Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Weekend Trip To Tahoe

Sorry folks, I know the blog has been dead for over a day, but I'm freakin' tired! As it turns out, despite my rising age and awesome future marital status (three more months?!) my fiance and I still party pretty hard- and this is ultimately tiring. After getting a bit older, the biggest difference I've noticed is that my body can't recover from staying up late and/or drinking as fast as it used to. None the less, I had a great birthday weekend (don't worry, there is no trilogy of blogs this week):

We arrived at 6:30ish to Harvey's in South Lake Tahoe. We've never been up there together, and I don't remember the last time I actually stayed in a casino in SLT. Admittedly, we've gotten pretty comfortable with going up to the Peppermill in Reno, so it took some adjusting to get comfortable at Harvey's. The room was a good start, as it had a solid king bed, plasma TV, and multiple room bathroom.

After getting ready, we decided to eat at the awesome buffet on the 18th floor of Harrah's. We got a window seat that overlooks like lake and the mountains- a most excellent view (I sounded like Bill & Ted there for a second!) I'm not a huge fan of buffets (or Jimmy Buffet for that matter) these days, but this one is the best I've been to. There's nothing quite like getting grilled chicken, ham, filet mignon, chow mein, and a piece of pizza on one plate. The dessert area had Reese's Pieces as a topping for the frozen yogurt- how underrated of a candy are those?! I don't know what happened to them, but I feel like there are way more M&M's around, and yet, Reese's Pieces are far superior.

After dinner, it was on. We headed to the gambling area of Harvey's and I posted a Craps table. Future Mrs. B. tried to watch, but an old guy placed himself at the position next to me, and then promptly began crop dusting the area with his farts. I let the roller finish up and I walked away up $12, but down an awful sensation in my nostrils.

I found my lovely Bride-To-Be at a Roulette table so I joined in. I was up about $40 when I started betting on the 2 to 1 box on the vertical string of numbers all the way to the right. For a 33% bet, it sure wasn't coming up 1 out of every 3 times. down to my last $20 (out of $120) I went with the same box. I think 3 or 6 came up, so this put me back on the come back trail. I decided to take a few rounds off by placing one chip ($2) on my old basketball number (24). The second time I did this- BAM- it hit! I've never hit exactly on a number in Roulette, and let me tell ya- it feels fantastic!

Despite that great win, the vibe in Harvey's was awful. It felt like everyone at the tables wanted to kill themselves because they were losing money. I talked FMB into a second round at the Craps table, except this time we went over to Harrah's (both Harvey's and Harrah's are owned by the same company, but the vibe in Harrah's was way better.) There was more excitement and positivety. Unfortunately, this did not lead to me winning, in fact, I ended up losing a bit of money at the Craps table. Then I did the unthinkable. I turned to the Devil's Game- Blackjack.

Earlier in the day, I took our cat, Cosmo, to the Vet because his eye was a goopy. We got some oinment for him, but during the check up we found out that a previously diagnosed heart murmur had become more pronounced (read as worse.) We were recommended to go see a kitty cardiologist and get a test to see in more detail what is going on (read as expensive.) Even though I have awesome insurance, and even though we do treat our cats like our kids, we obviously are not covered for cat problems. So we did what any responsible cat loving people would do... we made Cosmo our gamlbing mascot!

At the Blackjack table, we let everyone know that Cosmo was in need of a trip and that the dealer was going to help pay for it! During the excitement and drinking, it went from "Cosmo needs a trip to the cardiologist!" to "Cosmo needs a new heart!" The dealer informed us that he knew what it was like to love a pet, because he saved and adopted a wolf! How awesome would that be! A pet wolf! He at least would keep away annoying young girls in red sweatshirts (please feel free to groan at that one!)

Ultimately, I ended up losing at Blackjack, and went on to feel horrible. I probably could be paying for Cosmo's appointment instead of gambling the money away! Well, after a break for more drinks, we travelled back to play Craps. FMB decided to give it a try, so we both bought in with our remaining money- excellent decision. This table was hot, and being that it was a $10 minimum table, we were forced to win more money (as opposed to a $5 minimum table.) By the end of the session, we had both won all of our money back and then some! It pretty much saved the trip!

The next day was pretty much just relaxing and waiting to go to the Wilco concert- though I'd like to give a special shout-out to the Beach Hut Deli in Tahoe for providing me with the worst meal I've eaten in quite some time. I love the BHD in Sacramento, but the Tahoe location was out of multiple products (bread, sprouts, other stuff), some produce they served was awful (the avocado was stiff and disgusting), and their fountain drink machine was broken (even though they said the Lemonade and Gatorade were working, they were not.) Just horrible.

I'll review the Wilco concert separately- just please go listen to their music if you're unfamiliar. I'm going to keep driving this point home because it's worth making.

After the concert we went back for more Craps action. Here are the notable details from this round:

- We met another fun couple (yes, I'm insinuating that we're fun too!) who actually flew in from Colorado to see the Wilco show. They are also going to the show on Friday at Red Rocks- legit Wilco fans. Excellent company and very hot rollers!

- Even I was not comfortable with someone wearing a Cubs hat at the Craps table. In addition, the guy was wearing glasses and a long sleeve shirt... very Steve Bartman-esque. This scared me off of some extra bets that would have paid out fat! While he pretty much wore the opposite outfit ideal for a casino, this guy was a shooter. To his credit, he pressed damn near every bet during his roll, and at one point, bet $100 on the passline while backing it up with $400. He totally hit and the table went crazy! Three pit bosses had to come over to make sure there was no funny business going on at the table.

- A girl walked up and her first bet after the button was placed on 8 was "6 and 9." The guy next to me said, "Oh, dirty girl!" I had to laugh because I was thinking the exact same thing. It became even funnier when FMB made the exact same bet an hour later!

- The Blackjack dealer from the night before came in to sub for a dealer for a second, and the first thing he said was "Let's win money for Cosmo's heart!"

- My rolling left a lot to be desired. Don't tell people it is your birthday when you're rolling! Everyone thinks it is a sign of luck, when in fact, it has no influence on the dice! People will ultimately turn on you because they're probably betting more money based on perceived luck.

FMB and I were both up for the trip (probably $150 or $200 each), so overall it was a fantastic birthday. I had a great time, and now I can't wait for my bachelor party in August! Peppermill here we come!


GMoney said...

If the guy has a pet wolf, I would immediately leave. That is too weird.

Red Rocks is the shit.

Tony B. said...

The funny thing is that wolf pet owning is not out of the ordinary in Tahoe. It was definitely weird.

I've never been to Red Rocks, but hopefully I'll get there someday (preferably as a performer, but audience member would work as well!)

Rae said...

after hating on the Buffet and the buffet, you're lucky you've redeemed yourself with the shout out to reece's pieces. Congrats on the wins! Looking forward to your A-lady's bachelorette party :)

Tony B. said...

I will continue to hate on the Buffet! He can waste away in the far reaches of hell for all I care! As a side note, I think we're going to Jamaica for our honeymoon, and I hear Margaritaville is pretty fun... maybe we'll go...

Rae said...

Ooh, Greg Bellasis went to Jamaica! And seriously check out the bufet at Buffet's place ;)

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