Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Hate The Cardinals

I did what I shouldn't have. I drafted Chris Carpenter for my fantasy baseball team. My thinking was that he was injured all of last year, so he'd be healthy and rested this year. After a 1-hit 7 inning performance in his first start, I thought I was a genius. I even turned down a trade: Carpenter for David Ortiz. My team needs more offense, but I rejected the trade (I'm not terribly high on Big Papi these days.) Now Carpenter leaves the game after the third inning with an oblique strain ruining my chances at victory this week.

The good news is Carpenter may miss his start against the Cubs later this week. May I present to you the face of evil.

Disclaimer: Fantasy Baseball seriously warps your perception of reality- it is most important that Carpenter performs for my fantasy team over his actual team the Cardinals. I'm serious.


GMoney said...

At least it's not his arm.

Tony B. said...

True, but watching Giants' Noah Lowry as he tried to get over his oblique injury, I have little faith that Carpenter can recover quickly from this.