Friday, May 1, 2009

The Bulls/Celtics Series- On To Game 7

I was originally going to talk about Brian Wilson quitting Twitter today, but instead I've decided to pay homage to what is for sure the best first round, seven game series ever, and arguably the best series in my lifetime (I'm sure there are some series that definitely compete.)

This series, with the exception of Game 3, has been absolutely unbelievable. So far here are things I have learned since the beginning of this series:

- Brad Miller is an absolute savage. I know he's a big, lumbering white guy, but he is awesome. He was known in his first stint with the Bulls for throwing a punch at Shaq. In his second stint, he has proven fairly clutch at the free throw line and able to take a punch.

- Speaking of that particular punch- I hate Rashon Rondo. I wasn't going to be that fan. You know, they guy who complains about the refs because a call doesn't go their team's way. Seriously though, this mofo punched Brad Miller in the face to make him miss a possible game tying shot. Then in Game 6, he threw Kirk Hinrich towards the scorer's table. Rondo is clearly a good player, but I absolutely hate him... so the rivalry begins.

- I hate Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. I hate them because they are good, but I still hate them. Like Clayton Bixby once said, "If you have hate in your heart- let it out!" While I'm not a black/white supremisist, I am someone who strongly dislikes teams that wear green- Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, Sacramento State, you get the idea (I'll hate CSUS less if my younger brother ends up pitching for them, but until then- hate, hate, hate...)

- Derek Rose is the man. Don't disagree because you can't.

- After the Triple Overtime thriller, I am so ready for Game 7. I have not enjoyed NBA basketball like this in a loooooooooong time- and I love it.


GMoney said...

It's definitely been enjoyable. Playing the Celtics in the playoffs is like a "hate" rite of passage. You are now hooked on forever hating me.

Off topic, but I was watching some 80's music show on Vh1 yesterday and they talked about one of the most underrated and awesome ballads ever in The Jeff Healey Band's Angel Eyes.

Girl, you're looking fine tonight...
To turn your angels eyes my way...

Ummm, Jeff Healey was blind pretty much his entire life. Was it all an act. Could he see all along or was he just an asshole?

Tony B. said...

I "see" what you mean... an awful lot of lyrics about seeing a girl for a blind guy.

Similar to this:

The dude from American Idol this year that is blind. This clip shows Seacrest trying to high-five him- but notice what the blind guy says right before that, "We'll see, we'll see where it goes." Very suspicious...

Lastly, I'm watching the Cubs on my lunch break right now- there is going to be a very angry blog on Monday if they don't figure something out this weekend.