Saturday, June 27, 2009

Men's League Basketball: Playoffs

Last night was the final night of our Sacramento Men's Basketball League. Our first game was at 8pm against one of the two teams that beat us during the season. Our team was definitely up to the challenge. We jumped out to a 20-10 lead, then the other team crept back in. By halftime it was 29-27 (with us leading.) We just kept up the intensity, and pulled through. The first time we played this team, we got sorely out-hustled, which is why we lost. Near the end of the game, everyone hit their freethrows and we won by 6 or 7 (I think they hit a throw away three in the waning seconds of the game.)

While not the ideal situation, the championship game was at 9pm. This gave our team about ten minutes of rest before going again. Our team really isn't equipped for those back-to-back games, and it ultimately did affect our play. I must say that we did give a great effort, and gave that team a run. I was really impressed with Kevin and Brian's play as they stepped up and shot the ball well. Annoying Blogger was really impressive with his hustle. JeVaughn is such a great point guard, who definitely leads the team with his knowledge of the game and skills. Joe and Matt held it down on the inside. Very impressive guys.

I must say, my game was off last night. I might have had 10 or 12 points in the first game, and I doubt I made it to 10 in the second game. My shooting percentage was probably a solid 9%. But I'm not blowing smoke when I say I don't care about my individual performance as long as we win. I'm very proud of our team for beating one of the two teams that beat us during the season, and even though we didn't get it done, I thought we gave a great effort.

One final note, one specific guy on the other team talked loud shit during final 30 seconds of the game. In front of his kids, and all the rest of the kids in the gym, he made a mockery of sportsmanship. LeBron James not shaking hands after losing a game is one thing, that's a bit more subtle, and I think was overblown. Sidney Crosby not immediately going over to shake the Red Wings hands is even less of a big deal. What this dude did at the end of the game was out of line. He was yelling about how we suck, and how we couldn't get it done, and we couldn't win the championship, etc. etc. Thanks for the news flash Ron Burgundy- you stay classy!

We get a month off and it looks like we're back on in August! I can't wait!

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