Friday, April 3, 2009

Jay Cutler To Bear Down

As we found out yesterday, Jay Cutler (and a fifth round pick) was traded to the Chicago Bears for Kyle Orton, 2 first round picks and a third rounder. First off, congratulation Bears for sacking up and making this trade! I can't remember a time when the Bears were involved in a blockbuster trade, let alone a trade for a great offensive player.

My initial reaction is one of extreme happiness. I think Cutler will do will with the Bears. They do need some more offensive weapons, but with Matt Forte, Greg Olsen, Desmond Clark and the recently signed Orlando Pace (PLEASE STAY HEALTHY) I'm hoping they have enough to build around. Let's go to some reactions:

- My brother, a huge Lions fan, was the one who texted me first (I was in a class so I didn't know the Bears had made the move.) He admitted that the Bears now have a franchise quarterback and he seemed to think the move will be good for the Bears.

- Other friends were texting me about how awesome it must be to be a Bears fan. Now, it is easy to get caught up in the hype. While it is awesome to be a Bears fan, I'm not sitting here claiming that Cutler is the next coming of Joe Montana- but he is easily the most talented QB the Bears have had since I've been alive.

- The clincher was my friend who is a Broncos fan called me and said that I should be excited because Cutler is a really great QB. This friend is a highly knowledgeable and intense football fan. He's not impressed with new head coach Josh McDaniels and thinks the guy is screwing everything up. In fairness, my friend is a huge Mike Shannahan fan. My overall point here is that even (most) Broncos fans are upset with the situation and would rather have kept Cutler.

I know I'm working with a small sample size, and many radio and TV personalities say Cutler has to "grow up" and "mature" but come on! If your boss came in every day and told you how expendable you are, you're not likely to enjoy your time at a particular job. The only difference is that Jay Cutler had more leverage than most people because his skill set is openly coveted by multiple multi-million dollar organizations.

As a Bears fan, I'm really excited to see what Cutler will do on the field for the Windy City. He is a welcome addition, and to be honest, taking first round picks away from Jerry Angelo is probably a good idea anyway. Go Bears!


Annoying Blogger said...

I think the Broncos and Bears both came out winners. Cutler was not the guy for the Broncos, he's not solid enough mentally to play there. When they needed 1 win last season to make the playoffs they couldn't do it and granted their D was horrible, but 1 win in 4 games...

Cutler does however have a strong arm and can play well in cold weather. He's a gunslinger and I like him for that.

I think the Broncos just became a lot better though. Josh Mcdaniels will make Orton a solid QB and with the receiving core they have it shouldn't be too difficult.

Also they now have 3 first round picks, if they want to make their defense better just select 3 USC players. I still can't believe they got 2 first rounders and Orton... jeez I think you could trade for Adrian Peterson with 2 firsts and a good QB.

Tony, I'm happy for you, because now you can buy a new bears jersey and not worry that player may not start the next game.

Tony B. said...

Yeah AB- my Rex Grossman jersey is pretty out of style at this point (was it ever in style?)

GMoney said...

For the time being, I think that they are both losers. The Bears now have no picks to put talent or protection around Cutler and have resorted to signing broken down lineman. And the Broncos have no QB and no clue as to what direction they want to go in. Do you have any faith at all in McDaniels drafting the right people? I don't.

Time will tell.

Tony B. said...

G$, time will tell but I'm digging the Bears actually pulling the trigger on this trade. Cutler is a franchise QB and that is usually the toughest piece to find for an NFL team.

Let's put it this way, at the moment, I'd rather be the Bears than the Broncos.