Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost "Whatever Happened, Happened"

This week's in episode blog follows "Whatever Happened, Happened." I'm predicting this week will either show Young Ben not dying, or have Doc Brown showing up to explain to the cast that they've broken the space/time continuum. Let's check out the action:

- Looks like a Kate-centric episode. Yippee [sarcasm should be noted]. I'm not the biggest Kate fan, but this should give good info.
- Immediately we see Jin helping Young Ben and his big-ass gunshot wound.
- Kate's helping Uncle Rico (Ben's dad) with the winch. For being such a great con-artist, she can't fool anyone into believing she knows anything about cars.
- Back on the mainland, we see a flash back of Kate and Turniphead Aaron as a baby. Oh snap! She went to visit Cassidy- drama to ensue...
- Aahhh- so that's what Sawyer whispered to Kate before he fell out of the helicopter. Take care of my kid! Great send a nomadic criminal to help take of your single-parented child that you left... great...
- Cassidy is a freaking mind-reader. She should transfer to be on "Lie to Me" rather than "Lost."
- Sawyer getting down to business. This thing really is starting to spin out of control.
- Juliette is trying to do surgery on Young Ben. Looks like it's going less than well.
- Look at Hurley with a Back to the Future reference. Miles drops some serious time travel knowledge.
- Sawyer asking Jack to do some surgery and Jack is refusing. I love it- Jack playing chicken with fate.
- Jack finally getting back into his savage self. In fact, this is better as he's starting to believe in fate. Kate, of course, is talking him out of being that savage.
- Kate is donating blood to Young Ben- "Have you had sex with a man whose had sex with a man since 1977?" Way more complicated question in this case.
- Uncle Rico seems to care about Ben... hmmm... why is he suck a dick then?
- Young Ben is freakin' out- going into shock.
- Miles is dropping more and more knowledge. Hurley is challenging him at every turn. This seems to be explaining a lot. For the message board folks- this will turn into many more ridiculous debates about who Jacob is. Get over it- it's someone we haven't seen yet!
- Juliet suggests medical attention by the Others- great twist! Can't wait to see how pissed Horace gets over this.
- Kate's taking Young Ben by himself... no Juliet to help, aw.
- Looks like we're getting more info on what the hell happened to Aaron. Juicebox!
- Aaron disappeared? Oh there he is! He's with a woman who looks like the busted prostitute version of Claire.
- Sawyer and his dapper glasses coming to save the day- I'll bet my left shoe him and Kate get back together by the end of the series! Unfortunately, I'm not wearing any shoes.
- Kate explains some of the motivation for going back to the island. These characters have some pretty terrible reasons for going back. That's been the biggest flaw with Season. Otherwise, no complaints.
- Juliet busting in on Jack in the shower! That's some serious attitude she's throwing his way.
- Kate's calling Sawyer out- and it looks like she's right.
- Truce violation! Sawyer dropping Richard's name. Guyliner coming up after these messages!
- I'd love some more time travel debate featuring Miles and Hurley. I'd even love to be in that conversation- I'm a nerd.
- Ok, so Kate went to see Claire's mother. Claire disappeared? Understatement of the year!
- Kate admitting that "she needed Aaron." Lame.
- In a somewhat noble move, Kate goes back to the island to find Claire. Unless she brings Egon or Peter, I doubt she has much shot.
- Can Richard save Ben's life? Yep, but he's going to take "his innocence?" Sounds way too child molester.
- Ellie and Charles would be mad? Wow. And Richard disappears with Ben into the Temple like a dead baseball player into a corn field.
- And John Locke makes too quick of a cameo- next week's episode looks waaaaaay better! Can't wait for it!

Any first reactions?


Clarkster said...

I hope this becomes a weekly feature The in episode blog I really enjoy it I could see it workng on a different level with 24 as well. also I loved the time travel debate between hurley and miles I've wondered alot of those same questions myself

Rae said...

Ellie and Charles would be mad? Wow. And Richard disappears with Ben into the Temple like a dead baseball player into a corn field. IF YOU SHOOT BEN, THEY WILL COME.

I loved when Hurley stumped Miles with the Sayid question!

Yeah this episode was less than intriguing. Disappointing, really.

Tony B. said...

Clarkster, it looks like I will continue this as weekly feature. A 24 one would be good, but Jack Bauer already said he would break into my house and take my computer's hard drive if I tried the same thing with his show.

Rae, there are two types of Lost episodes- ridiculously awesome (find out something important with the mythology, great action, and/or great twist) or pretty good (back story info, doesn't feel like they advanced the story that much, etc.) This episode was the latter.