Friday, June 19, 2009

An Average Day

Is anything interesting happening in the world?

I'm stumped. I have nothing to write about because nothing all that great or terrible is happening. Everything is just average. I played a fun show last night, and would like to thank the folks that came out in support, but there wasn't anything all that unusual. No one tried to steal money from the tip pitcher, or harassed me to play "Sweet Home Alabama." No one told me that my voice sounds like a choir of angels or the guy from Creed (these two things would be opposite of each other.)

The Cubs won yesterday in heroic fashion, but their 31-31 record does not allow me to get all that excited about it. Today, we have Cliff Lee versus Rich Harden at Wrigley, along with the return of Kerry Wood and Mark DeRosa to the Friendly Confines. Even that is not stoking my inspirational fire.

My Men's League Basketball team, Sham-Wow, has their first playoff game tonight. I'd throw down the "We're going to win" guarantee, but no one on the other team reads my blog (that I know of) so that isn't interesting either.

Some lady in Minnesota was told to pay $1.92 million dollars for pirating 24 songs ($80,000 a song, and she was accused of a lot more file sharing, but the case was boiled down to 24 songs for simplicity sake.) Clearly this lady does not have the means to pay $1.92 million to the record companies. That would be like someone telling me that I owe "a bagillion dollars" movie hopping. I know they are making an example of her, but they should at least make the figure reasonable. Giving her a debt that she could actually pay off would probably hurt her more because she'd actually have to pay it off.

Have I come up with anything yet? Nope, still nothing. I'll leave you with Florida Panthers announcer Randy Moller. His calls are ridiculous- enjoy:


GMoney said...

If you've got nothing, then you will get nothing from me in the comments (laughing maniacally)!

Tony B. said...

Thanks G$- you need a day off anyway. Don't let anyone tell you that blogging is easy!