Monday, May 4, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Another weekend over- and as unfortunate as that was, I will say it was a good one.

- First off, I had a great show on Friday at the G St Pub. I really appreciate everyone who came out, and had a great time. I'm hoping to get back there some time in the near future.

- Game 7 of the Bulls/Celtics series did not go quite as planned, but I must say the series was one of the most entertaining I've seen in a long, long time. The other positive is that I now absolutely hate the Celtics. I had forgotten what it was like to hate another NBA team besides the Detroit Pistons. Hopefully the Bulls/Celtics rivalry develops over the next few years. Lastly, how awesome were all those hard fouls on Rashon Rondo? Hilarious!

- I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine on Saturday night. The movie was middle of the road entertainment. If you want to see a decent comic book movie, go on with your bad self and check it out. Do not expect something close to the Dark Knight, though. The funniest part was not even in the movie- my fiance and I got some soda and popcorn (I think it was $46.) When we sat down she spilled all of the popcorn on the floor. Luckily, we were not sitting next to anyone, and Regal Cinemas give free refills on popcorn, so no harm no foul. We got a refill and were ready to go. However, then disaster struck again- she spilled soda on her pants. Once again, we laughed it off even though her pants were wet. After a few minutes of believing our troubles were behind us, she somehow managed to shoot popcorn in her eye! Eventually we settled in and enjoyed the end of the movie. I only tell this story because it was pretty funny and I mention with nothing but love. I also blame Hugh Jackman for all of it.

- I was totally ready to dedicate this whole post to the Cubs. I was losing my mind on Friday and had a plan to rip Derrek Lee, Milton Bradley, Geovany Soto, and all the other players who haven't been pulling their weight. I was ready to rip management for trading Mark DeRosa (that was still stupid) and I believe I had a few more things to get off my chest. A Ryan Theriot grand slam, a great performance by Ted Lilly, and a grand slam by Derrek Lee- and all of sudden I don't have as many complaints. Let this be a warning though, Cubbies. If you faulter, I'll be there waiting with my keyboard...

- My fantasy baseball team is 4-0! Joe Mauer is back in business (a home run with his first swing!) and my team seems to be clicking. I love it!

So that's all for now- hope you find a way to get through your Monday.


GMoney said...

Luckily for you, I do have a bitch about the Cubs. I own 4 Cubs on my 2 money league fantasy teams.

Soto - entered this weekend hitting an awesome .128 with no power at all
Lee - hitting .200 and pretty much just a singles hitter now (at least before this weekend)
Marmol - would walk me if I gave him 15 pitches to throw 3 strikes
Harden - other than his first start has been God awful

I am never drafting a Cubs player again.

By the way, if you give up 26 points to Brian Scalabrine and Eddie House, you will always lose. It's simple math.

Tony B. said...

I own zero Cubs on my fantasy team and I'm undefeated. Soto will pick it up, and so will Lee (but only to be a .250 hitter). Harden is more likely to improve a lot rather than Marmol.

I did pick up Phil Hughes for last week though- Great Success!

I've hated Eddie House since high school. He played for the aforementioned (in March) Hayward Farmers. His team lost to my future high school (I was in 8th grade) in the NorCal Championship game. Too bad the Bulls couldn't stop him on Saturday.