Monday, May 11, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend started off with a bang! Cake tasting for the wedding! To be honest, the cake was delicious, but I think I had a sugar rush mid-way through and had a mild headache. Luckily, I had another activity to work off the cake...

Friday night occasional commenters Clarkster and Annoying Blogger and I had our first Sacramento Men's League Basketball game. As the game started, we were getting out hustled and were in severe danger of getting blown out of the gym. However, our team showed a lot of heart and came back from our double digit half time deficit. We tied the game at 53-53, but with literally no time remaining a guy on the other team got a putback off a teammate's miss. I must say, for many of us never having met before that night, we did a pretty good job. We'll see how we improve over the coming weeks.

After the game, my fiance and I went to get a root beer at the A&W/KFC near the gym. This is where I saw one of the most white-trash people I've ever seen. There was a tiny girl who, from my vantage point looked to be about 14 (she was ahead of us in line.) She was pushing a stroller, so I assumed she was watching her baby sibling. Until she turned around and I realized, not only is she not 14 (older), but she was also pregnant. She smelled bad, did not have enough money for the food she ordered, and then began flirting with an older man in line. He obviously was not interested, but c'mon lady. This scene was probably more sad and maddening rather than funny but it deserves a mention because it was so jarring to me.

Saturday began with a nice Mother's Day brunch at the original Bistro 33 location. We also wandered into this French store called the "French Hen." While in there, I thought we were listing to Billie Holiday, which was great. But then I recognized a song that was newer than anything Billie Holiday ever released. I pulled out my iPhone and Shazammed the song- low and behold it was some lady named Madeleine Peyroux covering Elliott Smith's "Between the Bars." If you want to hear what it would've sounded like to have Billie Holiday sing some Elliott Smith, then take a listen. Definitely a cool version of the song.

In between all the activities, I made a point to check in on some sports:

- The Cubs are reeling. The pulled out a win yesterday, but it seems like their entire team is getting injured. The funny thing is for as bad as they've looked, and how injured they are, they are still playing above .500 ball. Look out if they get in their groove.

- I'm 5-0 in fantasy baseball! My team pulled out a close on this week. Ryan Zimmerman is still one of my least favorite players in baseball, but as long as he keeps hitting, I'll keep liking him a little more. Oh, and if the Padres could hook Jake Peavy up with a little run support, that would be fantastic.

- The Bulls are out of the playoffs, and my interest in the NBA has gone back down to "casual at best." I know there are some interesting storylines, but guess what? I already know how this one ends- no one can stop the Cavs- especially if the Lakers get beat by the Rockets. I guess I'll keep taking baby-steps back toward being an NBA fan...

- What was up with Casey Blake showing up Brian Wilson yesterday? He mimmicked Wilson's gesture that is a tribute to his dead father after hitting a home run to tie the game yesterday. Blake is lucky the Dodgers and Giants don't play each other until August... expect to get drilled, scooter.

Sunday, my fiance and I went to Walnut Creek to a) hang out with my Mom on Mother's Day and b) because I had a show at the Pyramid in Walnut Creek. Both things went very well- the worst part, however, was the traffic back to Sacramento. Why in the hell was there a stalled car in the middle of the freeway plus road work on the way back up? I'm so happy it took two and a half hours to get home. Seriously, it was awesome- it's not like I need to sleep or anything!


GMoney said...

Speaking of showing a pitcher up, did Aubrey Huff need to fist pump his way around the bases on Joba? I mean, he has a woman's first name and he wants us to believe that he is a badass.

He was pissed that Joba did one of his big fist pumps last the 8th inning of a game that the Yanks led 6-5...when we were fighting for a postseason birth. Of course he was excited!!! He struck out the great Aubrey Huff in a meaningful game.

And fuck Peter Gammons who pretty much defended this on BBTN. He has become so biased toward the Red Sox over the past few years that he is becoming just as big of a joke as Steve Phillips is.

Tony B. said...

Phew G$! I'm glad you got that off your chest! It's better than you murdering one of your wedding vendors in frustration!

And you're right- Aubrey Huff's celebration was completely over the top and unnecessary. When I saw the highlight, I had the sound off and thought it was a rookie who had hit it. Act like you've been there before! Jeez!

As far as Peter Gammons goes- he has gone downhill a lot. I'm not sure it has to do with Sox bias as much as he's just really forgiving about everything. I'm not saying he should be a cynical a-hole, but he's quite a pushover during interviews (with A-Rod) and in opinions (with Manny.) I think Tim Kurkjian is far better as far as Senior Baseball Analysts go.

GMoney said...

Oh, this mini-rant has turned into my post for tomorrow. And speaking of murdered wedding vendors, I fired our real estate agent this morning and it felt great. I guess next time he will call his clients at some point in the 30 days after they make an offer.

Tony B. said...

Can't wait to read the post. Can you add something about NFL players who over celebrate after first downs? Or even better- defensive football players who excessively celebrate a decent hit in the secondary after the other team has gained a first down?