Monday, June 8, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Another weekend has come and gone- and I miss it already. But here is what I've been up to/paying attention to:

- Our Men's League Basketball team killed it on Friday night. The other team was shooting a solid 70% against us, and yet we still had a 5 point halftime lead. In the second half, there was an absolutely ridiculous sequence where one of our players traveled (not called), then another one of our players traveled (also not called), and we scored a bucket on top of it. The other team went nuts and got a couple technicals called against them. In our league, we got an automatic 4 points and the ball. We were pulling away before the T's, but this sealed the deal. I'm fairly certain I had 35-ish points, but I was really impressed with our other players holding it down. The Clark brothers both were in double digits, and that was great to see. We have a really tough game coming up this next week, so hopefully we bring our A-game.

- My buddy JP came up from SoCal this weekend and we got after it. We went to a BBQ at Urijah Faber's house (Urijah fought Sunday at ARCO, and unfortunately lost in a decision- though I heard he broke his hand in the first round and kept going for the full five rounds.) My buddy used to wrestle with Urijah at UC Davis, so it was pretty crazy to go hang out at a pre-fight party.

- After we got a small crew together and went out in downtown Sac. It was a great time. There were many fake names and professions given out (by us and by girls alike) and I kept the Jack Daniels theme from last weekend going. One bar, Whisky Wild, allowed girls to dance up on the girl which was pretty solid. Overall, it was a great night out with the guys.

- The Cubs took two of three from the Reds, and I'm pretty sure every game went into extra innings. That's one way to screw up an already terrible bullpen... I hope the Cubs figure their stuff out soon, because it is awful to watch them struggle through the season. Did anyone realize that Alfonso Soriano is hitting around .240? What the hell happened to that guy?

- The wedding is less than four months away and I was handling some business on Sunday. Shirt, tie, pocket square, and groosman ties- done and done. Things to work out this week- book honeymoon, call the hotel in Vacaville about a block of rooms, get a passport, and pay the photographer another for another portion of his eventual services.

- Did the Lakers win tonight? I think they did. I'm losing interest in the NBA at a rapid rate, Kobe probably needs to sexually assault someone for me to gain interest again... ok, I'll settle for the Magic to just win game three.

- Barring some ridiculous adjustment of our scores, I beat the Best Man in my wedding to continue my undefeated Fantasy Baseball season. 9-0 baby! My team is off the hook! Hopefully nothing goes changes and my team wins out. Unlikely, but still possible after this week.

That's all for the weekend- hope you had a terrific one as well. One final note- the new Dave Matthews Band album is actually pretty good. They lowered their expectations with their last dreadful album, but this one is a vast improvement. I'll keep listening and maybe even review it in a future blog, or maybe not- who knows?!


GMoney said...

Dave Matthews Band would be much better if they were the Glenn Danzig Band. That's really about it for me today. DMB sucks.

Tony B. said...

DMB was my favorite band for a decent stretch, and then I couldn't listen to them for the longest time. This new album puts them on the pretty good, but not great in the grand scheme of my musical opinion.

I have a feeling you listened to "Mother" a solid 859 times this weekend.

Clarkster said...

It's a damn shame that the california kid brokehis hands in the first round. That being said with no hands he was dropping some vicious elbows and almost submitted brown in the 5th round but couldn't hold on because of the aformentioned broken hands. Also that game on friday was a blast, I reviewed our schedual and we do get a rematch with our week one foes. Time to avenge that first loss. you keep dropping 35 and I say we hae a shot.

Tony B. said...

I didn't see the fight, but I heard the broken hand was Urijah's downfall. I also hear they are already setting up Faber/Brown III- should be interesting.