Friday, June 5, 2009

Live Band Karaoke Last Night

I'm going to make this short and sweet. Sorry for the mail-in's, but I was up until 3am playing with the Live Band Karaoke band last night at the G St Pub in Davis. I was responsible and didn't drink, but I'm just too tired to even think about writing anything coherent.

However, here are some of the songs the band played last night. We do this every first Thursday of the month at G St, so try to make it out if you can. You can get up there with us and sing!

We opened with the Pixies "Where Is My Mind???" where I sang lead. From there we let the people pick songs and sing:

Duran Duran "Hungry Like The Wolf"
Billy Idol "Rebel Yell"
Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire"
Van Morrison "Brown Eyed Girl"
Young MC "Bust a Move"
White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"
Radiohead "Creep"
Muse "Time Is Running Out"
Britney Spears "Baby One More Time"
Prince "Kiss"
Harvey Danger "Flagpole Sitta"
Danzig "Mother"

That's all I can remember right now. I never thought I'd be on stage singing the chorus of Danzig's "Mother" but it was pretty damn fun. If you're in the area, you should come out and sing a song- it'll be well worth it!


GMoney said...

Danzig's Mother is one the most underrated songs ever. I haven't heard it in a long time and it's a good thing because if I did hear it, I would go on a spree of head-butting my co-workers.

I would put that tune on the short list as my "closer" song with Bulls On Parade.

Tony B. said...

You know- Bulls On Parade may not be a bad idea for Live Band Karaoke... I'll consult with the band guys.