Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lost "Dead Is Dead"

Time for my weekly installment of live (or somewhat tape delayed) blogging "Lost." This week we'll be catching back up with Ben and Locke in 2008. I'm hopeful there is some info on the smoke monster, but we'll see...

- No idea who the hell these folks are- oh, there's Richard. Young Ben recovering with perfectly beaded sweat all over him. How inappropriately provacative.
- Young Charles Widmore looking like he should be friends with Gerard Butler.
- Ben looks confused when he sees Locke with a pulse. Ben broke the rules. Understatement of the Season.
- Alright, Ben's going back to get judged by the smoke monster. Wonder if he's telling the truth? I'd love to see Ben on "Moment of Truth." So Ben, have you kidnapped, tourtured and murdered people? Have you ever stolen a baby? Have you ever lied and said you enjoyed Juliette's cooking?
- How the hell did Seth Rogen get on the island?
- Ben back up to his old head games- Caesar has Ben's back with a huge gun he found in a hatch from many episodes ago.
- Nice! Appearance by Young Ethan! Old that he's been frosting his tips on the island.
- Let's see how Ben steals a baby. Interesting comment about the "whispers."
- Ben and Locke face off- round 2 for the episode. Elephant in the room- Ben killing Locke.
- Maybe Ben doesn't want to see the smoke monster.
- Awesome- Ben capping fools like he's Suge Knight! Honestly, Caesar needed to die, he wasn't bringing much to the table. Now Locke and Ben are going adventuring- doubtful this is going to be a fun buddy comedy.
- Going back to New Otherton- I'm finding it hard to write anything because pretty much everything Ben says is b.s.
- Ben and Widmore facing off in the past. Widmore maybe isn't the "good guy" he wants us to believe he us. Or, of course, Ben is posturing to make Widmore look bad.
- I think Locke isn't getting awfully confident in how in tune he is with the island- maybe dying gave him some knowledge.
- Ben's inspecting his house where he finds Sun and Lapidus (the Lawnmower Man!) How the hell does Ben not know about some of the O6 not being in the Dharma Initiative? They're going to have to run for it before Young Ben makes it back to the DI.
- Lapidus looks like he's bouncing from this party. Good thing Sun is staying- would be highly uninteresting if she left as well.
- Here we go- smoke monster... this better not disappoint.
- What in holy hell is going on here? Ben released some water, and said he'll be outside.
- Now Ben is swinging Alex- and now he's making Charles leave. Wow, Penny is the reason Widmore gets banished by submarine- not by frozen donkey wheel.
- Dead is dead, huh? Tell that to Christian Shepherd.
- Damn, Locke really is hugely confident. Confidence but not cockiness will be good- if Locke goes overboard he might get "smoked."
- Alright, let's see how Ben kills Penny. Hmmm... if that actually happens.
- Our mutual friend- great Dickens/Desmond reference! Also was the book Desmond was going to read before he dies.
- Looks like the tables have turned Mr. Linus. Go underneathe the Temple and see what happens.
- Tell Desmond you're sorry? What a cop-out. At least Desmond beat his ass.
- Hmm... looks like Ben has some sort of soft spot for children losing their mothers- much like he did when he was born. Ben looks like a science project as blood poofs out of his mouth underwater.
- Frank is getting quizzed with crazy ass questions. What is Illana doing? First she kicks Sayid in the face with hooker-boots and now this? She's nuttier that Fat Bastard's (from Austin Powers) crap!
- Ben falls down a hole- and now he's being enveloped with black smoke. Awesome scene.
- Now Alex is telling Ben exactly how it is. Who's your adopted stolen daughter?! Say it! Say it!
- Ben looks like a little puppy dog when he's talking to Locke. Ben may redeem himself yet.

That was an exceptional episode. It was really hard to come up with material on this one. Lots of deception to wade through. It was very cool to see Locke turn the tide on Ben and to see below the Temple. This episode really delivered. Michael Emerson is an amazing actor. Once again Lost proves why it is the best show in TV.


Clarkster said...

I thought the etching into the wall of the guy interacting with the smoke monster was pretty cool and all those hieroglyphics on the walls make me even more confused so tell me did egyptians live on the island before or some thing. I think you might need to start doing cliffs notes for these episodes.

Tony B. said...

I think the Egyptian theme is getting stronger. You could make a case that some of the original island folk turned the wheel, ended up in Tunisia, and then settled in Egypt forming the Egyptian culture. Who the hell knows though?

Rae said...

This week was DEFINITELY better than last week. And I love your Tunisian culture theory...

Also, "Tell that to Christian Shepherd"? Priceless. PRICELESS.

GMoney said...

I don't watch the show but why do they let the guy who plays Ben on TV? I'm pretty sure that he is a baby rapist/eater. That guy has to have the market cornered when a casting director says, "we need a pedophile for this scene".

Tony B. said...

@ Rae- I'm not sure it's a theory so much as my assumption. I'll be surprised if it isn't that way.

@ G$- I think Michael Emerson is a pretty good actor, but I totally know what you mean about the way he looks. He won't be in a sequel to "Daddy Day Care" anytime soon.