Monday, May 25, 2009

A Case of the Mondays: Memorial Day Edition

Ah, the beautiful Monday holiday where there is no work. It could be the greatest human invention ever besides electricity. Here's what has gone on so far:

- The Cubs are atrocious. You know things are going really wrong when my friends who are Padres fans have license to talk massive smack, and I really have nothing to say back. What I will say is that those are some mighty strong words that have hit my ears (or eyes if in print) for a team that is actively trying to trade their best pitcher.

- Back to the Cubs, what is their payroll again? Is it worth paying that much for an average of one run a game in offense? Honestly, this is a joke. If the Cubs players really care about Lou Pinella, they should start winning because he is definitely going to have brain aneurysm or a stroke or something else bad if things don't turn around.

- I went to Old Ironsides on Friday night to catch the band 2Me play. I'm friends with the guys in the band, but I have to admit I won't go see a show unless I really like the band that's playing (friends or not.) These guys rock and I recommend checking them out. They tour nationally, so if they come to your town, go out and get ready to drink!

- I seriously can't believe the Cavs lost on Sunday. I was so sure they were a far superior team, and after LeBron's shot on Friday night, I didn't think they had the stones to come back and win the next game. I'm still picking the Cavs to win the series, but the Magic have definitely proved they are an elite NBA team.

- Just watched Dario Minieri lose over $100,000 in one hand on High Stakes Poker. I've had bad nights before, but losing twice the average salary of a regular person in one hand is devastating. He took it well, and that's probably because he's got millions- who knows?

- Watched the original Terminator movie from beginning to end for the first time. It's not even close to as good as Terminator 2. Haven't made it to see the new one yet, anyone see it yet?

I'm loving the lazy weekend- I could use more of these!


GMoney said...

I've heard nothing but bad about Christian Bale and McG's shitshow. But when you refer to yourself as McG, I hope that you get hit by a bus.

Tony B. said...

Yeah, T4 was underwhelming. Lots of cool action, but the overall execution was not great.