Friday, April 17, 2009

The State of Bay Area Sports: State of Emergency

Well, on this Friday I'd like to take a look at the state of Bay Area Sports. As a mostly Chicago sports fan living in Sacramento, I listen to a lot of sports talk radio and hear all about the Bay Area's shortcomings and the fans' complaints. This year, I really can't blame them.

- The Golden State Warriors - Finished their season 29-53 (8-33 on the road!) Their season officially tanked in the offseason when newly locked-up point guard Monta Ellis hurt his ankle riding a moped. Yes, you heard it correctly- a MOPED! KNBR personality Rod Brooks has talked about this ridiculous fact ad nauseum, but he's still got a point. It is ludicrous for a grown man to be riding around on a moped, not to mention a professional athlete who stands to lose millions of dollars if anything goes wrong. Anyway, they've put themselves in good shape for the NBA Lottery, and while the second group of Northern California NBA basketball players have the highest percentage of winning the Battle of Blake Griffin this June, you just never know. An addition of Griffin to the Warriors might put them right back into the playoffs (a la Derek Rose to the Bulls.)

- The Oakland Athletics - At 4-5, they could be the brightest spot for the Bay Area. And yes, I'm talking about the team that was almost no-hit by knuckelballer Tim Wakefield just two days ago. Their pitching staff reeks of inexperience, but has done alright so far. Their retooled offense should be producing more than it has (3 homeruns so far, I think.) This weekend they are playing in Canada taking on the buzzsaw known as the Toranto Blue Jays (17 homeruns in 10 days, by comparison.) Luckily, they'll miss Jays' ace Roy Halladay, so it should be an interesting series. PS: The A's colors are just ugly. Green and Gold?

- The Raiders and 49ers - I'm lumping these two disasters together. Jeff Garcia signing with the Raiders might be the smartest thing they have done in recent years (that's not saying much, is it?) The Black and Silver is definitely not what it once was. On the other side, you have Mike Singletary talking about (possible #1 pick, so why is he even talking to this kid?) Matthew Stafford's inability to cope with his parents' divorce. How do you let this story leak out? For being one of the smartest linebackers in history, Singletary is not the smartest guy. It pains me to say it because he was probably my favorite player as a kid (tied with Walter Payton and Brad Muster [kidding]) but this guy will probably fail as a coach because he lacks a filter in his brain that separates intensity (my way or the highway) from intelligence (maybe I shouldn't pull my pants down right now.) Go ahead and prove me wrong Raiders and Niners- you've both got the divisions to get it done. I dare you!

- Your San Francisco Giants - 2-7? Really? That's all you got? On paper, it looked good. Three Cy Young Winners (Lincecum, Johnson, and Zito), and two young flamethrows (Cain and Sanchez.) The offense looked to be better with the overpriced addition of Edgar Renteria and a young Pablo Sandoval leading the way. What actually happened is that this team still can't hit, Randy Johnson is old, Barry Zito is still terrible, Tim Lincecum may spring back to reality (which will still be good, but maybe not Cy Young good), Sanchez has been wild, and Cain has been their best pitcher easily. I've commented on KNBR personality Dan Dibley's blog and gave him a hard time for being overly negative on the Giants. Well, I'm starting to buy into his attitude. This team is proving to be fairly inept on the basic fundamentals of fielding and baserunning, so I can't see it turning around anytime soon.

- The San Jose Sharks - What's that? You are the best team in hockey? Well, you sure didn't show it last night. You're making me regret jumping on your bandwagon. I wanted to have one favorite "local" team, so I took a stand- if the Sharks and Blackhawks play each other, I'll go for the Sharks. This was the absolute wrong time to do this. I watched some of the exciting Blackhawks overtime win last night and those guys are young and exciting. They will be good for years to come. The Sharks on the other hand, are very good, but for whatever reason feel like the Jim Kellys (or maybe Bernie Kosars) of hockey. I think this team will bounce back, but I won't be shocked if they get eliminated.

So there's your depressing Bay Area sports snapshot for Friday April 17. Hopefully these teams improve because it is freaking depressing living in a place where no cares (or worse the shout from the rooftops) about the teams because they're all terrible.


GMoney said... never really think of that area as a God awful sports landscape and you didn't even touch on the Kings.

Tony B. said...

I think it's in the worst shape it's been in years. Sidenote: I can't believe you picked the Giants to get to the World Series this year! Your mancrush on Pablo Sandoval must know no bounds!

GMoney said...

Yeah, his .160 batting average is quite impressive. Just be thankful that I did not jinx your Cubs.

Tony B. said...

Thanks G$, the Cubs have enough problems without the Money Shot Hex on them. Can't believe they won the ugliest game ever today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention! Love that my blob ( is getting some run.

For the record, I don't want to see the Giants lose 100. It's just a potential reality I decided to face head-on in April.

Good blog.


Tony B. said...

Dibs- first off thanks for commenting! That's beyond awesome. No one of us (even me the Cubs fan) want to see the Giants lose 100, but the more I watch the more I see your point. It's not that they are off to a bad start, it's the way they are losing games that accelerates the gloom & doom attitude. Keep up the good work over at KNBR!