Monday, June 22, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Lots of stuff going on this weekend, let's start with the big news:

- My Fantasy Baseball team finally lost this week. The bad thing about it is that my team scored the third most points in the league this week- but I was playing against the team that scored the second most points. I'm still 10-1, but it just doesn't look as pretty on the computer screen. This week I'm facing off against my brother in a fight to the finish. Yeah, that's a good place to end.

- Kerry Wood is still helping the Cubs win games! I almost feel bad for the guy, Indians fans may inevitably make comments like "Wood intentionally blew the game for the Cubs." Now, while I don't think that is true, it can't feel good to blow two games against your old team. Fun fact of the day: the Indians have more blown saves than completed saves! That's terrible!

- We're not done with the Cubs just yet... They've won four games in impressive fashion. It seems like this team is growing a little uh... intestinal fortitude. Derrek Lee hit four homeruns in three days! I don't know if this guy found the fountain of youth, or he's finally found his groove, but I hope he keeps it up. The Cubbies are only 2.5 games out of first. I'm not jumping to conclusions, but they're letting the young guys get after it, and add a splash of Aramis Ramirez in July and things are looking up.

- I saw "The Hangover" on Saturday. The movie is absolutely ridiculous- in a great way. I can't recommend this movie enough. If you like movies like "Wedding Crashers" or "Old School" then you'll feel right at home with "The Hangover." Just beware of tigers or tiny, naked Asian men!

- Our Men's League Basketball team in Sacramento won on Friday, so we now advance to the next round of the playoffs. My 3 point shooting was definitely off, but luckily my free throw shooting was on like the break of dawn. The team we played was supposedly the worst in the league, but they played very well. We ended up winning by about 10 or so, and it was a hard fought victory. Next week, we play at either 7 or 8, and if we win, we have to play the championship game at 9. I really want to win, but I am unsure if my body will be able to hold up after two games!

It was a pretty good weekend, but next weekend should be even better- going to Tahoe with my lovely lady, checking out Wilco on the 28th, and my birthday is on the 29th. Should be solid!


GMoney said...

I, too, was able to knock off the undefeated in my Sportsline league. I hate how my league is set up though. I have one of the sickest lineups around and the guy who is now 10-1 carries 15 starting pitchers on his roster who kill it for him every week. I was lucky enough to go against him when only one guy was throwing twice.

The Indians make the Cubs look like the '98 Yankees. They are freaking terrible.

Tony B. said...

Are "they" the Cubs or the Indians? It probably works for both at the moment, but I think the Cubs may be coming on- hopefully they can dispense of the Tigers and Ozzie's d-bags this week.