Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost "The Variable"

- The opening has Desmond recovering from the phantom milk gun shot wound that clearly didn't hit him.
- Eloise Hawking comes to talk to Penny- and admits that she's Daniel's mother. Penny and Daniel brother and sister???
- Daniel returns to the island in the sub and gets Miles to take him to Jack. He's talking crazy asking Jack how he got back.
- Daniel says his mother was wrong to tell Jack that this was the island's destiny. Dan, I got bad news for ya- I think you might be wrong in this instance. Never trust a guy with an injured brain.
- Excellent piano playing for a young bloke in braces. Oh, it's young Dan getting a talking to by his mom about destiny. She is really big on destiny, isn't she?
- Damn. I'm glad my mom never made me quit music! I don't like you Eloise! You're lame!
- Jack visiting Sawyer- I miss the days when Jack and Sawyer used to butt heads and fight over Kate.
- Cameo by Phil. He's tied up in the closet. Exactly where that lame-o should be.
- Looks like we're revisiting the opening scene from the Season. Daniel is down in the construction area of the Orchid.
- Alright, Dan's going to talk to Pierre Chang. Dan's asking for Chang to evacuate the island. He's letting him in on some serious future talk.
- Break it down- Dan tells Chang that Miles is his son. Aw- Miles! Why you gots to lie? You could've had a tender father from the past/son from the future type moment.
- Eloise is back at it. If I was Daniel's girlfriend, I wouldn't stand for Ms. Hawking's lip.
- Daniel talking about research grants- why is no one surprised that the grant is from Charles Widmore.
- Dan's mom gives him his journal. I wonder if there is anything already written in it besides the inscription. For example, could Eloise have been the one to say "Desmond Hume is my constant" rather than Dan?
- Town hall meeting for all the 815ers and friends. They are realizing that the writers have decided that the survivors in Dharma-ville is boring. Time to move back to the beach.
- Good to see you Twitchy. Great nickname Sawyer!
- Dan needs to find the hostiles to see his mom in the past. What- is he going to find her to get one of her awful peptalks?
- Now we're revisiting a scene from Season 4. Dan's crying and look who it is- Charles Widmore.
- The Wired magazine on the couch says "The Impossible Gets Real." It also says "The Super Power Issue - X-Ray Vision, Invisability, Time Travel."
- Finally! Confirmation that Charles Widmore was actually the one who put the fake 815 plane at the bottom of the ocean.
- Dan's going back to the island so it can heal his brain- just like Locke's lame legs. How does that island decide who heals and who doesn't? Jack had his appendix problem, Ben had a spinal tumor, yet other people heal like that. I wonder how the island decides.
- Sawyer getting snippy with Jack. Jack responds by trying to use Kate to get info. Sawyer is not too happy.
- HG Wells! That's two great nicknames!
- Sawyer just called Kate "Freckles." Bad move calling your ex-lady by a pet name in from of your current lady. Bad form, James.
- Time to pack up folk- onward to the beach again.
- Kate and her guns- is it always necessary? Yes, yes it is.
- C'mon Dan. That's nice of you to tell Charolette to get off the island, but why do it in such a creepy way? By the way, it's 1977 in this scene. Charolette was born 1979- did she time travel as a child? Nah, I believe the writers admitted it was a boo-boo.
- I admit I thought Radzinsky was going to be an awesome character. Turns out he's bat-shit crazy and pretty annoying.
- Fire-fight! Damn, it's nice to see Jack and Kate shooting things up. This Dharma-ville setting for the Season has lacked action for these characters- I dig them getting back into it.
- Dan can't play piano any longer. He does not look like he's in good sorts. Eloise is here to make it "better." Literally, she is quickly becoming one of my least favorite characters.
- Eloise looks like Satan lives in her eyes. I really don't know how else to explain that comment, but she looks evil.
- Nice blue Jeep. Not as cool as a silver Jeep, but whatever.
- "This is our present. Any one of us can die." Ooh- somebody's going to die. I know foreshadowing when I see it!
- Sawyer is having a really hard time dealing with this change. Dharma life has made him soft- time to unleash the beast.
- Stu finds Phil in the closet. That could be the name of a movie I don't want to watch.
- Daniel is now explaining some complicated stuff. He's explaining a way for them to prevent the 815 plane crash from ever happening. Well guess what dude- in no way would it be ok for you to do something that would wipe clean all the history we've watched for the last five years. I'm pretty sure your audience would not be cool with that. There's a variable for you- your viewing audience!
- Dan wants to detonate a hydrogen bomb, eh? Really? Just like that? This fool is crazy.
- Back in the hospital with Penny and Eloise. Eloise admits that she really doesn't know what is going to happen next- damn she's like Biff from Back to the Future 2- Unfortuntaely, it looks like she's gotten to the end of her Almanac.
- Desmond is alive. I was literally worried more about the swine flu than him dying.
- So Widmore is Daniel's father. From the tone of Eloise, it sounds like something bad is going to happen to Mr. Faraday. How the hell did he get that last name anyway? Widmore and Hawking don't add up to Faraday- do they?
- Good plan- let's go to the Others' camp wielding a firearm. Terrible plan crazy dude.
- Richard Alpert sighting!
- Dammit. Daniel is shot- by his own mom! She knew the whole time she was sending him to get shot by her. That is super lame. There better be a good explanation for this later on.

Well there it is. A Faraday-centric episode that led to his demise. Overall, great episode- but you already knew I was going to say that didn't you?


Rae said...

is was by and large your best LOST post yet:

- i don't get the milk gun comment? Didn't Ben shoot him?

- LOVE the Wired Mag sighting! Have you read the edition JJ Ambrams guest edited? It's pretty effin awesome

- Stu Finds Phil in the Closet: coming soon to a dirty theatre near you!

Tons of hilarious quips from you on this one. Remember when Charlotte died she said she remembered when she was a little girl a crazy man came and told her never to come back to the island, and she was scared, but it was Faraday? I don't think he's changing ANYTHING by being there, but rather he's playing right into what's already happened. Besides, if he WERE successful in altering the course of history and the 815ers never landed, then they wouldn't be there to go back in time to alter the course of history.

Tony B. said...

If you play back Ben shooting Desmond (seen at the beginning of this episode during "previously on Lost") you can see that they don't bother to put a blood capsule on Desmond- the milk in his hands blows up and he just falls over. Ben did shoot him for the show's sake, but it's one thing I noticed that looks weird.

I suppose my point about Faraday was that as soon as he tried to start affecting the course of the future, there's no way he could do it. Not only does it go against the parameters set by the show, but the writers wouldn't do that to the audience. Would you be mad if the plane never crashed, so none of the people died, no one ever went to the island, etc. etc. Come to think of it- I could see that being the finale of the show, but I hope it's not.