Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe Buck Live

Wow. Why did I even watch this show? I'm confused about my own motivation to turn it on. I think I was curious as to what Brett Favre had to say, and yet, I don't like Brett Favre. Him staying retired or coming back to the NFL to play for the Vikings does not affect me at all. I care more about filing my nails (which I rarely do) than Brett Favre's status as an NFL player.

On top of that, I don't like Joe Buck. He's smug, not funny, and condescending. Not to mention he's a Cardinal fan. Honestly, why was I tuning in?

I watched the Favre segment and it was pretty boring. He didn't commit to playing this year, but he didn't turn it down either. In fact, he didn't really say anything of substance during the whole interview. If the interview was a meal, consider the main course Jello.

After a boring taped segment with David Wright where Buck and Wright discussed the proper amount of time that should elapse during a "man-hug," they moved on to Michael Irvin and Chad Ochocinco (without his gold grill which leads me to believe that G$ was correct in saying that he saw him over the weekend.) In the middle they had a video montage of many of the athletes that have gotten in trouble over the recent years, and their apologies.

After a stupid skit from Funny-Or-Die.com (usually a good website, but this wasn't that funny) they brought Paul Rudd, Jason Sudekis, and Arte Lange on stage. Arte Lange just dominates the interview in a bad way, and Joe Buck was helpless to the mayhem. Here's the overtime segment- watch it while you can, because I have a feeling YouTube will pull it soon: (They already took it down, but I found the earlier segment)

So there you go- Arte talking about the "Lucky Pierre" and the jizz Joe Buck shot on his chest. Awesome. I really can't decide if this ruined the interview, or made it an entertaining trainwreck, but this much is certain- Joe Buck should get tamer guests because he cannot compete in a war of words and that was the only way he had a chance to shut Arte up and save his version of the show. Love it or hate it, that was some uncomfortable television.

I enjoyed most of Costas Live (Joe Buck recently took over for Bob Costas on HBO), which is the main reason I gave this a chance, but I doubt I'll be tuning in next time unless a) they have Ryne Sandberg as a guest or b) they bring Arte back for an encore. Even then, I doubt I'm in.


Rae said...

oh, don't worry: youtube already pulled that clip ;)

Tony B. said...

Found another and it's up!

GMoney said...

I'm looking forward to watching this later. Artie is hilarious. And Buck shouldn't bitch because no one would be talking about his abortion of a show if it wasn't for this.

Tony B. said...

I think you're right G$. Apparently an HBO executive said "Arte bordered on bad taste." Trust me, there was no bordering about it.