Friday, May 22, 2009

More Men's League Basketball

First off- I missed the Cavs/Magic game tonight because I played my own basketball game. I'm content with the decision, but I just saw the highlights- uhhhh, damn. LeBron is beast. That shot was equal to the shot Jordan made over Craig Ehlo all those years ago. In fact, LeBron's shot was a three making it even sweeter. I'm not even close to a Cavs fan, but I can appreciate greatness (next season I hope the Bulls will be tougher so I can start talking competitive crap... we'll see.)

Anyway, my Sac-town Men's League team had a different look to it tonight. We had to employee a few subs because some guys were out of town, had to work, or had a nasty wart removed from their foot (I'm not naming names, but get well soon BC.)

The team we played was undersized, younger, and we not great shooters (excellent gray Jordan-brand jerseys though.) They came out gunning and hit the first shot, a 3 pointer. We decided to start it up at that point by going on a 11-0 run. By halftime we were up 30 somthing to 11. The refs started calling ridiculously ticky-tack fouls on us because we were beating them so bad, but it didn't matter. Player of the game had to be JeVaughn our point guard. That guy hit 5 or 6 threes and added a few more buckets. All this after hurting his shoulder on the golf course yesterday- apparently he wasn't hurt too bad!

I believe the final score was 69-37 (they might've had a few more points, but I'm sure we had 69- hey-oooooooooooo!) That's when it happened. If you recall my blog from last weekend, I spoke about the guy who took a cheap shot at me (and heavily connected.) The very same gentleman had his game after ours tonight. He came up to me and APOLOGIZED! We had a very sportsmanlike chat, and buried the hatchet. I actually feel better about the world after our conversation, and really appreciated him being a big enough man to apologize. We're still going to work his team the next time we play them (later in June) but I digress. I just wanted to make sure I gave the update on that story.

Just saw the LBJ highlight again. Damn. That dude is a manchild.

You know who else is manchild? Joe "Sideburns" Mauer. Stat of the night-

Mauer HRs in 2008: 7

Mauer HRs in 2009 (less than one month): 8

Nobody is allowed to drug test this guy. I'm not accusing him of anything, but these days you can't be too careful!

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