Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sports or Music?

Ok, so I lied about yesterday and didn't fulfill my blogging duties. Hey, if you don't have anything worth talking about and your allergies are destroying you, isn't it better to just say nothing at all?

Anyway, commenter Clarkster recently asked me a very difficult, if not mind boggling "Would you rather?" question. I'm paraphrasing, but it essentially was:

"If you had to give up music or sports for the rest of your life, which would you pick?"

Excellent question. Now, being that they involve my two favorite hobbies I really have a hard time with that. There are pros and cons to both that we would need to weigh out.

Giving Up Sports Pros:

- No more worrying about other people's performance (i.e. my favorite teams.)
- No more wasted money on fantasy sports
- No more buying players' jerseys just to have them traded or not re-signed.
- No more feeling ridiculous when my NCAA bracket goes to hell.
- No more hearing about which baseball player/athlete was just caught with steroids.
- No more getting the wind knocked out of me by a cheap shot artist on the basketball court (see Saturday's post.)
- No more listening to unintelligent sports talk radio callers.
- No more spending money on the MLB.TV package.
- No more busy Sundays during the NFL season.

Giving Up Music Pros:

- No more playing cover songs that have become boring to me.
- No more humoring people's requests of cover songs that have become boring to me.
- No more moving my PA system around for most gigs.
- No more dealing with the occasional bad crowd that feels so self-conscious that they don't clap.
- No more buying equipment that I think I need at the time, but end up just sitting in my apartment (hello loop machine and drum machine!)
- No more feeling compelled to go see bands just because I've never seen them before.
- No more scheduling conflicts (maybe not No More, but at least a lot less.)
- More free time.
- No more watching American Idol ever!

Giving Up Sports Cons:

- Never get to watch the Cubs, Bears, or Bulls again.
- Never get to go back to Wrigley Field and get drunk in the bleachers.
- Never get to compete on an athletic field or court again.
- Would be in worse shape than I already am.
- Never get to compete in a fantasy sports league again (like the one I'm dominating this year!)
- Never get to watch ESPNews (or "The Ocho" as I tend to call it) again.
- Never get to hate on the teams I hate ever again.
- Never get to watch amazing highlights and be blown away by unlikely outcomes.
- Never get to listen to KNBR 680 "THE Sports Leader" anymore.

Giving Up Music Cons:

- Never get to perform in front of people- when it goes well, there is nothing like it.
- Never get to write another song.
- Never get to buy another Gibson guitar.
- Never get to listen to brand new records made by amazing musicians.
- Never get to go to a concert again.
- Never get to record another song or album.
- Never get to jam with other musicians again.
- Never get to search for up-and-coming/unique music that is amazing and that I can pass on to others.
- Never get to write new songs based upon my life experiences/moods (which many times can be a stress reliever.)
- Wouldn't make as much money.
- Would give up on a dream/goal.

So as you can see, I'm really glad I don't have to make this choice. At this point, we're going to have to say that I would give up Sports rather than Music. Since 7th grade on, I've loved music more than sports, and the fact that I'm still currently competing in the local music scene makes music the obvious choice.

I must say, however, sports has completely changed my life and shaped me in a way the only music could not have. I would hate to give up either, and I will continue participating in both pros and cons of sports and music.


GMoney said...

It's much easier for me. Music gets the boot. I would have nothing to do on the weekends without sports. And arguing about how shitty Led Zeppelin is gets old after awhile. But arguing about how shitty Brett Favre is never does.

Tony B. said...

For many people I think this question is like picking between boning Meg Ryan or Jack Nicholson. Nicholson now or Nicholson 1974, you ask? Let's go with 1974.

Point being, it's easier for other folks, but being that I am a working musician, I gots to go with music. I would miss Favre bashing, though.

Tony B. said...

By the way- G$, what is up with the excessive amounts of haters coming out of the woodwork on your blog comments? I'm not saying it has to be as positive as Magic Johnson's HIV test, but damn.

GMoney said...

Don't you worry about me, I can handle it. Not really sure where they are coming from though.

Tony B. said...

I know you can handle it- especially when LBJ craps on the Magic for the rest of the series and sends them back to Disney World.

Clarkster said...

I'm with G$ sports is the easy keeper. I like music but I love sports watching, discussing, and sometimes playing sports. hell when i'm in the car i'm usually listning to sports talk radio.

Tony B. said...

No musicians out there want to take a stand? It's funny because most of my musician-friends also love sports. Maybe it would be a tough choice for them as well?

Clarkster said...

Tony on the music front have you seen any of these sleve face's there pretty awesome here's a link

Adrianne said...

soooo are you saying we can get rid of the unnecessary music equipment?