Friday, May 29, 2009

What Would You Do To...

... have your team win a championship? I was thinking about this the other day in relation to the Cubs. As we know, their season is on the verge of going into the crapper, and as a fan I'm frustrated. But then I thought- if I could actually make a difference, what would I do to help the Cubs get out of this slump? What would I sacrifice? What about for a championship?

I know there were some Red Sox fans that were getting awfully desperate before 2004 (they're practically swimming in a Scrooge McDuck-like money pool with their TWO championship rings now.) Comedian Dennis Leary was caught on camera saying that he would "give up one of his testicles if the Sox won a championship." Well, when presented the video evidence, he obviously chickened out. My point is not that Dennis Leary is a pansy for not cutting off a testicle, it's that one should not offer up a deal with the Sports Gods that they would not follow through on.

So what would I give up, you ask? Well, that is quite a complex question as I kept thinking about it. Obviously there would be so many variables that it is hard to pin down exactly what we're talking about. For example, on any given Friday, I would NOT trade a victory by my men's league basketball team for a victory by the Cubs. On an individual basis, I would most times want my own team to win over a team that I love and follow, but do not participate on.

But if I had a men's league basketball game on Game 7 of the World Series in which the Cubs were trying to win their first World Series in 101 years, then I probably would miss the game and go watch Game 7. If that made us lose, and helped the Cubs win, then so be it, but unfortunately my presence in front of a TV probably does not help the Cubs win.

One year, I only shaved on days when the Cubs won. If they won, I had to shave. If not, I had to let it grow. Unfortunatley, that year happened to be 2002, and the Cubs won a solid 63 games. I'm pretty sure I grew a few patchy goatees that year. I think I eventually cut it into the ridiculous Matt Clement-like chin beard. That clearly did not help his career.

Here are things I would not do for a championship by my favorite teams:

- I would not remove a body part, unless that body part is a mole or a malignant tumor.
- I would not quit my job or give up music (unless I was getting another job or planned to give up music anyway.)
- I would not run naked through the streets of downtown Sacramento (or Oakland or really anywhere for that matter.)
- I would not pay money (except the money I've spent on apparel, tickets, or the MLB.TV package.)
- I would not give any sexual favors to any of the players.
- I would not shave Dante Bichette's back.
- I would not wear a Denver Broncos jersey to an Oakland Raiders game.
- I would not wrestle Carlos Zambrano- I don't want to end up like that Gatorade machine!

But what would I do?

- I would train for a half marathon, or something like that.
- I would eat a full plate of green beans even though I hate them.
- I would shave my head, or get some other ridiculous haircut.
- I would wash Ron Santo's prostetic legs. Spotless!
- I would not eat meat for a year.
- I would let Bill Murray open hand slap me across the face.
- I would listen to one Nickelback album from start to finish. But only once.
- I would drink a 24 pack of beers in celebration!

Unfortunately, nothing I do actually affects the outcome of the Cubs' games (unless my name was Steve Bartman, and fortunately, it is not.) In case the Cubs turn it around and do actually win this year, I will not have some crazy night where I do and accomplish all of the things mentioned above. But what realistically would be something I should do if the Cubs win? What would you do to help your team obtain a championship? All in all, it doesn't really matter because I'm getting too old for superstition, or am I just down because the Cubs are terrible? Who knows?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Top Ten: Radio Shows (Part 2)

I wish I had the time, energy and drive to nationalize this list more by listening to more of the local sports talk from various regions, but unfortunately that's not happening any time soon. The one omission that I would have included, even though it is not sports talk, was Adam Carolla's show- but unfortunately it is no more. His podcast is pretty great though!

5. Jim Rome (National) - The Jungle is a great place for people to make their point and degrade sports figures and other callers. I enjoy Rome's show normally as he typically has very good interviews with different relevant sports figures. My biggest complaint is that most of the callers that get air time are just copying Rome's schtick. I know that he calls them "clones" and all, but it gets annoying listening to Rome copy cats use the same vocal rhythm as their hero and savior. Overall though, good show.

4. Damon Bruce on KNBR 680 - Damon Bruce is not on as much anymore as they have given much of his time to Dave Fleming for Giants post-game, but D. Bruce tells it like it is. He's originally from Chicago, so I suppose the fact that he's a Chicago sports fan in the Bay Area increases my enjoyment, but he really has great opinions as well. His Tuesday Trifecta, where he asks three questions for callers to answer in succession, is a great segment. During the football season he makes football picks against his mom and a coin. Every week his mom will call in and they both make their picks and a coin flip determines the third set of picks. Excellent theatre. The drops they use on the show are also great, but my favorite is definitely "Ray Durham's at Momo's!" It was from a caller who was wasted and screamed into the phone that Ray Durham, was in fact, at Momo's (bar across from AT&T Park.)

3. Dan Patrick (National) - I was hestitant to listen to D.P. when he first got his radio show, but I have been very entertained. I listen to this show more than Fitz & Brooks which was not the case previously. I very much appreciate Dan Patrick's points of view and his cast of characters are pretty funny. Throw in regular guest appearances by Rich Eisen, Peter King, and Reggie Aloisius Miller and you've got yourself a pretty entertaining show.

2. Gary Radnich on KNBR 680 - A Bay Area staple of sports talk for many years now, Gary Radnich is the man. He brings a fairly good balance of positive and negative attitudes toward the local sports teams. Dan Dibley sits in for half of this show as well and that usually keeps things hilarious. I'd be remissed if I did not mention the highlight of the show. Each day from 10-10:30am, Tony Bruno phones in and the results are phenomenal. Gary and Tony talk about all kinds of things that may or may not be sports related and it's pretty damn hilarious.

1. The Razor and Mr. T on KNBR 680 - Many people I've talked to don't care for Ralph "The Razor" Barbieri because of his nasaly voice and occasionally long winded questions to the folks he interviews. I can relate to an exent, but realistically he provides the Yin to Tom "Mr. T" Tolbert's Yang. You may remember Tommy T from his days announcing NBA games and wear very loud suits, but on the radio there is no one better. He brings great experience from his playing days (Clippers, Magic, Warriors) and has interesting takes on all sports. He'll talk betting sports quite often, and even interviewed Doyle Brunson just yesterday. I love the range they bring, and typically this show really agrees with me (you know, like the perfect meal or something like that.) Last, Tom Tolbert's commercials are hilarious- Comcast, McDonald's, Sleep Train, AAMCO, and a few others. That guy could make a lactose intolerant person buy a dairy cow.

I know this is a Bay Area loaded list, but these shows are very good. I've listened to occasional sports talk in Chicago and other parts of the country, and the shows on this list are better. I much prefer rational hosts [note: not all hosts on this list are completely rational] who aren't afraid to call people out when necessary, rather than the loud host that loves call for a coach's head after one loss (or any other ridiculous examples that I know exist.) Enjoy your sports talk, because I can't find anything to listen to on FM these days.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bill Buckner?

I was just checking up on my undefeated Fantasy Baseball Team, and I noticed Jake Peavy is starting tonight against the Diamondbacks. His opposing starter? Billy Buckner! This guy must have some kind of stuff to be able to make it to the Bigs with that name!

Top Ten: Radio Shows

Well, since the FM side of the dial is now terrible, I'll focus my energy on the AM. Now this list will clearly be affected by my own personal bias, my regional location, and the hours during the day that I can listen to the radio. I may be less descriptive with shows that I like, but don't get to listen to as much. Here we go:

10. Grant Napier and Mike Lamb on KHTK 1140 in the afternoon - I have previously told my friends that I hate Grant Napier, his show, and his announcing of the Sacramento Kings. Well, he's still not my favorite guy, BUT his show has been growing on me. He is really gruff and quick to shut down a caller that he doesn't agree with. This may be somewhat rude, but it also kills stupid callers who aren't prepared to give a coherent point of view. I'm putting Grant and Mike at #10 with the understanding that I'll keep listening occasionally and may drop them out if the schtick gets tired.

9. Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio - I know many people hate him, and many people love him (probably less than the amount that hate him) but in the morning on my drive to work, he can be entertaining. Similar to Grant and Mike, he's not a guy that I would want to hang out with, but he is someone I don't mind mentally disagreeing with. Some of his opinions are ridiculous and some are accurate (Ohio State, anyone?) but I am decently entertained. Also, it's my back up for when this show is on commercial...

8. Murph & Mac on KNBR 680 - I listen to Murph and Mac most mornings. They are a staple of my normal morning drive to work. I might be somewhat bias now that their sidekick Dan Dibley commented on my blog about a month ago, but Dibley and Patrick Conway might be my favorite part of the show. They chime in and really make a big difference in the way Murph and Mac run the show. Without Dibs and P-Con, the show would probably be too cheesy. With them though, it's a great mix of information, knowledge, and love of Bay Area sports.

7. Brian Kenney on ESPN radio - BK does a great job analyzing sports in a saber-metric fashion, which I can appreciate. He usually has some interesting takes or at least something that I can disagree with strongly, and I turn to him when my #1 show is on commercial. What's #1 you ask? Stay tuned...

6. Fitz & Brooks on KNBR 680 - During lunch time I will often drive somewhere to grab food, and then eat in car in order to listen to sports talk radio. Fitz and Brooks are part of the lunch time banter that I enjoy. They used to be higher on my list, but Fitz's love for the White Sox is starting to really annoy me, but if you want a take on the Warriors this may be as good as it gets.

Top 5 to follow tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Background

Because my old title graphic for this blog featured Jason Marquis, Mark DeRosa, and a great hitting Derrek Lee and none of those entities are on the Cubs anymore (get it? D. Lee can't hit!) I decided to change the look of the page a bit. I'll tinker with it a bit more and see if I can make it look better. Thanks for reading!

Post #200: Death of Music

Well, this is my 200th post and I have something very important to talk about- how this terrible economy is affecting music on the radio. Many of you might tell me to get satellite radio, or just listen to my iPod, but I think it's important to have decent music on the radio. It's important to have variety and not for every station to sound exactly the same.

On Friday, KWOD 106.5 in Sacramento went from being an Alternative music station to being an all 90's, all the time station. This is the SECOND time they've tried something like this. The first being KWOD 2.0, which they later had a commercial that ran apologizing for that debacle.

By no means am I saying their playlist was flawless- in fact, it was flawed on many levels, but it was easily my favorite. It would run bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Kings of Leon, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Carolina Liar. It also stayed away from bands like Nickelback, Creed, and other shlock-rock bands like that. That distinction was the strength of the station.

Now 106.5 is called "the Buzz" and I have already heard Dr. Dre, Ini Kamozi ("Here Come The Hotstepper"), and The Fresh Prince (w/ DJ Jazzy Jeff, of course.) As much as I'd love to listen to "Summertime by the Fresh Prince, I'm taking a stand. I will not listen to the Buzz. I would not mind this station if it was number seven on my car presets and didn't interfere with what was formally known as KWOD. Until they change it back (it happened before, it can happen again) I'm officially banning 106.5 from my radio dial.

So besides me just being angry that "the Man" wrecked my number one FM preset, I've noticed a terrible trend in radio. They are canning DJs left and right, Adam Carolla even got the boot, and playing essentially iPod play lists with commercials. It's like SkyNet is taking over the radio! I have a feeling if radio station computers have already become self-aware, then they must really like Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Katy Perry, and Flo Rida. Note to self: become a pop star so the machines won't kill me when they decide to take over.

Weird Terminator references aside, this new way of doing radio is killing the medium. It's less personal. It has less good music. It might as well just be uninteresting elevator music geared for the car- and I can't stand it.

I'm not sure if this all steams back to the economy, or if it is harder for stations to get people to listen, but they are not helping themselves in the long run. They obviously have a business to run, but lowering short term costs by letting Johnny 5 run the station will ultimately decrease your overall listener base. Sure, I could be wrong for right now- but as the all 90s gimmick gets old and people tire of Sir Mix-A-Lot, KWOD may make another comeback. Only this time, it may be harder to regain your loyal listeners. I know for a fact my iPod has better music than you're willing to play anyway...

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Case of the Mondays: Memorial Day Edition

Ah, the beautiful Monday holiday where there is no work. It could be the greatest human invention ever besides electricity. Here's what has gone on so far:

- The Cubs are atrocious. You know things are going really wrong when my friends who are Padres fans have license to talk massive smack, and I really have nothing to say back. What I will say is that those are some mighty strong words that have hit my ears (or eyes if in print) for a team that is actively trying to trade their best pitcher.

- Back to the Cubs, what is their payroll again? Is it worth paying that much for an average of one run a game in offense? Honestly, this is a joke. If the Cubs players really care about Lou Pinella, they should start winning because he is definitely going to have brain aneurysm or a stroke or something else bad if things don't turn around.

- I went to Old Ironsides on Friday night to catch the band 2Me play. I'm friends with the guys in the band, but I have to admit I won't go see a show unless I really like the band that's playing (friends or not.) These guys rock and I recommend checking them out. They tour nationally, so if they come to your town, go out and get ready to drink!

- I seriously can't believe the Cavs lost on Sunday. I was so sure they were a far superior team, and after LeBron's shot on Friday night, I didn't think they had the stones to come back and win the next game. I'm still picking the Cavs to win the series, but the Magic have definitely proved they are an elite NBA team.

- Just watched Dario Minieri lose over $100,000 in one hand on High Stakes Poker. I've had bad nights before, but losing twice the average salary of a regular person in one hand is devastating. He took it well, and that's probably because he's got millions- who knows?

- Watched the original Terminator movie from beginning to end for the first time. It's not even close to as good as Terminator 2. Haven't made it to see the new one yet, anyone see it yet?

I'm loving the lazy weekend- I could use more of these!

Friday, May 22, 2009

More Men's League Basketball

First off- I missed the Cavs/Magic game tonight because I played my own basketball game. I'm content with the decision, but I just saw the highlights- uhhhh, damn. LeBron is beast. That shot was equal to the shot Jordan made over Craig Ehlo all those years ago. In fact, LeBron's shot was a three making it even sweeter. I'm not even close to a Cavs fan, but I can appreciate greatness (next season I hope the Bulls will be tougher so I can start talking competitive crap... we'll see.)

Anyway, my Sac-town Men's League team had a different look to it tonight. We had to employee a few subs because some guys were out of town, had to work, or had a nasty wart removed from their foot (I'm not naming names, but get well soon BC.)

The team we played was undersized, younger, and we not great shooters (excellent gray Jordan-brand jerseys though.) They came out gunning and hit the first shot, a 3 pointer. We decided to start it up at that point by going on a 11-0 run. By halftime we were up 30 somthing to 11. The refs started calling ridiculously ticky-tack fouls on us because we were beating them so bad, but it didn't matter. Player of the game had to be JeVaughn our point guard. That guy hit 5 or 6 threes and added a few more buckets. All this after hurting his shoulder on the golf course yesterday- apparently he wasn't hurt too bad!

I believe the final score was 69-37 (they might've had a few more points, but I'm sure we had 69- hey-oooooooooooo!) That's when it happened. If you recall my blog from last weekend, I spoke about the guy who took a cheap shot at me (and heavily connected.) The very same gentleman had his game after ours tonight. He came up to me and APOLOGIZED! We had a very sportsmanlike chat, and buried the hatchet. I actually feel better about the world after our conversation, and really appreciated him being a big enough man to apologize. We're still going to work his team the next time we play them (later in June) but I digress. I just wanted to make sure I gave the update on that story.

Just saw the LBJ highlight again. Damn. That dude is a manchild.

You know who else is manchild? Joe "Sideburns" Mauer. Stat of the night-

Mauer HRs in 2008: 7

Mauer HRs in 2009 (less than one month): 8

Nobody is allowed to drug test this guy. I'm not accusing him of anything, but these days you can't be too careful!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Peavy Ain't Going Nowhere

Sorry, Sox fans. The Soup Nazi says, "No Peavy for you!"

Sports or Music?

Ok, so I lied about yesterday and didn't fulfill my blogging duties. Hey, if you don't have anything worth talking about and your allergies are destroying you, isn't it better to just say nothing at all?

Anyway, commenter Clarkster recently asked me a very difficult, if not mind boggling "Would you rather?" question. I'm paraphrasing, but it essentially was:

"If you had to give up music or sports for the rest of your life, which would you pick?"

Excellent question. Now, being that they involve my two favorite hobbies I really have a hard time with that. There are pros and cons to both that we would need to weigh out.

Giving Up Sports Pros:

- No more worrying about other people's performance (i.e. my favorite teams.)
- No more wasted money on fantasy sports
- No more buying players' jerseys just to have them traded or not re-signed.
- No more feeling ridiculous when my NCAA bracket goes to hell.
- No more hearing about which baseball player/athlete was just caught with steroids.
- No more getting the wind knocked out of me by a cheap shot artist on the basketball court (see Saturday's post.)
- No more listening to unintelligent sports talk radio callers.
- No more spending money on the MLB.TV package.
- No more busy Sundays during the NFL season.

Giving Up Music Pros:

- No more playing cover songs that have become boring to me.
- No more humoring people's requests of cover songs that have become boring to me.
- No more moving my PA system around for most gigs.
- No more dealing with the occasional bad crowd that feels so self-conscious that they don't clap.
- No more buying equipment that I think I need at the time, but end up just sitting in my apartment (hello loop machine and drum machine!)
- No more feeling compelled to go see bands just because I've never seen them before.
- No more scheduling conflicts (maybe not No More, but at least a lot less.)
- More free time.
- No more watching American Idol ever!

Giving Up Sports Cons:

- Never get to watch the Cubs, Bears, or Bulls again.
- Never get to go back to Wrigley Field and get drunk in the bleachers.
- Never get to compete on an athletic field or court again.
- Would be in worse shape than I already am.
- Never get to compete in a fantasy sports league again (like the one I'm dominating this year!)
- Never get to watch ESPNews (or "The Ocho" as I tend to call it) again.
- Never get to hate on the teams I hate ever again.
- Never get to watch amazing highlights and be blown away by unlikely outcomes.
- Never get to listen to KNBR 680 "THE Sports Leader" anymore.

Giving Up Music Cons:

- Never get to perform in front of people- when it goes well, there is nothing like it.
- Never get to write another song.
- Never get to buy another Gibson guitar.
- Never get to listen to brand new records made by amazing musicians.
- Never get to go to a concert again.
- Never get to record another song or album.
- Never get to jam with other musicians again.
- Never get to search for up-and-coming/unique music that is amazing and that I can pass on to others.
- Never get to write new songs based upon my life experiences/moods (which many times can be a stress reliever.)
- Wouldn't make as much money.
- Would give up on a dream/goal.

So as you can see, I'm really glad I don't have to make this choice. At this point, we're going to have to say that I would give up Sports rather than Music. Since 7th grade on, I've loved music more than sports, and the fact that I'm still currently competing in the local music scene makes music the obvious choice.

I must say, however, sports has completely changed my life and shaped me in a way the only music could not have. I would hate to give up either, and I will continue participating in both pros and cons of sports and music.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Post

I'm going to get to it- it'll be a little delayed due to my allergies taking hold making me tap out. I'll find a way though...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Smack Down of Epic Proportion

I came across this story yesterday and found it very amusing:

Apparently, the Denver Nuggets booked their arena, the Pepsi Center for WWE's Monday Night RAW on the same day the NBA has Game 4 of the Lakers/Nuggets series slated to go. In addition, they had secured the venue LAST August 15.

I'd love to write funny commentary about how ridiculous this is, but Vince McMahon handled it himself by saying,
"Even though the Denver Nuggets had a strong team this year and were projected to make the playoffs, obviously Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke did not have enough faith in his own team to hold the May 25th date for a potential playoff game."

How right he is! The Nuggets owner/GM/venue manager had no faith whatsoever in their own team to get through the playoffs! I mean, this venue has to be an NBA basketball venue first, and entertainment venue second, right? I'm pretty sure this is like dating the somewhat trashy 6 out of 10 looking girl because you know you're going to score rather than holding out for the beautiful girl that could be marriage material. When the beautiful girl calls you and you're already scheduled to date the other girl, I'm fairly certain you blow off the 6. The problem is, in this case, the 6 has you contractually bound and has sold 10,000 tickets to your date!

The simple solution is push the game back one day, and let WWE rock the house (and hopefully have the heels talk crap about the Nuggets and include this venue situation as a crowd inciter.) Let this be a lesson to all NBA teams, it's better to have faith in your team than sell out to the WWE over a year in advance!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Well, since I already recapped my Friday night, I'll press on with the rest of the weekend's shenanigans:

- My fantasy team is 6-0! I thought I didn't have enough pop in my lineup- turns out I was completely wrong. Ryan Zimmerman, Adrian Gonzales, Joe Mauer, Brian Roberts, Carl Crawford, Ryan Braun, and Ichiro have all been beasts. Jake Peavy dropped a phenomenal start on the Reds on Sunday to seal the deal.

- I went to see Margot and the Nuclear So & So's in SF at the Great American Music Hall Saturday night. I went with my fiance and we met up with my high school buddy to catch a great show. I will say, it was not a life changing show. The lead singer, Richard Edwards, had lost his voice and was visibly bothered by it. I commend him on powering through the show, and not canceling. I know firsthand what it is like to go through a show without my voice in tiptop shape- and believe me, it sucks. I very much like how they arranged the songs for the live stage, and Great American Music Hall is a fantastic venue to see a show. Overall, a fun night.

- Immediately upon leaving the show, however, the realization at we were in the "Tenderloin" area of SF was blunt. There was a bum who clearly had no concept of time or aging say to us, "Hey teenagers! You know what I could really use? A cigarette!" We continued walking and noticed the people 30 feet ahead of us almost get hit by a water balloon from the top of a ten story building. We ran under an overhang to escape the marksmen (or women? I didn't see their faces.) We then were out of a very ghetto corner next to a couple strip clubs and a few "massage parlors" trying to call down a cab. We eventually escaped in one piece, but it was dangerous times in the city!

- Kevin Gregg should not only NOT be the Cubs closer, he should probably not even have a job in the majors. Sweet Lou put him in on Saturday with a 4-0 lead and he promptly gave up two solo homers, and a few hits and coughed up four runs before getting taken out. Luckily, the Cubs did come back in the bottom of the ninth to win the game, but c'mon Gregg. I'm trying to think of a reliever I trust less than Kevin Gregg in the majors... still thinking...

- Still thinking...

- The Magic and Lakers both advanced to the next round of the playoffs... Great. Let me save everyone the suspense. The Cavs are going to win the championship. They have the best player and the best team. These are not Mark Price's Cavs- they are definitely winning rings. [sidenote: The Magic is actually a tough match up for them, but they are still going to win.]

- I watched the semi-finals and final of the Heads Up Poker Championship on Sunday. Huck Seed played some "big boy poker." His match against Sammy Farha was mentally draining and it was amazing that he was able to come back and beat Vanessa Rousso in the final. That guy earned a lot of respect by going through the field of great players.

- It is freaking hot in Sacramento! Well, probably all of California- but we really need to get our AC fixed! This is torture!

So that's about it for today, have a great Monday and good luck getting through the daily grind. These weekends are over way too quickly...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost Theroy for Season 6

Ok, anyone who doesn't care about Lost, or who is not all the way caught up with the show through Season 5, STOP READING NOW!

It's been a few days since the finale, and I still can't figure out how they are going to continue the show. There are a number of different hints on what they are going to do, and even routes they could take. Here's my best guess:

Think of everything in a straight line...

2004: 815 crashes, they have adventures, etc. etc.

Beginning of 2005: Oceanic 6 are rescued, live on the mainland for 3 years

2007/2008 (whichever year it is): Most of the O6 get on Aijira 316 and head back to the island.

Now, this is where it gets a bit complicated. Let's assume the two stories ARE running concurrently, so:

1977: Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley go back to Dharmaville and meet up with Juliet, Miles, Jin, Sawyer, and Faraday. It's no coincidence that the group featuring Sawyer ALSO thinks it's been three years since the O6 left. Because the stories were running concurrently.
2008: Sun, Ben, Lapidus, and "Locke" end up on the island, but at a different time because they actually crashlanded on the island.

So if we assume that adventures of the final were both happening at the same time (big assumption, I know) and we assume that Jacob has something to do with the white flashes that have lead to temporal displacement- then I'm guessing Jacob transports Juliet, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Jin, Miles, and Hurley back to 2008 just as the nuke is blowing up. My guess is that the opening scene of the Season will feature Jack's eye (exactly the same as Season 1) but when the zoom out, he will be in a nuke crater.

Now, I'm not sure how this affects the future, and what it does to the timeline. For example, is there another version of Jack who got on another version of flight 815 that did land safely in LA? I don't know. But what I do know, is that these characters who meet back up with the other group (Lapidus, Ilana, Bram, etc.) have a massive battle on their hands with Jacob's enemy.

Lastly, I think that there are either two smoke monsters, one white, one black that serve Jacob and Jacob's rival, respectively- OR Jacob and Jacob's rival ARE two smoke monsters. Why do I think there are two? Because Locke, in Season 1, saw a smoke monster and he said it looked like a white light and that it was "beautiful." We never saw what he was looking at, and the other smoke monster has been black and not so beautiful. In fact, one thing we saw it do this year was pull a French dude's arm off, only to drive their whole crew crazy so Roussou murdered all the French folks (including her husband.) Doesn't sound like the black smoke monster is up to any good, does it?

Anyway, that's all I've got on that. Feel free to leave your own theories, or comments. Do we really have to wait eight months?!

Men's League Basketball

I've got two fairly brief bonus blogs for everyone this weekend. As I went to bed last night, on accident, before 11pm, I am now up way too early for a Saturday. Due to this, I decided to write about our team's Men's League Basketball game last night in Sacramento.

Our team is comprised of seven guys:

- 2 former college players
- 2 former high school players (I was recruited for college but never played)
- 3 people who play recreationally and are solid players

Anyway, we lost last week in our first game 55-53 on a last second tip in. This week we were ready to play (and realistically, the team we played against was a lot worse.) We jumped out to a 26-6 halftime lead. I was worried about a bit of a let down in the second half, and while we probably did not play as well as the first (c'mon, we're getting older!) we held our ground and still won by 20 or more points.

But here's my complaint. Every good coach I've ever had has told me not to swat at the ball once the defense has rebounded it- instead just run back on defense. The reason being, you rarely get a steal, and more likely you will just foul the rebounder or get hurt. Well, trouble loves to find the 6'6" guy on the court, right? I rebounded the ball, had two guys swatting at it. I was put the ball under my chin like any good player would do, and I looked for an open passing lane.

As I was passing the ball, one of the guys put his face right below my elbow. As my elbow was coming down from the pass, it clocked him square in the face. I 100% swear on my music career that I had no intention of hurting this guy, but his face got hit with all of the momentum. I don't know how to explain it scientifically, but you know the feeling when you hit a baseball on the "sweet spot" of the bat? It's like your hands don't even feel the ball getting pummeled. Well, that's what happened, my elbow felt nothing and this guy's took the full force.

Once again, I'd like to stress that I'm not bragging about this. In my younger days I was definitely a physical player, but I never had intentions of hurting people or hitting them in the face. My main point in explaining the whole scenario is that 1) there's no way I was apologizing because it's his own fault for being stupid, trying to swat at the ball, and putting his face inches away from my elbow and 2) I was immediately a marked man on the court.

I actually got the ball back running down the court on the same play and one of the other players took a swipe at me with an elbow and missed. I could feel that target on my back. There were only 5 minutes or so left in the game, and I'm sure it didn't help their temper that we were annihilating them in the actual basketball game.

The guy who had faced my elbow checked back in the game with about a minute left. I figured he was coming after me, but really, what was he going to do? There was only a minute left, so I became less worried about it. Big mistake. We were taking the ball out, and I was in the backcourt seeing if I needed to take the inbound pass. When the ball was thrown further up court I began turning to look for where the ball went. BOOM! That is when all the air in my ribcage left me.

Clearly bitter about before decided to level me NHL '94 (for the Super Nintendo) style. I had none of my muscles tensed and this guy leveled me with his shoulder. I was on the ground as his shoulder met with the bottom of my ribs and stomach, square in the center. I'm serious, Roy Williams (formally of the Dallas Cowboys) would have been proud of this guy's hit.

The worst part is, the refs didn't see it. There are two officials and neither one saw it. So I'm laying on the ground out of air- and finally the ref sees me and I'm yelling (gasping?) at him, "Are you kidding me? Did you not just see that bullshit?" At this point, I'm happy I was on the other side of the court from where all the kids were sitting because I'm certain I said some very inappropriate things as I walked off the court.

The refs ended up calling the game with 14 seconds left because it was clear the game was over and the only thing left was for someone else to take a cheap shot. I suppose the moral of the story is that I hate people who do stupid stuff (like putting your face next to my elbow when I legal right to protect myself and the ball) then blame someone else when something bad happens to them.

At the end, he went straight back to his bench and didn't shake anyone's hand on our team. That didn't stop me from going over into his team's area, giving him a disgruntled (and mean) five, tapping him in the chest and saying "Good game, buddy. Way to play out there." By no means was it meant to be sportsman-like. In fact, we're going to mop the floor with that team when we play them again- not in a cheap shot way, just in a "we are way better than you in basketball" way.

Friday, May 15, 2009

State of the Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs have won 4 in a row, but I suppose we should take that win a grain of salt because the last three were against the Padres. However, at 20-14, the Cubs are winning with a very unexpected mix of players contributing.

Last year's rookie of the year, Geovany Soto has been hitting below .200, but finally hit his first home run of the year, and looks to be getting back on track. He's going to provide a big boost for the team's offense.

Derrek Lee is OLD. I mean, he's only 33, but it is becoming more and more obvious that his age is getting the better of him. While still great defensively, D. Lee may need to abdicate the first baseman's crown to Micah Hoffpaiur. Hoffpaiur has been raking in his first legitamite chance at playing in the Bigs. He maybe be better for the team overall than the former Sacramento native, Lee.

I literally have no idea what positions people in the infield are playing these days. I'm pretty sure that since Aramis Ramirez dislocated his shoulder it goes like this: Mike Fontenot at 3B, Ryan Theriot at SS, and Aaron Miles at 2B. That also picked up Ryan Freel for good measure which I think will help them immensely. Ryan Theriot has had a recently been hitting jacks like Sammy Sosa in 1998, and while I don't expect that to continue, his average and on base percentage are both solid for top of the lineup production.

The outfield is great with Soriano, Fukudome, and Milton Bradley (helped by Reed Johnson.) Fukudome's average will probably drop a bit, while Bradley's will go up and those will balance out. Soriano could be an MVP candidate.

The scariest thing is their pitching. Zambrano is hurt, but coming back soon. Dempster has been underachieving (though he won today.) Harden has been very reliable (he beat Jake Peavy this week.) Ted Lilly may even be the best pitcher on the staff thus far. While the starts have been decent (yet worse than expected) the Cubs' main flaw is their bullpen. I have ZERO faith in Kevin Gregg, and Carlos Marmol is following right behind him. Their middle relief is lacking as no one seems to want to step up. The will need to pick someone up, or have someone to improve their performance in the bullpen to be a true contender.

20-14 is not bad at all. I think the most encouraging thing is that with all the injuries, many of the young players have been stepping up and taking major roles within the offense. I'm reserving more judgement until later in the season. I've learned to temper my excitement and gloom until later in the season. So far it's been a fun one and I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost "The Incident"

Another season of "Lost" comes to an end. Get ready for a massive post- assuming I can last through the whole two hour finale!

- Exactly where I thought it would start- with someone weaving and gutting a fish.
- Who in the hell is this guy?
- The ship? The Black Rock, maybe?
- Jacob?! Damn you Lost!!! You let us know who Jacob is, but not the other guy? I see, you can't make anything easy- ok, I read you loud and clear.
- The statue! Taweret- Egyptian god of fertility possibly? So what? I did a little internet reading...
- Kate and her friend from way back when? The airplane is the dead giveaway.
- New Kids On The Block?! I bet Joey was her favorite!
- Jacob paid for the lunchbox... and hasn't aged a day since the 1800s... so confusing.
- Back into the sub. Sawyer, Kate and Juliet. Let me guess, the subs is called U-3WAY- The Homewrecker.
- Faraday is apparently wrote explicit instructions in his diary about the nuclear bomb. Genius or terrorist?
- Stu acting crazy again. Dr. Chang needs to regulate on this a-hole.
- Back to Locke and the Wanderers. Excellent '50s Doo-Wop group.
- Ben has never met Jacob? If this was a company, they would not have a good flow chart of management.
- Locke is still crazy! Awesome!
- What are these fools doing with Lapidas? The Lawnmower Man deserves more respect!
- What's in the crate? This show has too many questions!!!
- Wait- here we go... AWWWWW! Don't go to commercial!
- Who is this kid? Sawyer maybe?
- Jacob gave him the pen to write letter? This dude is everywhere!
- You promise not to finish the letter? Kate lied as well about not stealing... patterns? Of course.
- Back to the Love-Sub. Juliet is "rocking the boat." Hi-ooooooo!
- Nice Dharma Sub logo.
- Jack and Sayid are nuts. I mean, they might be my two favorite characters, but even I'm doubting these guys.
- Jack endorses Locke to Richard! Great Lost moment.
- Locke and Ben having a heart to heart.
- Ben is going to kill Jacob? Ha! He seemed to do a great job of that with Locke. Yep, that worked out great.
- Sayid and Nadia walking the streets of LA. Oh shit! Really? Jacob saves Sayid, sort of... This Jacob character is diobolical. My money is on him over Locke. Though they are probably not enemies.
- Jacob must be cheering for Sayid and Jack's plan to work... or has it always failed...
- Ellie copping attitude. Luckily Richard pistolwhips her. In my head, I full pronounce the "WH" in "whip."
- Damn- nice hiding spot Jack and Sayid. Well, until Uncle Rico intervenes.
- Sayid is shot- no way this is the end of it.
- Hurley and Co. save the day! Alright!
- [Great Terminator trailer! Love the NIN music in the background.]
- Nice raft- how convenient? What? Too many Sawyer swimming with his shirt off scenes?
- Vincent!!! Been wondering about that dog! Rose and Bernard! HAHAHAHAHA! Nice beard!
- Luckily Jack is a great doctor- a little too good.
- Rose and Bernard are retired. Damn, they have some real perspective.
- Now show me what is in that Cargo Case!
- Bram? What kind of name is that? They are the good guys? Doubtful.
- The ash was broken... what does it mean?
- Jacob visiting Ilana? What the hell?
- Jacob's cabin is quite empty and now quite burned.
- Going to the statue- I like it.
- Jacob's reading some book I've never read. Any reviews?
- Well, there's Locke falling out of a window.
- Jacob brought Locke back a few times.
- Locke is straight up leading the way- and loving it.
- Ben's a pisces- and an jerk!
- Locke is doing his best Al Pachino impression from "The Devil's Advocate."
- Charlie's ring! That got an "awww" from both me and my fiance.
- Sun and Jin... and Jacob. Why wouldn't he be there?
- I think everyone Jacob went to has disobeyed what he asked them to do.
- Sawyer, Kate and Juliet stop the blue Dharma van... Who's side is Jacob on anyway?
Let's start a new blog entry!

Lost "The Incident" Part 2

- They are at the statue. He lives in the statue?!
- Sawyer wants to talk? What they don't want to have a poker game for the bomb?
- We are seeing Jack's original story from the first episode! His pops helps him through the fear, love the parallel between Jack and Sawyer's five minutes.
- Jack's dad embarrassed him? Something weird is going on. Hey! Look who it is. Jacob in Jack's flashback.
- My fiance pointed out that Jacob has physically touched all the people that he visited in flashbacks.
- "What's done is done." Theme of the show I suppose.
- Jack wants Kate back? That's it? That's why he's going to blow up the bomb?
- Yes!!! I missed Jack and Sawyer's fights!
- Ooooh! Kicked in the nuts! Dirty move.
- What? Juliet changed her mind? On what grounds?
- I've noticed that this blog has turned into a Lost list of questions. Well if anyone has answers, let me know.
- Little Juliet? Yes. Her parents just know they aren't supposed to be together.
- Ah, the exact same speech to Sawyer as her parents gave her years ago. The Circle of Life...
- I would love to see Keamy from last season take out Stu from this season. That would be sweet.
- Jack is asking the the unaskable question.
- Nothing in his life has ever felt so right? Ok, Jack- you so crazy.
- Jack talked Kate into blowing up the Swan using his puppy-dog Party of Five eyes. Any of you who have Jack and Kate in the Adam and Eve office pool- get your winnings ready.
- Hurley in jail- let's get some answers!
- Jacob's in the cab with Hurley...
- That was a great conversation between Hugo and Jacob.
- Here Jack comes to save the day. Maybe.
- Kate missed her chance to say goodbye.
- Back to the statue- and Locke is ready to rock. Get it!?
- Ben has become Locke's lacky.
- What the heck? Alpert is strong! He should enter a lumberjack contest.
- Giving Ben a knife and then looking the other way is still not smart John Locke... stop being stupid and bad things will stop happening to you!
- Sayid is almost dead- I think.
- Miles brings up a VERY good point. What if Jack is causing the exact thing he's trying to prevent?
- Jack has been involved in a couple firefights this episode. They could recast him with Sylvester Stallone and no one would notice.
- No way- I didn't think he'd actually drop the bomb.
- Now what?
- Awesome death by Phil- that guy's death was long overdue.
- I can't believe Juliet just died. We named our cat after her!
- Jacob never visited Juliet in her flashback- should've known that was going to be her doom.
- Sun seems like she needs to get back in the mix- she seems to be more important than they've been allowing her to be.
- Acurdus? Nice name Richard.
- John Locke's body?!?!?!? What?
- Lost has been twisting and turning- and it is great!
- My cable just blacked out. I'm beyond pissed.
- We're back and Ben is whining. Jacob is going die for sure.
- Jacob is dead! This season is ending very much like the Empire Strikes Back! Nice work Hurley.
- Juliet is alive! No way!
- And she blew up the bomb! Thanks for the worst cliffhanger yet!

Great finale overall. I just wish it wouldn't end.

Best Wishes to Bald Bryan

I just listened to Adam Carolla's podcast where former radio buddies Teresa Strausser and Bald Bryan were the guests. Bryan announced that he has a brain tumor. This hit me a little hard as I actually went in for a precautionary CT scan on my head earlier today (I am not exhibiting symptoms like Bald Bryan was, please no one worry about me.)

Anyway, I'd like to send best wishes on to Bald Bryan and his family. His new website is HERE and his wife runs a detailed blog of their experiences HERE. Feel free to pass on well wishes and encouragement. Bald Bryan seems like a good guy and it's a bummer that he has to face this situation. Here's to a fast recovery!

Top Ten Songs from the 2000s Decade (Part 2)

So as G$ pointed at yesterday, most, if not all of these songs could be new to you. Well, consider this a public service that will help introduce you to new music (or the worst, most irrelevant blog post ever!) The songs are great, and I stand by them. Please though, do add songs that you would have put on this list. Beware though, any mention of Nickelback, Limp Bizkit, or Creed songs needed to be added and you will officially be banned from this blog forever. Oh, and Stacy's Mom has no place here either.

5. "Walken" by Wilco - I have a strong feeling my fiance and I will be introduced at our wedding reception to this song. This song showcases how tight the current lineup of Wilco is. The guitar is seemingly all over the place, but when it comes down to it, is very controlled and precise. It's body is very catchy with an excellent jam session to round out the end.

4. "Title and Registration" by Death Cab For Cutie - I would say that this song inspired me on some level to write two of my own songs. This was the first song I had ever heard by Death Cab and it made me run out and get everything they had ever done. Nowadays, everyone knows who they are because, let's be honest, they are a pretty damn good band. This song is a perfect example as to why they deserve all the fame that have garnered since.

3. "Fake Empire" by the National - The National is absolutely, 100% the most UNDERRATED band around today. The music ranges from catchy to extremely complex. Their lyrics are downright crazy, obscene and gentle all at the same time. This is the first song off their recent album "The Boxer" and I am sure I will never get tired of it.

2. "There There" by Radiohead - Of all the songs Radiohead has released in the 2000's, I love this song the most. It was a decently successful single off the "Hail to the Thief" album, but even more it takes the listener on a journey. It's not just the straightforward AABA format we've come to love in songs. The ending portion is an amazing climax to the song. It showcases why Radiohead will probably be the most memorable band from my generation.

1. "The Pretender" by the Foo Fighters - This song kicks ass. The first time I heard this song I couldn't believe I was listening to it. It works in multiple keys, layers, a blues riff or two, a quiet part, a rocking part, and pretty much succeeds on every level. Dave Grohl has proven that he is quite a songwriter, and if we can't have Kurt Cobain around, Grohl can at least fill part of the hole that Cobain left in all of us. This song is a masterpiece.

So there you go. Was this post a waste? Maybe. But I'd like to think you took a listen to one of the songs here that you have never heard before, and enjoyed it. If nothing else, it made me think about some songs that I have not listened to in awhile- and more than likely I did listen to them to see if I should or should not include them on the list. At least it was fun for me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Top Ten Songs from the 2000s Decade

I'm the first to admit that this list is absolutely ridiculous. This list is more impossible than any of the previous Top Ten's I've attempted in the past. I have a feeling that by the end of writing this, I'll immediately think of 20 more songs that should be on the list, but since there are only 10 spots, this is the best I can do. Also, I made a rule that I can only use an artist once, so I can't have, for example, three Radiohead songs on the list, or anything like that. If nothing else, check out the songs that you've never heard, comment on the songs you know that are on the list, and give me recommendations of other songs that should've made the list. It will help the quality of this post.

10. "Halfway Home" by TV on the Radio - This is the first song from Rolling Stone Magazine's album of the year last year. The harmonies, and driving beat absolutely sucked me in the first time I listened to it. I've listened to the entire album many, many times and this song still stands out as my favorite.

9. "Feel Good, Inc." by the Gorillaz - This song masterfully combines Hip Hop with Alternative Pop/Rock. For example, when Limp Bizkit was touted as "Rock/Rap" no one knew that it could be a good combination. The Gorillaz are proof that when done correctly, Rock and Hip Hop can live together in sweet harmony. I know this song was grossly overplayed, but it is still really good.

8. "I Must Belong Somewhere" by Bright Eyes - I picked this song out of the Bright Eyes catalog because it has a fantastic message behind it. The whole song is saying that things within the world all belong in specific places, meanwhile it also subtly brings in the fact that we need to open our minds and realize that just because we think everything belongs somewhere, we don't necessarily need to pigeon-hole things into specific places, or people to specific roles. It has a country twang to it, but really, if Country music actually was written like this, it would be better and more respectable.

7. "Girl" by Beck - A catchy Pop tune! There is some 8-bit video game sampling, a catchy hook, and lyrics that are unintelligable. Seriously, does anyone know what kind of girl Beck is talking about? Summer Girl? Sonar Girl? Sun Up Girl? Take your pick- or feel free to suggest what you think it is. Great song though!

6. "Save Your Scissors" by City and Colour - Dallas Greene (get it?! City=Dallas and Greene=Colour) is a fantastic songwriter. This has to be my favorite song by him. I find his work to be so fantastic because it uses almost exclusively acoustic guitars and his vocal, yet the music still sounds so full. It is very hard to pull that off. This song is about letting someone know that they can stop trying to hurt the other person because that other person doesn't have any feeling left. Excellent lead riff, and slightly layered vocals. Subtle and brillant.

I'll work on getting samples of these songs up as well. The rest is coming tomorrow...

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend started off with a bang! Cake tasting for the wedding! To be honest, the cake was delicious, but I think I had a sugar rush mid-way through and had a mild headache. Luckily, I had another activity to work off the cake...

Friday night occasional commenters Clarkster and Annoying Blogger and I had our first Sacramento Men's League Basketball game. As the game started, we were getting out hustled and were in severe danger of getting blown out of the gym. However, our team showed a lot of heart and came back from our double digit half time deficit. We tied the game at 53-53, but with literally no time remaining a guy on the other team got a putback off a teammate's miss. I must say, for many of us never having met before that night, we did a pretty good job. We'll see how we improve over the coming weeks.

After the game, my fiance and I went to get a root beer at the A&W/KFC near the gym. This is where I saw one of the most white-trash people I've ever seen. There was a tiny girl who, from my vantage point looked to be about 14 (she was ahead of us in line.) She was pushing a stroller, so I assumed she was watching her baby sibling. Until she turned around and I realized, not only is she not 14 (older), but she was also pregnant. She smelled bad, did not have enough money for the food she ordered, and then began flirting with an older man in line. He obviously was not interested, but c'mon lady. This scene was probably more sad and maddening rather than funny but it deserves a mention because it was so jarring to me.

Saturday began with a nice Mother's Day brunch at the original Bistro 33 location. We also wandered into this French store called the "French Hen." While in there, I thought we were listing to Billie Holiday, which was great. But then I recognized a song that was newer than anything Billie Holiday ever released. I pulled out my iPhone and Shazammed the song- low and behold it was some lady named Madeleine Peyroux covering Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars." If you want to hear what it would've sounded like to have Billie Holiday sing some Elliott Smith, then take a listen. Definitely a cool version of the song.

In between all the activities, I made a point to check in on some sports:

- The Cubs are reeling. The pulled out a win yesterday, but it seems like their entire team is getting injured. The funny thing is for as bad as they've looked, and how injured they are, they are still playing above .500 ball. Look out if they get in their groove.

- I'm 5-0 in fantasy baseball! My team pulled out a close on this week. Ryan Zimmerman is still one of my least favorite players in baseball, but as long as he keeps hitting, I'll keep liking him a little more. Oh, and if the Padres could hook Jake Peavy up with a little run support, that would be fantastic.

- The Bulls are out of the playoffs, and my interest in the NBA has gone back down to "casual at best." I know there are some interesting storylines, but guess what? I already know how this one ends- no one can stop the Cavs- especially if the Lakers get beat by the Rockets. I guess I'll keep taking baby-steps back toward being an NBA fan...

- What was up with Casey Blake showing up Brian Wilson yesterday? He mimmicked Wilson's gesture that is a tribute to his dead father after hitting a home run to tie the game yesterday. Blake is lucky the Dodgers and Giants don't play each other until August... expect to get drilled, scooter.

Sunday, my fiance and I went to Walnut Creek to a) hang out with my Mom on Mother's Day and b) because I had a show at the Pyramid in Walnut Creek. Both things went very well- the worst part, however, was the traffic back to Sacramento. Why in the hell was there a stalled car in the middle of the freeway plus road work on the way back up? I'm so happy it took two and a half hours to get home. Seriously, it was awesome- it's not like I need to sleep or anything!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Dodgers Promotional Nights

Now that Manny Ramirez has been caught using "performance enhancing drugs" (read that anyway you want) the Dodgers' fans feel used and abused. Owner Frank McCourt sunk millions of dollars into "Mannywood" billboards making sure to promote Manny as the Dodgers' face of the franchise. In order to get back to into good graces, I've done the first and last nice thing I'll ever do for the Dodgers. Here is a list of various promotional ideas to get the fans back to the park and keep them loving their Dodger Blue.

- Tommy Lasorda Crazy Rant Night - This could exist perfectly with a "Lasorda Bobblehead Night" but the basic premise would be to interview Lasorda ahead of time asking him questions on camera about "The Good Ole Days," "What It Means To Be A Dodger," "How Much He Loves Being An American," "How Much He Hates The Giants," and "What Are His Favorite Italian Foods." There's bound to be enough crazy responses to play a snippet every half inning on the Jumbotron. The craziest rants will be saved for innings where the Dodgers need a rally- let 'er rip Tommy!

- Chad Billingsly Slip On The Ice Night - California, especially SoCal, does not see ice very often, so I doubt many fans could relate to Billingsly slipping on ice during the offseason to break his leg. Don't worry! He's ok and pitching fine, but why not use this accident to your advantage. Find some way to import ice or snow into a cool hallway at the park and pad people up. Then let them either have snowball fights or slide around on the ice. Couple it free passes to Big Bear Mountain and you're right on the money. Can't get snow in there? Fair enough. Use many white Slip 'N' Slides with Dodger logos on them.

- Give Better Oral with Orel - Former Dodger great and current ESPN announcer Orel Hershiser will give a talk to early arriving kids about the importance of public speaking by giving tips, motivational stories and asking questions. What? There's nothing wrong with the promotional name- right?

- Jonanthan Broxton Wrestles A Bear - This would go down EXACTLY like Jackie Moon wrestling Dewie the Bear in "Semi-Pro." Good luck Jonny- Spumoni!

- Eric Gagne Slow Pitch Softball Night - The first 100 fans get a chance to bat off of former Dodger closer Eric Gagne. If you get a hit, good for you, no one is impressed. If you don't, you get thrown in the Bear Cage for Dewie's seconds.

- Andruw Jones' Money Night - Find someway to take back the money you're wasting on Andruw Jones and raffle it off to fans in increments of $10,000. You're giving back to the fans who support your club, and erasing the .157 batting average Jones put up last year (I originally typed .187, then researched the number because I didn't want to over exaggerate his crappiness- turns out I was being generous.)

- Manny Ramirez Sexual Enhancement Night - I mean, let's run with it. The NFL is one of the biggest supporters of Viagra, Levitra, and any other sexual enhancer that you can think of, and it seems to be working out great for that league. Let's bring it to baseball. The first 5,000 fans get a sample of HCG. Even if the Dodger lose, the fans win. You could even couple it with a Singles Mixer Night/USC Trojan Condom Night. I'm telling you, there's no end to how many promotions you could pack into this one.

So there you go Dodger Blue. Take the ideas- run with them. Oh, and by the way, for every single Dodgers fan who complained incesisently about Barry Bonds over the years- please remember that the guy on your team got caught using. Granted, it was a "sexual enhancer" but guess why that steroid was necessary- because he was juicing before and now his body can't produce testosterone naturally. Oh sweet irony.

Have a freaking fantastic weekend folks. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who read my blog- I hear I'm huge in that demographic.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Breaking News: Manny Out For 50 Games

I don't have time to write a full post, but this is so awesome I can't stand it. Now if Favre can join the Vikings just to tank their season most will be right with the sports world. [In Mr. Burns' voice] Excellent...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lost "Follow The Leader"

This week in "Lost" more crazy island stuff!

- Jack and Kate see Faraday killed, then they are attacked by badass dudes on horses. Lone Rangers unite!
- Eloise seems to be realizing that she just killed her son from the future.
- Jack is bloody- Charles Widmore is taking this whole "being British" thing to the next level.
- Apparently Richard Alpert is an avid ship-in-a-bottle builder. I suppose he does have a lot of TIME on his hands.
- Locke going old school carrying a boar on his back.
- For once the tables have been turned. Locke knows more about the island than Ben and now Richard.
- Locke has a purpose now. Oooooooooh [said in TV show crowd voice.]
- Sun asks Alpert about the folks back in 1977. He says he saw them all die. Hmm... so did that happen for real or for fakes.
- Ben is on the beach and acting like a child. He's REALLY out of his element.
- Jack is getting even more beat up. Boot to the face! Ouch!
- Jack explains his plan to Kate and then a bit to Eloise. I still hate her from previous weeks.
- Aw... Kate doesn't want to erase the past. Uh- me neither, but that's because I watch the show rather than me being a participant.
- Looks like Eloise is buying what Jack is selling. She's going to take them to DA BOMB.
- Kate is, however, not buying what Jack is selling. I thought she was always with him- guess not.
- Oops. The bomb is over the Dharma Initiative. Why haven't the hostiles detonated the bomb before now?
- Radzinsky is torturing Sawyer- That fool is ridiculously crazy. And annoying. I don't know if he's more crazy or annoying. I do know that Phil is more annoying.
- What is up with Stu's flowing locks of hair in the back, Locke's hair up front?
- Juliet begging for their lives. Lame.
- Phil just punched Juliet! Even Stu is looking on in amazement.
- Who is Hugo Reyes?! The fat guy!
- DI 'Nilla wafers! Yes! Someone get me those for my birthday. Or even just regular 'Nilla Wafers.
- Hurley is now officially hanging out with Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
- Hurley just said there is no such thing as the Korean War. That dude is hilarious.
- Miles and Chang having a father/son moment. I love it.
- What the heck is the deal with Miles' salt and pepper sideburns? For $1.6 million I'm sure he can talk to Billy Mays about hair dye.
- Charles and Eloise=lamest couple on Lost.
- Ben, Richard, and Locke on a hike. John is announcing his presence with autority!
- Great timing- excellent explanation of the scene from earlier in the season. Richard knows what he is talking about because Locke tells him the info. Awesome.
- Ben is more jealous of Locke than Jennifer Aniston is of anyone in a relationship. Don't worry Jen- I'm sure you'll find someone someday.
- I think we keep forgetting that Locke died. He died. How the hell is he walking around?
- Stu looks like he's putting on a play in blackface. Dude, he is nutty.
- Sawyer wants to go on the sub. He's drawing a map to get it done.
- Black and white speckled DI notebook! Item two for my birthday!
- I'm surprised Kate is scared of the water.
- Sayid ALWAYS shows up like a savage. He should crack someone's neck with his legs again (Season 3).
- Sayid doesn't know that Young Ben didn't die. He's not pleased to find out Kate saved little Damien.
- Jack IS starting to sound like Locke. It's trippy, in a good way.
- Miles realizes his dad had to be a dick to get his wife and Young Miles to get on the sub.
- Sawyer playing the stock market and betting on Super Bowls! Easy there Biff!
- Sawyer and Juliet will not be leaving the island. I've seen this gimmick too many times to fall for it!
- No thanks on swimming in the underwater caves.
- Hey, they pop up right where Ben let out the smoke monster.
- Don't get smart with Jack you sarcastic immortal, Richard.
- Ha! Sayid keeps it real with his "at least you'll put us out of our misery" comment.
- Locke is going crazy. I'm not sure, "Let's all hang out with Jacob for some punch and pie" attitude is going to work out.
- Richard starting to doubt Locke, eh? I thought this dude knew what he was doing.
- Sawyer and Juliet in the sub- and Kate is escorted down there as well. Awesome threesome or really awkward moment? You decide.
- That was some weak CGI on the sub's descent.
- Jack points out that Eloise is in the future, so technically, she can't die. Technically, that means this mission will fail, I suppose.
- Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! Locke vs. Jacob in the steel cage/ladder match! No holds barred! No DQ! A fight to the death!

Top Ten Drama Shows

Hey folks- I'm back with my Top Ten drama TV shows. Keep in mind, there are probably many shows I'll leave off for the plain fact that I can't watch every TV show ever, but here are the ones I like the best. Keep in mind I've only been a HBO subscriber for a few years, and probably didn't watch a ton of drama TV show in college, so it is a bit limited, but I'll do my best to get some variety in there. As always, your opinions are welcome!

10. Medium - I've recently begun to appreciate this show. It's about Allison Dubois, who has dreams about crimes that have happened, or are about to happen, and she helps the police catch suspects or stop crimes. All the while there is focus on Allison's family life, where for some reason they can't make millions off her psychic abilities. While that may be the biggest weakness of the show, it may also be the biggest strength. I mean, who realistically would watch a show about a woman that sees the future and always stops the crime and things go perfectly? That wouldn't be interesting, would it? Good writing and down to earth acting make this a good show.

9. Dallas - Who shot JR? It was a cliffhanger that capivated the nation! While I remember watching this show a lot when I was younger, I would like watch reruns to give this a full review. I do remember the end of the show had JR looking in the mirror with essentially the devil talking himself into suicide. If I'm wrong, and just dreamed that ending up- someone let me know!

8. True Blood - Only one season old, this tale about vampires and a small Bayou town is just another great HBO drama. Now I'm sure I could get hated on with this choice because it is such a new show, and apparently vampirism has become popular with all the teeny-boppers (how the hell did that happen?!?!?) but I stand by it. This show kicks ass. It's a more raw and adult take on the whole vampire thing with vampire blood being used as a drug, multiple homicides, and all kinds of sexual tension (or beyond tension, for that matter.) Can't wait for Season 2.

7. Rome - Want a history lesson along with gratuatous violence? Well then this is the show for you! Unfortunately it only lasted two seasons, but while it was on there was deceit, sexiness, and some of the best kills you've ever seen on cable. Polo was a savage and Marc Antony was a massive jerk. Almost all of the characters were interesting in this well acted, and very well written show.

6. Fringe - Also a new show, but I love it. J.J. Abrams produced this show about fringe science. It's basically the X-Files without being bored to death by Mulder and Scully. Joshua Jackson manages to shed his Dawson's Creek typecast, and the crazy old dude is definitely a highlight of the show.

5. Firefly - Joss Whedon's sci-fi/old timey cowboy space show is great entertainment. For those more familiar with the movie "Serenity," this is the show that movie was based off. The characters are great, starting and ending with the ship captain Malcom. Nathan Fillion does a fantastic performance as the captain of the ship (you can tell he did because he keeps getting work, but no show has done him justice since this show.) If you haven't seen it, it's worth a look.

4. The Sopranos - Weird ending aside, The Sopranos was constantly entertaining. Who doesn't like to watch Italian gansters scwabble amoungst each other, order hits on people, go to the strip club, and deal with their spoiled children? The storyline with "Johnny Cakes" aside, this show had some flawless drama. There is a reason it was considered the best show on TV during its run.

3. 24 - As someone once said, if everyone did everything Jack Bauer told them to do, this show would be called "1." Luck for us, people are idiotic and this show goes for 24 glorious hours. While the most recent episode was lackluster at best, overall this show is very entertaining. Let us remember falled characters such as Jack's wife, Nina Meyers, Tony Almeda's wife Michelle, President Palmer (both of them), Jack's old partner Chase, Ryan Chapelle, whatever Sean Astin's character was named, and of course Chloe's friend Edgar. Did I forget Curtis? There's just too many dead people!

2. Carnivale - This show is better than Lost. It's the only show I'll say that about. Unfortunately HBO canceled it too soon and we'll never be able to find out how they would have ended this show properly. The reason it is #2 is because it was cut short and we were left to wonder the true ending. I've heard there were ideas for novels or graphic novels that would extend the show, and I'm so in. Between Sophie, Ben, Brother Justin, Jonesy, and all the other ridiculously awesome characters, this is truly a thinking man's show. This could be the Bo Jackson or Gayle Sayers of TV.

1. Lost - As if there was a doubt. This is also a thinking man's show that has gotten quite complex recently. But at it's simplest level, this is still an interesting show with great characters and excellent story telling. The best part may be the simple fact that they have a contract in place to end the show after the sixth season. They don't have to drag it out, and there also will not be a quick cancelation that ruins the show (much like Carnivale.) I have my hopes for how the show will end, but overall, I have never enjoyed a show more than this. It is definitely my #1.

So there you go. I'm sure there are many shows I just never watched that didn't make the list, but feel free to make recomendations in the comments section. Sorry, Herman's Head does not count as a drama.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stall! Stall!

I need a little more time before I can properly make a decent post. In the interim, enjoy this ginger kid getting after it! He's bringing the heat:

Monday, May 4, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Another weekend over- and as unfortunate as that was, I will say it was a good one.

- First off, I had a great show on Friday at the G St Pub. I really appreciate everyone who came out, and had a great time. I'm hoping to get back there some time in the near future.

- Game 7 of the Bulls/Celtics series did not go quite as planned, but I must say the series was one of the most entertaining I've seen in a long, long time. The other positive is that I now absolutely hate the Celtics. I had forgotten what it was like to hate another NBA team besides the Detroit Pistons. Hopefully the Bulls/Celtics rivalry develops over the next few years. Lastly, how awesome were all those hard fouls on Rashon Rondo? Hilarious!

- I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Saturday night. The movie was middle of the road entertainment. If you want to see a decent comic book movie, go on with your bad self and check it out. Do not expect something close to the Dark Knight, though. The funniest part was not even in the movie- my fiance and I got some soda and popcorn (I think it was $46.) When we sat down she spilled all of the popcorn on the floor. Luckily, we were not sitting next to anyone, and Regal Cinemas give free refills on popcorn, so no harm no foul. We got a refill and were ready to go. However, then disaster struck again- she spilled soda on her pants. Once again, we laughed it off even though her pants were wet. After a few minutes of believing our troubles were behind us, she somehow managed to shoot popcorn in her eye! Eventually we settled in and enjoyed the end of the movie. I only tell this story because it was pretty funny and I mention with nothing but love. I also blame Hugh Jackman for all of it.

- I was totally ready to dedicate this whole post to the Cubs. I was losing my mind on Friday and had a plan to rip Derrek Lee, Milton Bradley, Geovany Soto, and all the other players who haven't been pulling their weight. I was ready to rip management for trading Mark DeRosa (that was still stupid) and I believe I had a few more things to get off my chest. A Ryan Theriot grand slam, a great performance by Ted Lilly, and a grand slam by Derrek Lee- and all of sudden I don't have as many complaints. Let this be a warning though, Cubbies. If you faulter, I'll be there waiting with my keyboard...

- My fantasy baseball team is 4-0! Joe Mauer is back in business (a home run with his first swing!) and my team seems to be clicking. I love it!

So that's all for now- hope you find a way to get through your Monday.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Setlist from the G St Pub - 5/1/09

I opened up for the Chop last night at G St, and let me tell you, those guys were pretty good- definitely check them out (they are from SF.)

Anyway, here is the set I played- thank you everyone who came out!

- Neon Sign
- Second Rate Song
- Saturday Boy
- 50 Stories
- Billie Jean (Michael Jackson cover)
- Box of Photographs
- This Time Around
- Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis cover)
- So Far Away
- A Girl I Know
- Ignition (Remix) (R. Kelly cover)
- Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash cover)

It was great to be back at G St for a pretty fun night, now to get ready for Game 7...

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Bulls/Celtics Series- On To Game 7

I was originally going to talk about Brian Wilson quitting Twitter today, but instead I've decided to pay homage to what is for sure the best first round, seven game series ever, and arguably the best series in my lifetime (I'm sure there are some series that definitely compete.)

This series, with the exception of Game 3, has been absolutely unbelievable. So far here are things I have learned since the beginning of this series:

- Brad Miller is an absolute savage. I know he's a big, lumbering white guy, but he is awesome. He was known in his first stint with the Bulls for throwing a punch at Shaq. In his second stint, he has proven fairly clutch at the free throw line and able to take a punch.

- Speaking of that particular punch- I hate Rashon Rondo. I wasn't going to be that fan. You know, they guy who complains about the refs because a call doesn't go their team's way. Seriously though, this mofo punched Brad Miller in the face to make him miss a possible game tying shot. Then in Game 6, he threw Kirk Hinrich towards the scorer's table. Rondo is clearly a good player, but I absolutely hate him... so the rivalry begins.

- I hate Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. I hate them because they are good, but I still hate them. Like Clayton Bixby once said, "If you have hate in your heart- let it out!" While I'm not a black/white supremisist, I am someone who strongly dislikes teams that wear green- Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, Sacramento State, you get the idea (I'll hate CSUS less if my younger brother ends up pitching for them, but until then- hate, hate, hate...)

- Derek Rose is the man. Don't disagree because you can't.

- After the Triple Overtime thriller, I am so ready for Game 7. I have not enjoyed NBA basketball like this in a loooooooooong time- and I love it.