Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost "The Incident" Part 2

- They are at the statue. He lives in the statue?!
- Sawyer wants to talk? What they don't want to have a poker game for the bomb?
- We are seeing Jack's original story from the first episode! His pops helps him through the fear, love the parallel between Jack and Sawyer's five minutes.
- Jack's dad embarrassed him? Something weird is going on. Hey! Look who it is. Jacob in Jack's flashback.
- My fiance pointed out that Jacob has physically touched all the people that he visited in flashbacks.
- "What's done is done." Theme of the show I suppose.
- Jack wants Kate back? That's it? That's why he's going to blow up the bomb?
- Yes!!! I missed Jack and Sawyer's fights!
- Ooooh! Kicked in the nuts! Dirty move.
- What? Juliet changed her mind? On what grounds?
- I've noticed that this blog has turned into a Lost list of questions. Well if anyone has answers, let me know.
- Little Juliet? Yes. Her parents just know they aren't supposed to be together.
- Ah, the exact same speech to Sawyer as her parents gave her years ago. The Circle of Life...
- I would love to see Keamy from last season take out Stu from this season. That would be sweet.
- Jack is asking the the unaskable question.
- Nothing in his life has ever felt so right? Ok, Jack- you so crazy.
- Jack talked Kate into blowing up the Swan using his puppy-dog Party of Five eyes. Any of you who have Jack and Kate in the Adam and Eve office pool- get your winnings ready.
- Hurley in jail- let's get some answers!
- Jacob's in the cab with Hurley...
- That was a great conversation between Hugo and Jacob.
- Here Jack comes to save the day. Maybe.
- Kate missed her chance to say goodbye.
- Back to the statue- and Locke is ready to rock. Get it!?
- Ben has become Locke's lacky.
- What the heck? Alpert is strong! He should enter a lumberjack contest.
- Giving Ben a knife and then looking the other way is still not smart John Locke... stop being stupid and bad things will stop happening to you!
- Sayid is almost dead- I think.
- Miles brings up a VERY good point. What if Jack is causing the exact thing he's trying to prevent?
- Jack has been involved in a couple firefights this episode. They could recast him with Sylvester Stallone and no one would notice.
- No way- I didn't think he'd actually drop the bomb.
- Now what?
- Awesome death by Phil- that guy's death was long overdue.
- I can't believe Juliet just died. We named our cat after her!
- Jacob never visited Juliet in her flashback- should've known that was going to be her doom.
- Sun seems like she needs to get back in the mix- she seems to be more important than they've been allowing her to be.
- Acurdus? Nice name Richard.
- John Locke's body?!?!?!? What?
- Lost has been twisting and turning- and it is great!
- My cable just blacked out. I'm beyond pissed.
- We're back and Ben is whining. Jacob is going die for sure.
- Jacob is dead! This season is ending very much like the Empire Strikes Back! Nice work Hurley.
- Juliet is alive! No way!
- And she blew up the bomb! Thanks for the worst cliffhanger yet!

Great finale overall. I just wish it wouldn't end.


Francesca said...

LOL,dude,awesome review!

Tony B. said...

Thanks Francesca! I've been trying to blog live reactions to the episodes since mid-way through Season 5. I'm glad you liked it!

Clarkster said...

Locke and the Wanderers great line I;m seriously gonna miss wathcing lost an reading these play by play's of your for the next 7 months. I can't believe it's gonna be 7 months. can't wait to see what they come up with for the final season. whatever it is i'm sure it will be awesome.