Monday, April 27, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Well that was an excellent weekend! While I didn't feel well on Friday (sore throat and ears, if you recall) I managed to get through my show at Pyramid in Walnut Creek without much trouble (besides the freezing temperature.) Thank you to all who attended!

On Saturday, I tried to watch as much of the NFL Draft as possible. While the Bears ended up not having a pick on the first day, I was quite interested in one Bay Area team gift wrapping the best wide receiver in the draft to the other Bay Area team. I really don't care if Darius Heywood-Bay ends up being a decent receiver. I'm almost 100% sure Michael Crabtree will have a better NFL career, and the Raiders absolutely showed why they will continue to hang out near the bottom of the AFC West. I'm not sure I'm qualified to grade any of the NFL teams for their overall drafts, but feel free to leave opinions in the comment section. If you say the Raiders, you will be banned from commenting forever.

Later in the day, I went to my friends Adam & Sarah's wedding. It was a great ceremony and a very rocking reception. I had an absolute blast! The tone was set by the bar being open for the ceremony. Let me repeat- I was drinking a beer during the ceremony. It was amazing. The music was great and the people there were even better. Solid all the way around.

Sunday, I forced myself to get up and play basketball with a couple friends. While I may be a bit out of shape, my jumper was not bad (if I do say so myself.) We're signing up for a summer league so I have to get my act together soon.

After that, I caught the end of the Bulls/Celtics game. I don't care who wins this series (OK, that's a lie, GO BULLS) I'm very happy to see the Bulls playing with heart and giving the Celtics all they can handle. Besides Game 3, this series has been ridiculously entertaining. The games are going down to the wire- and the level of competition has been second to none.

In the afternoon, I went to the recording studio to lay down vocal harmonies for "50 Stories" (yes, the song that I used in this blog's url.) I'm happy to report it is sounding great, and I'm fairly certain it is the first fully completed song for my new album. Once I get the full mix, I'm debating releasing it as a single on iTunes. I'll keep you posted.

Lastly, after my "woe is me" Friday blog- I have strong prospects for monthly shows in Davis, Sacramento, Roseville, and Walnut Creek. I guess things really do happen for a reason (lame cliche, but works in this situation) or at least I feel totally renewed about my music career. I'm ready to get these new things rolling and I'll be sure to update here with my new schedule.

PS: 3-0 in fantasy baseball! Oh yeah!


GMoney said...

Wait, you were drinking at the reception or the ceremony? Because if you are pumped about drinking at the reception, then you should consider me a God. My performance on Saturday was legendary.

Tony B. said...

This revolutionary move of letting people drink during the ceremony was amazing. I don't think it's possible to make it work for my wedding- but it was a treat that I won't soon forget.

And did I read correctly that the Tigers mascot was at your buddy's wedding? That is awesome!

GMoney said...

Oh yeah. "Paws" was tearing shit up on the dance floor. Eventhough my blood was half plasma and hald Crown Royal at the time, I made sure not to get photgraphed with him. You've got stick to your roots and I hate the Tigers.