Friday, June 12, 2009

Congratulations Brothers!

I don't have much today because I have been driving on highway 80 like my life depends on it for the last two days. If I never drove on highway 80 again, I would not miss it.

Anyway, yesterday I drove to the love Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord to watch my two younger brothers graduate high school. So first off, I'd like to send a big Congratulations! to my brothers. I hope you guys are proud of yourselves and realize that your adults now.

At the graduation, the highlight for me was watching the sign language interpreters sign the entire ceremony. They signed speeches and song performances. If during a song, there was a musical break, they would mimic the instrumental break (i.e. during a guitar breakdown, they would play some air guitar.) It was hilarious! If you know anyone who can sign, ask them to sign "Beautiful Day" by U2 and then come back and tell me how awesome it was. The signer should feel free to add facial expressions for maximum pleasure.

At the end we took some pictures, and I ran into a few of my old teachers- two English teachers and one Social Studies teacher. It was pretty cool to see them after all these years. My Senior Year English teacher mentioned that she still had a song that my friend and I recorded as an extra credit project for MacBeth. I was tempted to try and get the recording, but I know it's probably better left alone. I'm fairly certain we recorded that goofy song on a regular tape player by just pressing record. However, I'm also fairly certain we got full extra credit.

As far as sports goes, there's not much to talk about- the Cubs blew it yesterday, the Magic blew it last night (what's up with guys giving themselves the nick-name Superman and then not being able to shoot freethrows? I'm fairly certain the Man of Steel would make his foul shots), and NHL's Game 7 is tonight. I'm playing tomorrow morning at the Farmer's Market in Vacaville so feel free to come on out and get fresh produce and listen to me rock it out. Sorry, no acoustic Danzig is on the setlist.


GMoney said...

When is it time to quit on the Cubs. These guys are terrible. Really? Just two solo homers in the last two games against Wandy and RUSS ORTIZ! I thought that Russ Ortiz was dead.

As someone who grew up in the rural awesomeness of northwest Ohio, you don't know shit about farmers. They LOVE acoustic Danzig!

Tony B. said...

Russ Ortiz is dead- his corpse actually dominated the Cubs for 5 and 2/3 yesterday.

I would have given up on the Cubs, but they are not far behind in their division or wild card, so when Aramis and Harden come back they may actually be ok. We'll see.

I may have to learn some acoustic Danzig just for you. You should rig it so your blog plays "Mother" every time someone goes to the page. It would be like your WWE entrance music.

Rae said...


SCREEE!!!!! :D

Tony B. said...

Slow down Rae- not until July 10 are they legal. Start your countdown website (similar to the Mary Kate and Ashley ones of yester-year) now!