Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Note: Fantasy Baseball

My team is still undefeated! 8-0!

Going to see the A's/Twins on June 10th. Totally cheering for a good sideburns performance by Joe Mauer!


Adrianne said...

Looks like an AD in the JcPenny catalog

GMoney said...

Here's a stumper for you: I was discussing this last night with a friend. Knowing what we know now through 2 months of the season, who should have been the first pick in fantasy baseball?

Mauer hasn't played enough.
Adrian Gonzalez?

Honestly, Raul Ibanez has been the best player in the game through 2 months.

Tony B. said...

I think the answer is Albert Pujols- hands down. Ibanez has been amazing as well.

Remember when you said my team lacked pop- well Mauer, Adrian Gonzales, and Zimmerman have been killing it! Braun is underachieving though.

GMoney said...

I still have no idea why teams pitch to Gonzalez. Mauer hit 9 HR's last year and had a bad back this year...even you have to be shocked that he has 12 dingers already.

Tony B. said...

I AM! And I'm loving it! I figured he'd produce points, but not like this- savage!