Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Commentary on Steroids in Baseball

Before we get into this a bit, I'd like to throw out a big congrats to Money Shot blogger, G$. He's getting married tomorrow and is currently moving into his newly purchased house. He's all growns up! Congrats man, have a great wedding day and honeymoon!

Back to the topic of the day- Steroids. This topic refuses to go away. The list of 104 users form 2003 is getting leaked one or two names at a time, helping paper publications have something to talk about. Their "professional journalism" is not only breaking the law (the names are under court seal and are not supposed to be released) but it's sucking the life out of my ESPN watching. As much as it was hilarious to watch David Ortiz's self-righteous comments from Spring Training this year get shot right back in his face last night on ESPN, will this ever end? Nomar Garciaparra actually said he knew guys who failed this test on purpose because they were clean, but wanted testing in place (he has incentive to do so as he was on the 2003 Red Sox and the first half of the 2004 team that broke "the curse.") So will this crap ever end?

I don't know. But I did read THIS ARTICLE BY BILL JAMES (highly respected baseball statistician) and it was quite an enlightening read. I really think he took a lot of emotion out of the discussion and worried about the things will eventually shake out. When people get involved in bad relationships, many times, it's hard for them to see the actual problems or separate themselves from the situation because they are to close to it. I see the public involved in a bad relationship with steroids in baseball right now, that is causing a lot of emotional debate for almost no reason.

So the title of this blog may be misleading, it's not "great commentary" from me, it's great commentary from Bill James. He brings up many great points about how the post-steroid generation will be viewed. I have a feeling he's right. I mean, the American public used to lap up TV sitcoms where the man and wife slept in separate twin beds. Now we've seen virtual (or very real) orgies on The Real World. What changed? Well, for one, time. For another, as Bill James calls it, a breached battle line with "no organized point of resistance."

I'm fairly sure Jose Canseco came out and said yesterday that there is someone on "the list" that is already in the Hall of Fame. While Jose Canseco the lowiest of characters (plus he got beat up by Via Sikahema and Danny Bonaduce), he's been fairly accurate with his steroid info so far. Let's suppose he's right for the moment. A Hall of Famer is already in that used steroids. This would make Bill James' prediction of weakening defense lines against steroid users to have legs far sooner than he thought it would. I'm assuming the public will eventually just become so sick of the topic, that we will become desensatized to it, throw up our hands, and say I give up! Who cares anymore!

Make sure you read the Bill James article. If nothing else, it is a very well written article that provides some decent talking points and a little bit of a new spin on the whole steroid issue.

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