Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost "The Incident"

Another season of "Lost" comes to an end. Get ready for a massive post- assuming I can last through the whole two hour finale!

- Exactly where I thought it would start- with someone weaving and gutting a fish.
- Who in the hell is this guy?
- The ship? The Black Rock, maybe?
- Jacob?! Damn you Lost!!! You let us know who Jacob is, but not the other guy? I see, you can't make anything easy- ok, I read you loud and clear.
- The statue! Taweret- Egyptian god of fertility possibly? So what? I did a little internet reading...
- Kate and her friend from way back when? The airplane is the dead giveaway.
- New Kids On The Block?! I bet Joey was her favorite!
- Jacob paid for the lunchbox... and hasn't aged a day since the 1800s... so confusing.
- Back into the sub. Sawyer, Kate and Juliet. Let me guess, the subs is called U-3WAY- The Homewrecker.
- Faraday is apparently wrote explicit instructions in his diary about the nuclear bomb. Genius or terrorist?
- Stu acting crazy again. Dr. Chang needs to regulate on this a-hole.
- Back to Locke and the Wanderers. Excellent '50s Doo-Wop group.
- Ben has never met Jacob? If this was a company, they would not have a good flow chart of management.
- Locke is still crazy! Awesome!
- What are these fools doing with Lapidas? The Lawnmower Man deserves more respect!
- What's in the crate? This show has too many questions!!!
- Wait- here we go... AWWWWW! Don't go to commercial!
- Who is this kid? Sawyer maybe?
- Jacob gave him the pen to write letter? This dude is everywhere!
- You promise not to finish the letter? Kate lied as well about not stealing... patterns? Of course.
- Back to the Love-Sub. Juliet is "rocking the boat." Hi-ooooooo!
- Nice Dharma Sub logo.
- Jack and Sayid are nuts. I mean, they might be my two favorite characters, but even I'm doubting these guys.
- Jack endorses Locke to Richard! Great Lost moment.
- Locke and Ben having a heart to heart.
- Ben is going to kill Jacob? Ha! He seemed to do a great job of that with Locke. Yep, that worked out great.
- Sayid and Nadia walking the streets of LA. Oh shit! Really? Jacob saves Sayid, sort of... This Jacob character is diobolical. My money is on him over Locke. Though they are probably not enemies.
- Jacob must be cheering for Sayid and Jack's plan to work... or has it always failed...
- Ellie copping attitude. Luckily Richard pistolwhips her. In my head, I full pronounce the "WH" in "whip."
- Damn- nice hiding spot Jack and Sayid. Well, until Uncle Rico intervenes.
- Sayid is shot- no way this is the end of it.
- Hurley and Co. save the day! Alright!
- [Great Terminator trailer! Love the NIN music in the background.]
- Nice raft- how convenient? What? Too many Sawyer swimming with his shirt off scenes?
- Vincent!!! Been wondering about that dog! Rose and Bernard! HAHAHAHAHA! Nice beard!
- Luckily Jack is a great doctor- a little too good.
- Rose and Bernard are retired. Damn, they have some real perspective.
- Now show me what is in that Cargo Case!
- Bram? What kind of name is that? They are the good guys? Doubtful.
- The ash was broken... what does it mean?
- Jacob visiting Ilana? What the hell?
- Jacob's cabin is quite empty and now quite burned.
- Going to the statue- I like it.
- Jacob's reading some book I've never read. Any reviews?
- Well, there's Locke falling out of a window.
- Jacob brought Locke back a few times.
- Locke is straight up leading the way- and loving it.
- Ben's a pisces- and an jerk!
- Locke is doing his best Al Pachino impression from "The Devil's Advocate."
- Charlie's ring! That got an "awww" from both me and my fiance.
- Sun and Jin... and Jacob. Why wouldn't he be there?
- I think everyone Jacob went to has disobeyed what he asked them to do.
- Sawyer, Kate and Juliet stop the blue Dharma van... Who's side is Jacob on anyway?
Let's start a new blog entry!


Rae said...

First, there are far too many awesome quips in the blog and the next for me to highlight my favs.

Second, I LOVE the open possibilities on this one. Watching that video you posted on FB about the 10 dimensions really made me think about what could happen next season. I'd love to talk with you about it!

Finally, waiting till JANUARY for the final season will be nothing short of agonizing, were it not for the fact that I'm watching it all from the beginning right now (am on season two at the mo!)

I <3 Lost

Tony B. said...

I am trying to think of how they can resolve the show in a way that will meet or exceed expectations... I haven't come up with one yet. Hopefully the writers are smarter than me! (I'll save you the suspense- they are.)