Thursday, May 28, 2009

Top Ten: Radio Shows (Part 2)

I wish I had the time, energy and drive to nationalize this list more by listening to more of the local sports talk from various regions, but unfortunately that's not happening any time soon. The one omission that I would have included, even though it is not sports talk, was Adam Carolla's show- but unfortunately it is no more. His podcast is pretty great though!

5. Jim Rome (National) - The Jungle is a great place for people to make their point and degrade sports figures and other callers. I enjoy Rome's show normally as he typically has very good interviews with different relevant sports figures. My biggest complaint is that most of the callers that get air time are just copying Rome's schtick. I know that he calls them "clones" and all, but it gets annoying listening to Rome copy cats use the same vocal rhythm as their hero and savior. Overall though, good show.

4. Damon Bruce on KNBR 680 - Damon Bruce is not on as much anymore as they have given much of his time to Dave Fleming for Giants post-game, but D. Bruce tells it like it is. He's originally from Chicago, so I suppose the fact that he's a Chicago sports fan in the Bay Area increases my enjoyment, but he really has great opinions as well. His Tuesday Trifecta, where he asks three questions for callers to answer in succession, is a great segment. During the football season he makes football picks against his mom and a coin. Every week his mom will call in and they both make their picks and a coin flip determines the third set of picks. Excellent theatre. The drops they use on the show are also great, but my favorite is definitely "Ray Durham's at Momo's!" It was from a caller who was wasted and screamed into the phone that Ray Durham, was in fact, at Momo's (bar across from AT&T Park.)

3. Dan Patrick (National) - I was hestitant to listen to D.P. when he first got his radio show, but I have been very entertained. I listen to this show more than Fitz & Brooks which was not the case previously. I very much appreciate Dan Patrick's points of view and his cast of characters are pretty funny. Throw in regular guest appearances by Rich Eisen, Peter King, and Reggie Aloisius Miller and you've got yourself a pretty entertaining show.

2. Gary Radnich on KNBR 680 - A Bay Area staple of sports talk for many years now, Gary Radnich is the man. He brings a fairly good balance of positive and negative attitudes toward the local sports teams. Dan Dibley sits in for half of this show as well and that usually keeps things hilarious. I'd be remissed if I did not mention the highlight of the show. Each day from 10-10:30am, Tony Bruno phones in and the results are phenomenal. Gary and Tony talk about all kinds of things that may or may not be sports related and it's pretty damn hilarious.

1. The Razor and Mr. T on KNBR 680 - Many people I've talked to don't care for Ralph "The Razor" Barbieri because of his nasaly voice and occasionally long winded questions to the folks he interviews. I can relate to an exent, but realistically he provides the Yin to Tom "Mr. T" Tolbert's Yang. You may remember Tommy T from his days announcing NBA games and wear very loud suits, but on the radio there is no one better. He brings great experience from his playing days (Clippers, Magic, Warriors) and has interesting takes on all sports. He'll talk betting sports quite often, and even interviewed Doyle Brunson just yesterday. I love the range they bring, and typically this show really agrees with me (you know, like the perfect meal or something like that.) Last, Tom Tolbert's commercials are hilarious- Comcast, McDonald's, Sleep Train, AAMCO, and a few others. That guy could make a lactose intolerant person buy a dairy cow.

I know this is a Bay Area loaded list, but these shows are very good. I've listened to occasional sports talk in Chicago and other parts of the country, and the shows on this list are better. I much prefer rational hosts [note: not all hosts on this list are completely rational] who aren't afraid to call people out when necessary, rather than the loud host that loves call for a coach's head after one loss (or any other ridiculous examples that I know exist.) Enjoy your sports talk, because I can't find anything to listen to on FM these days.


GMoney said...

I was hoping that Rome and DP would make this list.

Are you a Howard Stern guy?

Tony B. said...

I'm not really a Howard Stern guy- I used to listen when he was on FM, but since he went satellite I haven't jumped on board. How is it these days?

GMoney said...

Never a fan myself. You used to watch him on E! but that was probably 8 years ago. Love Artie Lange though.

Tony B. said...

Clarkster- where you at? I want an argument about why I should've included Carmichael Dave... I'm going to disagree, but I want to hear it anyway!

Clarkster said...

Here's the reason why you should have included Carmichael Dave. He's the best local maybe even national guy when it comes to UFC/MMA coverage also he does a great job covering Fantasy football and baseball. Plus he also has some funny and original bit's a couple of yeas ago he had the fantasy candy show down where he went ncaa bracket style narrowing down the best candy with the help of the callers to crown reeses peanut-butter cups the champion i just enjoy the show.

Tony B. said...

Ya know, that is actually a really great argument. Hmm... I'm not sure you won me over, but I'll listen some more. We'll have to go hang out with him at a MNF next year and then I'll have upgrade him into a spot- I'm easy to sway like that.