Monday, July 6, 2009

A Case of the Mondays: July 4th Edition

As I write this, I am still hurting from Saturday's drinking. I know I've mentioned it a few times, but my recovery time is not what it used to be! In order to be as productive as possible during my sabbatical from work starting at the end of the week, I will not be drinking any alcohol until August 10th-ish. My bachelor party is soon after that, so of course I'll be drinking that weekend, but I've noticed how unproductive my weekend is if I drinking a lot on either Friday or Saturday night. I have stuff to do! Get in better shape, finish a record, and learn how to watch the Cubs without wanting to drink (their performance over the weekend was quite helpful in this cause!)

Back to the beginning, I played another Live Band Karaoke gig at the G St Pub on Thursday, and it was awesome! We had a better idea of what we were doing (at least I felt more comfortable) and we may even get together soon to expand the song list. Any suggestions are welcome- and G$, if you ever get out to the Sacramento area, I've got Danzig reserved for you to sing!

Friday, I did manage to go running at McKinley Park, which was solid. The best part is that I recently bought the MLB iPhone application. I listened to the Cubs' radio feed while I was running. It's funny because Ron Santo (one of their radio announcers and former player for those not in the know) is known for cheering on the Cubs in ridiculous fashion during the games, but also for loud "OOOOOOOH NO's" if anything goes wrong. After having listened to an entire radio broadcast (first time in many, many years) it is even worse/funnier than I remember. Carlos Zambrano pitched pretty well, though it seemed like he lacked pinpoint control during the game. Santo would say things like, "Oh jeez- he just has no control what-so-ever!" [Ump calls a ball.] "Oh c'mon! You gotta throw strikes!" Now that is somewhat paraphrasing, but it was hilarious. Big Z did pitch well, yet Santo was still announcing like it was gloom and doom. The Cubs ended up winning, but the biggest win was realizing that I get to listen to more Cubs' radio for the rest of the season!

Saturday morning I played at the Vacaville Farmer's market- and it was excellent as usual. I admit, I intentionally played more covers (especially ones I felt would help in the tips department) because I was trying to raise money for our cat Cosmo's cardiologist appointment (I believe I mentioned that last week.) I'll be dedicating my next few shows to his cause. Either way, the show went very well and I had a great time!

Future Mrs. B. and I met up with my Mom after I was done to eat at the place where we will have our rehearsal dinner (Fuso in Vacaville.) The food was great, and they pretty much sealed the deal because of that factor alone. After lunch, I got a birthday present from my Mom and Brothers- an official Ryne Sandberg jersey! So awesome. Thank God, I now have a jersey that won't be ruined when a player moves from the Cubs to another team (or gets injured, or falls of the face of the earth, etc.) My Mark Prior jerseys definitely went to waste, so going with a Cubs Hall of Famer is definitely the route to go with a jersey. Thanks family!

And then it was on... FMB and I went to our friends' house for some Fourth of July BBQ action. The food was very, very good. Kabobs and all kinds of appetizers. There was tons of beer and many rounds of Kamakazee shots. Games that we played: The Tank game on Wii Play, Bowling on Wii Sport, Ping Pong, Darts, and Rock Band for the XBox 360. Hell, people were even trying to learn how to ride a unicycle! This party was no joke!

FMB left at a certain point to go grab some fireworks, and she brought back enough for our own fireworks show. I don't even know what she got, but it was definitely great value. There were three big ones that provided a big finale, and one of those three went for what felt like 20 minutes (it was probably more like 4.) All in all, it was a fun time.

Sunday, I slept most of the day. I meant to get into the studio, work out, and record a couple demos at home, but none of that happened. That is why I need to take a break from drinking. It's going to be tough with multiple shows coming up, a wedding, UFC 100, and many other temping events, but I will stay strong and not drink. I don't mean to give off the impression that there is any problem- there's really not, I just noticed that it was getting in the way of a few of my goals, so I decided to correct that over the next few weeks.

That's all for Monday, I'll be back tomorrow to brag about how many of my fantasy baseball players are on the real All-Star team!


GMoney said...

Some assholes think that once you hit the age of 25-30, you should stop wearing jerseys. I disagree of course. You just solved the main issue with jerseys though. It never failed that as soon as I bought a Yankees jersey, that guy would be shipped away no less than 3 months later. It happened first with El Duque, then Shane Spencer (which I still wear because he rules), and finally Soriano. If I buy another one, it will be a Mattingly jersey.

Also, I own a Portis Redskins jersey and have had luck with that but I settled on him. I wanted a Darrell Green jersey but couldn't find any under $100.

I finally saw The Hangover this Saturday and I bet that you aren't a good enough guitar player to pull out your own tooth.

I WILL eventually take you up on that Danzig promise.

Tony B. said...

This may have been the best comment ever left on my blog. Excellent work G$.

I didn't see Darrell Green, and I'm not quite sure how legit this website is (in fact, I'm sure these are knockoffs, but very, very excellent knockoffs) go here for some throwback jerseys ($35 each!):

I heard about it on the Bay Area AM sports station and the host of the show bought like 7 of them and he said it's legit.

Annoying Blogger said...


You aren't old enough to play the card of not being able to drink. Not yet man, sorry. You need to learn about rallying, its the the most important lesson in life, and a skill that has evaded many.

This will be crucial for all wedding activities. I'll get into more detail thursday.

Also, I was hoping you would get an Aramis Ramirez jersey because I think he's headed down the same path as Prior.

Tony B. said...

AB- you have officially followed G$'s excellent comment with a subpar effort.

- My lack of drinking is only to accomplish the goals of losing weight and finishing my album. Since I will be consuming myself with these activities, that will leave little time for me to drink- except at shows, which I will just forgo for now.

- If you're worried about my bachelor party performance, don't be! I'm ready to roll!

- Aramis will be fine. It was crazy yesterday to see the Braves intentionally walk Milton Bradley to get to A-Ram.

Annoying Blogger said...

"The Magic and Lakers both advanced to the next round of the playoffs... Great. Let me save everyone the suspense. The Cavs are going to win the championship. They have the best player and the best team. These are not Mark Price's Cavs- they are definitely winning rings. [sidenote: The Magic is actually a tough match up for them, but they are still going to win.]"

Found this in an old blog... nice!

Tony B. said...

Ahhhh- using my own words against me... my bad Cleveland! Sorry for jinxing it!

Adrianne said...

ah hah!! The proof you said "no drinking" until August 10th. How about those delicious beers yesterday? Not that I mind you drinking- I just wanted to do the girl thing and prove my point. hmf- I win.