Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Weekend At The Peppermill Reno (Part 2)

So I last was talking about getting out to party at 1:15am. Future Mrs. B and I met up with the group, many of whom we had never met before, and immediately launched into the amazing story of the Highway Patrolman letting me go without a black-mark to my name. The birthday boy mentioned that they had tons of alcohol in his room, so we went to the room to find our friend Jack Daniels. After making a drink or two we headed to the Craps table to get after it.

We found a $5 table and began to get after it. Now I'm somewhat new to the Craps game. The first time I ever played was in Tahoe just a little over a year ago. Since then I've played minimally two more times. So, this was my fourth overall time playing. I understand 90% of the game and fully understand why it has the best odds in the casino (50% if you play the Pass Line and back up your bet.)

I bet in a fairly conservative manner. Pass Line, back up the bet once the button is declared, and if the button goes on 6 or 8 I would cover the other number. Side note- I hate people who bet the Don't Come line. C'mon jerk- don't bet against the rest of the table! You're probably hedging your bet anyway, so stop it!

The Craps table was almost a bust, but it got hot and I ended the game up $55. After Craps came Roulette. I'm not a huge fan, but FMB loves playing so I participated as well. I would only bet the close to 50% bets (black/red, odd/even, 1-18/19-36) and that keeps me up or close to even. If I lose a bet, I'll just keep doubling the bet until it comes up correctly. Obviously, this strategy doesn't work if the wrong end of the 50% doesn't come up in four tries (assuming I'm playing a $1 table with $5 outside bets and I buy in with $100.) But lucky for me, the numbers were hitting. I did get a little stupid by the end and only walked up $16, but ten Jack and Colas can do that to a person.

Night One Totals: Up $71, ten Jack and Colas, and no speeding ticket.

I went to bed around 4:30am and woke up at 9:30am. I went down to the cafe and grabbed a fruit and yogurt parfait and water. FMB slept in, but I went to the Poker tables. The Peppermill has a phenomenal poker set up. I've never been to a place that has $1 and $2 blinds on a no-limit game. I love the cheap blinds and it also makes raises seem more powerful. One guy literally kept throwing a fit about people raising to $10. He was one of the tightest players I've ever seen at a Poker table, but I digress.

I made a pact with myself to not do anything stupid at the table and to not drink any alcohol while playing. Upon sitting I was hoping to sit out the first ten hands or so to get an idea of the players playing. Unfortunately, or fortunately I was dealt very good hands off the bat. Pocket 5's to start. Called a raise to enter the hand, folded after the bad flop. Second hand, King/Queen of hearts. Called another raise, flopped top pair. Called a $15 bet on the flop, check/check on the turn, and bet $25 on the river. The guy called because he said he was "curious" and I won the hand.

I played fairly tight from then on, but was winning occasional hands here and there. Then came the monster. The same "curious" fellow raised to $15. I look at my hand and have Ace/Queen unsuited, and call. The flop comes: King/10/Jack. Hi-oooooooooooooo!

So I have Broadway (Ace to 10 straight for anyone not familiar with Poker) and the guy leads out and bets. Now there are two spades on the board, so I have to assume he could have two spades in his hand. But I raise his $20 bet to make it $60. He goes all in, and I call instantly. I was hoping he had top pair, but my worst fears were realized. He was on the spade draw.

The Turn came a 3 of diamonds. Beautiful. The River comes a black 7... scared the hell out of me. Luckily it was the 7 of clubs and I just doubled my $200. Just like that. Now I realize that I was only 64% to win, but that's obviously a play one has to take their chances with. I mean, what kind of person would I be if I folded Broadway to a flush draw?

There were a few more hands that I took down and after my quick three hour session I was up $268 in Poker.

Upon leaving the Poker area, I went to the member services desk and got a great coupon book with all kinds of deals. They also informed me that I had been upgraded to a "Bronze" member. This really doesn't mean that much, but I do have a cooler looking card in my wallet now. Hopefully they'll send me even better deals in the mail.

I returned to the room, and FMB was just getting up. We went to the lunch and then to the mall (I forgot a belt because I was in my basketball uniform when we arrived the night before.) After buying a belt, some socks, and a XL-Tall shirt that says "That's What She Said" on it [yes, Rae- it was only $13, and I'm totally wearing it for Beer Pong sometime in the near future] we returned to get ready for the evening.

After showering, I squeezed in a $50 Blackjack loss and a nap. I'd like to emphasize that Blackjack is the devil's game, and I really don't think I'm going to play anymore. I can play by the book, or play extra conservative, or really crazy, but it really doesn't matter. It is a really hard game to win. I suppose if I worked hard to be able to do some subtle and effective card counting, but I don't have that kind of effort in me. Feel free to leave me a comment if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly sure the game is just awful and that's the way it is.

From dinner on is when the night really kicked up a notch. Part 3 will be the final and most exciting act. A quick recap of awesomeness:

- Up $55 on Craps
- Up $16 on Roulette
- Stayed up ridiculously late
- Won $268 on Poker
- Bought a belt, some socks, and a shirt

The final chapter coming soon...


GMoney said...

I hate blackjack. No one gets more 14's, 15's and 16's against a face card than me.

Again, did you see Jim Dangle or Travis Junior??? Maybe Mayor George Lopez?

Tony B. said...

I'm lovin' the Reno 911- keep 'em coming.

I didn't see any of them, but I'm pretty sure I saw that prostitute they consistently arrest.

Oh, and Mark Rypien and Gale Sayers were in town for a Celebrity Poker Tournament.

GMoney said...

Mark Rypien brings back many, many great memories...

Rae said...

You played fairly tight from then on, huh?

That's what she said ;)

Adrianne said...

so i am going to go ahead and throw in the other purchases: black pumps that you helped pick out.