Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost "Some Like It Hoth"

New episode of Lost has a Star Wars reference in the title, let's get to it:

- Young Miles talking to dead people like usual. Haley Joel Osman would be proud.
- Sawyer and Kate are back from their excursion. And of course, time to cover up what they were doing.
- Miles was brought into the "circle of trust." Who does Horace think he is- Rober DeNiro?
- Miles has to go to Radzinsky. Stu is effing nuts. Always carrying a gun, and always talking crazy.
- Oh, a dead body- let's go Miles, get all Dr. Phil on that corpse.
- Miles looking like his character from X-Men 3 (you know, the crappy one.)
- Yikes, looks like his mother is dying of cancer. No jokes here, this is pretty intense.
- Guaranteed his father is Pierre Chang- Asian guy from such hits as "The Swan Video," "The Pearl Video," "The Flame Video," among others.
- Miles is on a collision course to meet his dad in 1977. He looks fairly uncomfortable.
- Hurley getting after it cooking. Never trust a thin cook- so obviously you can trust Hurley.
- More Kate and Roger Linus action. Ooooh, abusive dad worried about worried about his son... love multi-faceted characters.
- Hurley and Miles in a blue Dharma van- looking forward to some awesome time travel conversation. Here we go, Hurley's going to find the dead body.
- Miles knows all about the body's backstory- a filling from his tooth goes through his brain?
- Hurley talking to dead people as well, eh? We kind of knew that, but I'm interested to see where this goes.
- Miles is totally faking his psychic action with this Locke-look-alike.
- A Naomi sighting! She got smoked by a cross-bow didn't she? Either way- she gone!
- Nothing like sitting on a swing-set drinking a Dharma beer. I would love Kate to get together with Uncle Rico- then she wouldn't ruin Jack or Sawyer.
- Well, looks like my last comment was just made irrelavent.
- Back to the blue van- Miles and Hurley talking about their super powers talking to dead people. Sounds like one of my average conversations.
- Pierre Chang fresh off his cameo on "Gary Unmarried."
- Miles confirms the obvious- Chang is his father. [Darth Vader breathing noise.]
- Naomi brings Miles down for his audition- talking to some guy.
- Felix the delivery guy got smoked.
- Miles was hired to interview dead Dharma folks on the island to catch Ben. Offered $1.6 mil to find Ben. 1.6 x 2 = 3.2 (why he asked Ben for $3.2 mil in Season 4. Exactly double.)
- Hey, a Jack sighting. he looks like he doesn't give a crap about much these days.
- Jack talking crazy to Uncle Rico... maybe a little over the top intense.
- Hurley is cracking me up talking to Dr. Chang. Big Gulps, huh guys? Whelp- See ya later!
- They're building the hatch- creepy numbers appearance!
- Do you know what lies in the shadow of the statue? Hey! That's Seth Rogen from last episode!
- I feel like the guys in the van are some new faction (not Widmore, and not Ben.) Or at least, maybe the writers want us to think that...
- Miles is breaking down right now. He steals Hurley's notebook. He's been writing down Empire Strikes Back.
- The skeezy guy from Old School is now blackmailing Sawyer- that's about as bad an idea as the time I played ice hockey with Rodney Dangerfield- wait this isn't Family Guy.
- Miles giving back money to a guy he conned- this is the second time this happened (though in both cases it's debatable that he did actually talk to the dead folks.)
- Hurley and Miles compare dad issues- Hurley uses a Star Wars metaphor to talk about Miles' problems- I gots to be honest, Hurley's the man.
- Miles sees his dad reading to him as a 3 month old. Awww- he's getting all choked up!
- Yes! Daniel Faraday coming to the island on the submarine! This is going to be a crazy time warp. Can't wait to hear the explanation for this one!

Well, that was a truly great episode. I'm interested to see Jack get into more action, but Miles' backstory was really interesting. Well done Lost- still the best show on TV.

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