Monday, July 20, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

Luckily, I barely remembered it is Monday. You see, I'm still lost in the space-time continuum that is going on vacation from work, and not physically traveling anywhere (there's another word for it, but I refuse to use it.)

Not too much is going on, but I'll try to cover whatever comes to mind:

- I've literally worked out every single day I've been off. That trend will continue as soon as I'm done with this post. Yesterday, I blasted my bi's and tri's- it's not important, it's just my life.

- Also yesterday, I went into the studio for four hours, and finished backing vocals for "As You Wish," "What's Inside," "Kids Playing Guns In The Street," and "What's the Past Got In Store?" We also decided that the main vocals for "KPGITS" needed to be re-done, so that happened as well. Singing back up vocals is one of my biggest weaknesses as a musician, but I must say I am improving. We once did a full four or five hour session on only finished one song, and this time we got through five vocal lines in four hours! That's increased productivity.

- The Cubs have won four games in a row! The catch? They were all against the lowly Nationals. Sunday's win was the most impressive because they scored seven runs in one inning, but let's be honest, it was against the Nationals! We'll see how good they are in a hurry as they face the defending champion Phillies today. The Phillies have won eight games in a row.

- Just saw the Erin Andrews video (didn't know about it until G$ mentioned it in his blog.) It's five minutes of Peeping Tom action. 70% of me was impressed by how hot she is, and 30% of me felt dirty and started wondering what kind of hotel has peep show holes to the rooms. Do you think all the rooms have them, or it was a conspiracy to put EA in the particular room so she could be videoed. Well, if the video taper is smart, he/she never will reveal their identity, but the hotel is probably going to get sued big time.

- I played a great show on Saturday at the Boxing Donkey in Roseville. It's a fairly new Irish Pub/Restaurant, and the people there were really nice. A very solid crowd that were definitely into my schtick. I'm playing there on August 1 and August 22 so come on out! I also just realized that this is my schedule for the August 20-22:

August 20 at 6:30 - Show at Pyramid Sacramento

August 21 at 7pm - Show at Pyramid Walnut Creek

August 22 at 9am - Show at the Farmer's Market in Downtown Vacaville

August 22 at 9:30pm - Show the Boxing Donkey in Roseville

I had better be well rested for those shenanigans.

Have a fantastic Monday- especially with the knowledge that I'm on vacation and just relaxing... all day long...


Tony B. said...

PS: My fantasy baseball team won during this short week (remind me to send Thank You Cards to Chris Carpenter and Felix Hernandez) to put my team at 12-3. I'm 5 games up in my division and have the most points and best record in the league.

GMoney said...

No mention of that loser, Soriano, going yard on back-to-back days?

I'm going to have to check the 5 minute footage tonight but I expect it to be even creepier.

Tony B. said...

No mention because it's hard for me to get excited over his first two home runs in OVER A MONTH especially when it's against the Nats. Do something today and I'll be more likely to mention it.

The 5 minute clip is waaaaay creeper. It's like there is a built in room specifically to peep. Scary.

GMoney said...

Why don't you do me a sketchy favor and email me the link?