Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top Ten Drama Shows

Hey folks- I'm back with my Top Ten drama TV shows. Keep in mind, there are probably many shows I'll leave off for the plain fact that I can't watch every TV show ever, but here are the ones I like the best. Keep in mind I've only been a HBO subscriber for a few years, and probably didn't watch a ton of drama TV show in college, so it is a bit limited, but I'll do my best to get some variety in there. As always, your opinions are welcome!

10. Medium - I've recently begun to appreciate this show. It's about Allison Dubois, who has dreams about crimes that have happened, or are about to happen, and she helps the police catch suspects or stop crimes. All the while there is focus on Allison's family life, where for some reason they can't make millions off her psychic abilities. While that may be the biggest weakness of the show, it may also be the biggest strength. I mean, who realistically would watch a show about a woman that sees the future and always stops the crime and things go perfectly? That wouldn't be interesting, would it? Good writing and down to earth acting make this a good show.

9. Dallas - Who shot JR? It was a cliffhanger that capivated the nation! While I remember watching this show a lot when I was younger, I would like watch reruns to give this a full review. I do remember the end of the show had JR looking in the mirror with essentially the devil talking himself into suicide. If I'm wrong, and just dreamed that ending up- someone let me know!

8. True Blood - Only one season old, this tale about vampires and a small Bayou town is just another great HBO drama. Now I'm sure I could get hated on with this choice because it is such a new show, and apparently vampirism has become popular with all the teeny-boppers (how the hell did that happen?!?!?) but I stand by it. This show kicks ass. It's a more raw and adult take on the whole vampire thing with vampire blood being used as a drug, multiple homicides, and all kinds of sexual tension (or beyond tension, for that matter.) Can't wait for Season 2.

7. Rome - Want a history lesson along with gratuatous violence? Well then this is the show for you! Unfortunately it only lasted two seasons, but while it was on there was deceit, sexiness, and some of the best kills you've ever seen on cable. Polo was a savage and Marc Antony was a massive jerk. Almost all of the characters were interesting in this well acted, and very well written show.

6. Fringe - Also a new show, but I love it. J.J. Abrams produced this show about fringe science. It's basically the X-Files without being bored to death by Mulder and Scully. Joshua Jackson manages to shed his Dawson's Creek typecast, and the crazy old dude is definitely a highlight of the show.

5. Firefly - Joss Whedon's sci-fi/old timey cowboy space show is great entertainment. For those more familiar with the movie "Serenity," this is the show that movie was based off. The characters are great, starting and ending with the ship captain Malcom. Nathan Fillion does a fantastic performance as the captain of the ship (you can tell he did because he keeps getting work, but no show has done him justice since this show.) If you haven't seen it, it's worth a look.

4. The Sopranos - Weird ending aside, The Sopranos was constantly entertaining. Who doesn't like to watch Italian gansters scwabble amoungst each other, order hits on people, go to the strip club, and deal with their spoiled children? The storyline with "Johnny Cakes" aside, this show had some flawless drama. There is a reason it was considered the best show on TV during its run.

3. 24 - As someone once said, if everyone did everything Jack Bauer told them to do, this show would be called "1." Luck for us, people are idiotic and this show goes for 24 glorious hours. While the most recent episode was lackluster at best, overall this show is very entertaining. Let us remember falled characters such as Jack's wife, Nina Meyers, Tony Almeda's wife Michelle, President Palmer (both of them), Jack's old partner Chase, Ryan Chapelle, whatever Sean Astin's character was named, and of course Chloe's friend Edgar. Did I forget Curtis? There's just too many dead people!

2. Carnivale - This show is better than Lost. It's the only show I'll say that about. Unfortunately HBO canceled it too soon and we'll never be able to find out how they would have ended this show properly. The reason it is #2 is because it was cut short and we were left to wonder the true ending. I've heard there were ideas for novels or graphic novels that would extend the show, and I'm so in. Between Sophie, Ben, Brother Justin, Jonesy, and all the other ridiculously awesome characters, this is truly a thinking man's show. This could be the Bo Jackson or Gayle Sayers of TV.

1. Lost - As if there was a doubt. This is also a thinking man's show that has gotten quite complex recently. But at it's simplest level, this is still an interesting show with great characters and excellent story telling. The best part may be the simple fact that they have a contract in place to end the show after the sixth season. They don't have to drag it out, and there also will not be a quick cancelation that ruins the show (much like Carnivale.) I have my hopes for how the show will end, but overall, I have never enjoyed a show more than this. It is definitely my #1.

So there you go. I'm sure there are many shows I just never watched that didn't make the list, but feel free to make recomendations in the comments section. Sorry, Herman's Head does not count as a drama.


Clarkster said...

I think there are some great show's that you've missed probobly because you have never had the chance to enjoy them. Dexter on Showtime is my number 2 show right behind lost I highly recomend renting the first 3 seasons they were incredible. He's a like-able Miami police forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer of criminals who he believes have escaped justice. It's fuuny at time's and very brutal at others and your never really sure how you should fell watching it cause you're rooting for a seriel killer but it's great. seriously check it out.
Another awesome show is AMC's Breaking Bad about a high shcool chemistry teacher who finds out that he has stage 4 lung cancer and decides to recrute one of his former burn-out students and start cooking meth. thing is he's so ridiculous at chemistry that he ends up making the most pure meth ever. plus the whole stoy line about his wife being pregnant and his brother-in-law is a DEA agent. not to mention Bryan Cranston's acting which he took the emmy for best actor for season one. It's only like 17 episodes into the show so it's is something that people could catch up on.
In my humble opinion two great shows worth taking a look at.

GMoney said...

So YOU are the one person that watches Medium. I was wondering who that was.

Rome was badass.

I still love watching the Sopranos re-runs that are on A&E on Sunday mornings...really eases the hangovers. Although I would have rated this show #1 had Tony let AJ drown himself in the last season. AJ may be the least likeable character in TV history.

As far as 24 goes, Chase did not die. He just had his hand cut off and never was heard from again. Sean Astin = Lynn McGill. This week's episode was terrible by the way.

Clarkster is right, Dexter is the cat's pajamas. Awesome awesome show.

I would also recommend Mad Men which is currently my favorite show on TV. Rescue Me is up there, too. Friday Night Lights is also fantastic.

Tony B. said...

I wish I had more time in the day because I guarantee I'd like every show you guys recommended.

Medium, by the way, is not bad, and it is an excellent compromise of a show to watch with my fiance- way better than say Project Runway or the new 90210, or something like that. I suppose that might make it no excuse to be in the top 10, though... I should rent Dexter and give it the bump.

One show I never ended up watching but also would bump Medium is Deadwood. I totally have to rent that.

Rae said...

i think it's fair to say you watch too much TV.

LOST is the only one on this list I watch religiously.