alum Doug Davis pitch so well, the Giants really wasted a great performance by the reigning Cy Young winner. No timely hitting, bad baserunning, and a bullpen that cannot be as perfect as the offense needs them to be will be the Giants' downfall. I do think there is some hope, but the offense needs to get it together very soon. I suppose I don't want them to get too crazy because Brian Wilson saves will immensely help my Fantasy Team (2-0 after two weeks!)

- I also watched the A's game Sunday and they were absolutely shut down by Ricky Romero of the Blue Jays. I had forgotten Ricky Romero's name, but actually saw him pitch a game in college when he went to Cal State Fullerton (against the UC Davis Aggies.) He reminded me of Johan Santana and was part of CSUF's national championship team. Well, currently he's rocking a 1.71 ERA and I took a flier on him in my fantasy league. It could be a good move for anyone a little short on pitching.

- I also watched UFC 97 Saturday night. Chuck Liddell lost again. It may time for him to hang it up. At this point, he's worse than Michael Jordan was on the Wizards. Admittedly, I enjoy watching the fights, but I'm not totally qualified to give analysis- but I'm pretty certain I'm right about Chuck. Let me know if I'm not.

- I'm going to see Margot & the Nuclear So & So's in SF May 16, and Wilco in Tahoe on June 28. Both shows are going to be off the hook.

That pretty much covers the weekend (for me, at least) so hopefully you had a good one as well. Keep on, uh, keep on trucking...


Rae said...

I'm going to the A's - Yankee's game tomorrow!!!

woot :)

Tony B. said...

No way! That's awesome! Where did you come up with silver briefcase full-of-money-that-should-be-handcuffed-to-your-wrist in order to get tickets?

GMoney said...

Tony, play nice. Bleacher seats are still less then $15 at the new place and that is where the real fans sit anyway. Would you go to a Cubs game and want to sit anywhere other than the bleachers? Of course not.

Tony B. said...

The bleachers are definitely the place to be in most ballparks (hell in Florida you can have your own section to watch an 11-1 team!)

In reality I'm just jealous and would love to check out the new park.