Monday, June 1, 2009

A Weekend At The Peppermill Reno

As I sit here on Sunday evening watching one of the many great Chicken Fights on Family Guy, I am going to attempt to sluggishly write my weekend vacation to the Peppermill Reno. It is quite the ridiculous story, and I'm sure many people have had similar tales, but let's just say that it made me realize that I can still party with the best of them. I'm not 100% sure this can fit in one blog, so I may write a few entries throughout the week, we'll see how it goes.

Warning: Drinking, Gambling and Adult Content to follow.

The vacation really started before we even got there. The night began with another Men's League Basketball game in Sacramento at 8pm. Long story short, our team played some sluggish defense and got beat by about 10 points. I shot alright, but if I'm being honest, I played a bit soft and I will improve upon that. I think I still had around 20 points thanks to some good 3 point shooting and a phantom foul that gave me three freethrows. Anyway, with the game ending around 9pm, a two hour and fifteen minute drive to Reno, and the Peppermill only holding our room until midnight- future Mrs. B. and I had to hustle.

Without showering or anything, we jumped in the car and got going. There were two errands we had to run on the way- dropping off a vacuum in Carmichael at FMB's Mom's house, and dropping off some products for one of FMB's tanning customers. You see, her job is to sell tanning supplies (lotions/lamps) to tanning salons all over the country. It just so happened that this customer was located in Grass Valley. Without getting overly pissed off explaining the situation, the salon owner was supposed to meet us just off of highway 80 so we could give her the product. She grossly misunderstood that to actually go where she wanted to meet us, it would be a solid 50 miles out of our way. 20 miles off of highway 80, and 30 miles to get back on it (yes, I know, it's ridiculous.) Ultimately, we tried to go somewhere closer to off of highway 80, and never ended up meeting up with the salon owner. We did successfully waste a solid 25 minutes . Essentially, we were now running behind schedule.

I called the hotel, and they did agree to extend our room check in time, but we were wasting precious drinking and gambling time! Back on the highway, I was burning up the highway. Let's just say if I was Michael J. Fox, and my Jeep Compass was a Delorian, then we would've gone back in time (or hopefully to the future where there are hover boards and the Cubs win the World Series against some team that doesn't exist yet.)

As we neared the California/Nevada border, we were cruising. That was when FMB spotted something in the dark of the bushes... "COP!" she shouted. I threw on the brakes and tried to slow down, but it was futile. The Highway Patrole man threw on his lights and my dreams were about to be dashed before the vacation even started. Mortified, I came to a stop on the shoulder.

FMB got out my registration and proof of insurance and I had my license ready. The cop came to the passenger side window. I don't remember the conversation word for word, but it was close to this:

"Going a little faster there, eh?"
"I'm sorry sir, I know I was going fast. I think I didn't slow down coming off the hill."
"Well, we don't really consider that a hill. I clocked you at 83 and you got down to 80, but you would've had to have had your foot on the accelarator to go the speed you were going."
"I'm sorry sir."
"Where are you headed?"
"Do you come up here often?"
"No, sir, not often at all."
"Well, listen- you're 30 minutes away from Reno, and I need you to watch your speed and drive more safely. 65 or 70 is ok, but it's 80 that is the magic number. That's when we have to pull you over."
"Ok sir, I apologize- I will definitely watch my speed more carefully."
"You two have a good, safe night."
"Thank you sir- we will."

What?! How in the hell did I get out of that??? It is unexplainable. I will tell you this- it 100% saved the trip. I went 65 the whole rest of the trip and drove in the most law abiding fashion. It also made me feel like I had more money to gamble with. Does that even make sense? I don't get a ticket that could've easily been $300 plus traffic school fees and that mentally increases my budget for degenerate gambling. Ridiculous.

Anyway, we showed up around 12:25am and checked in. While I don't go up "often at all" to Reno, I do have a player's club card at the Peppermill. They had send me deals over the past few months that were increasingly better. The first deal was $50 a night for a room. The second was $30 a night plus some free slot play. The third was two FREE night plus $50 in free slot or table play. It worked out that we were able to use the deal for this weekend and join in the festivities of our friend's 30th birthday party (the husband of one of our bridesmaids was the lucky birthday boy.)

Upon getting there, we met with lead hotel desk guy and talked to him about what room we were getting. We wanted to make sure we got one of the remodeled rooms. On a previous trip we got an old school room that clearly was going for that 1970's brothel type theme. Full mirror across the back of the room where the bed is with green and purple fabric on the walls. The decor wasn't the main problem though- I would say the main problem was more the fluid stains on the green fabric and the stains and chipped tiles in the bathroom. On that earlier trip we complained and got upgraded to the best hotel room I've ever stayed in. Two king beds, flat screen TV in the main room and in the bathroom, etc. etc. The point being, the room was sweet.

When talking to the desk guy this time, we explained our preference for the remodeled rooms, and he looked for what was available. He said, "If you don't mind not having much of a view, I can give you the Wedding Suite." Um, yes- we'll take that. The room was not quite as nice as our previous suite, but when we're talking FREE and remodeled room in a private hall, then I have to say we're getting a great deal.

We quickly got ready in the room and found out where our friends were hanging out... we were out the door and hanging out by 1:15 am, and that is when I had my first Jack and Cola of the trip...

I'm tiring at this point I'll have to continue tomorrow. To recap- awesomeness so far:

- Got out of a speeding ticket- no idea how.
- Free remodeled Wedding Suite in a private hallway.
- Out the door to party by 1:15am.

To be continued...


GMoney said...

You must have a really checkered driving history or California really sucks if a speeding ticket costs you 3 large and you have to go to traffic school.

Expect this same exact line for however many posts are about Reno: Did you run into Jim Dangle?

Tony B. said...

Or I have a really great driving history so I have no concept of what a speeding ticket would actually cost me, but believe me- CA does have some hefty fines to traffic violations.

Not to ruin the rest of the posts, but no, unfortunately I didn't run into Officer Dangle. I did notice on the side of the cop cars in Reno it says a phone number "334-COPS"

I though their number was 911.