Friday, April 10, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Update

First off, a moment of blog silence for Nick Adenhart.

So glad they caught the guy who crashed into Adenhart's car. It doesn't bring him back, but that guy is a danger on the California roadways. Really, your license was suspended for a DUI, and you're drunk driving again, run a red light and kill 3 (maybe 4) people, then flee from the scene on foot. That's just wrong and I hope he gets the maximum penalty, which in California is being put in medieval chains while our governor beats the hell out of you Kindergarten Cop-style.

Anyway, week one of fantasy baseball is not even over and going look at my team to see how they're doing.

Offense: My offense is lacking a bit. It seems like my guys are getting off to a slow start, but I have a feeling they'll pick it up sometime soon. Brian Roberts is my best player so far (with 11 points). Adrian Gonzales is doing ok as well with 9 points. The rest of my line-up is Pudge Rodriguez, Ryan Zimmerman (I hate this guy, anyone want to trade?), Miguel Tejada (should've drafted Troy Tulowitzki), Ryan Braun (he'll be hitting bombs soon enough), Carl Crawford, Tori Hunter, and Jose Lopez (was doing great until his two strikeout, two double play ground balls yesterday.)

The biggest thing is that I have Joe Mauer and Ichiro on the DL right now, so when they come back, my offense will take an immediate jump.

Starting Pitching: This is going to be tough to beat. My team stands to have one of the most dominant weeks in fantasy history if my pitchers continue the way they started.

Derek Lowe - 29 points right out of the gate against the Phillies.
Jake Peavy - 9.5 points even though he took the loss. I'm looking for you pull your weight Jake!
King Felix Hernandez - 27 points in his dominating performance against the underacheivers known as the Detroit Tigers.
Chris Carpenter - 29.5 points in a seven inning, one hit game. If this guy stays healthy, he might be the Cy Young winner. Bad news for the Cubs- great news for my fantasy squad.

Side note: Gavin Floyd pitched well off my bench. I also have Kelvim Escobar, Brad Penny, Andy Pettite, and young'n Brett Anderson (I'll be in attendance tonight for his first MLB start.)

Closers: I started all three closers and so far so good. I have Jon Papelbon and both Bay Area closers, Brian Wilson and Brad Ziegler. Ziegler was a last minute start and he has the most points (24.5) with two saves already. I have a feeling Papelbon and Wilson will both get saves before the end of the week.

Overall: My team is built to win. I am currently tied for most points in the league, but if my offense can get going even a little bit I think this team has the pieces for greatness. I will say this, I would like a bit more power in my lineup. Any suggestions on if I should use any of my players as trade bait for a power hitter? My league is not terribly trade-happy, and I'm a little scared to break up this great rotation, but I'd be happy to listen to any point of view.

Last thing- MLB.TV is probably the greatest thing ever. They seem to have fixed steaming issues, so the quality of picture is amazing. I highly recommend it. I only wish MLB was paying me to say that...


GMoney said...

You lack pop. Where is big league clout (apply for the little green home run hitter)? FYI, King Fe owned the Twins not the Tigers...although they are ripe to be owned this year anyway.

Tony B. said...

Damn- I was just looking to rip the Tigers, but thanks for keeping me honest.

Tony B. said...

Apparently Miguel Cabrera just heard my comments about the Tigers. As I was typing the last comment he just hit a granny.

GMoney said...

And considering that I own Miggy in two of my 3 leagues, it is greatly appreciated. By the way, Kris Benson is still pitching in the majors!!!