Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top Ten Recent SNL Sketches (Part 2)

I'm really sick with a cold (I never really took colds seriously until this one) so let's just dive into sketches with little explanation.

5. The Rock tries to use a lighthouse to hook up.

4. Couldn't find the one I want (where Will Forte goes trick-or-treating to get his Megan's Law sheet signed) but this one has similar elements.

3. The hot new artist Blizzard Man puts it down!

2. MacGruber!

1. Two Lonely Island Digital Shorts. Very funny and I'm not quite sure how they got these on network TV, but whatever works I suppose. I suppose a warning is in order- though I'm not quite sure how many kids read my blog.


GMoney said...

Kristen Wiig still sucks and so does that chick that looks like Horatio Sanz. What exactly is the point of having her on the show?

Tony B. said...

Ah- you're talking about the worst cast member ever added, Casey Wilson. She is not funny, not hot- and I can't think of anything positive she brings to the table as an SNL cast member.

Rae said...

i'd seen some of these before (on a boat, jiz in my pants, and wii are the favorites), but of the ones I hadn't seen the sir mix-a-lot photoshop was my fav!