Friday, July 24, 2009

My Last Vacation Day

Well, it's been a fairly productive two weeks, but this is it. My last vacation day is today, and I couldn't be more sad. On Monday, I'll return to my day job and start to get to work on the projects that have been sitting all this time. Not to mention, I've completely checked on the California budget situation, so I'll also figure out if I'm getting a pay cut or a furlough or maybe the budget problems were solved by my vacation (highly unlikely.)

I did essentially everything I set out to do. I worked out every day (except yesterday.) I didn't drink (besides two Bud Lights at my show in Roseville last weekend.) I got into the studio twice (I swear this album is getting close to done!) I went to visit my firefighting Best Man in Monterey (who was in the ER this past weekend, but is ok.) Finally, we even had band practice for the Live Band Karaoke band last night (anyone feel like singing Possum Kingdom?)

I picked up an extra show this weekend, so if anyone wants to see my twice at the Pyramid Alehouse in Walnut Creek, I'll be playing both Friday and Saturday 7-11pm. Come out, bring your friends and lovers. The one stipulation is that there will be no rape allowed at the show, so don't even think about bringing Ben Roethlisberger. Ok, that was a cheap shot- and I'm really bummed out about this charges because I am a Big Ben fan. I hope it comes out that nothing happened, but I have a feeling we'll never know. I do know that if some of the reports about Harrah's are true, then they did everything in their power to make this go away, and they may be in more trouble than Big Ben. While I enjoyed my birthday winning money at a Harrah's Craps table, I can see where the casino environment could create a more likely scenario for problems (lots of alcohol, money being thrown around, and tail everywhere- especially during the the Celebrity Golf Tournament weekend.)

More athletes should take a cue from Albert Pujols. He may take it to the extreme by not even getting on an elevator if it's just him and a woman, but you'll never hear about him being accused of anything.

Anyway, I have no idea how my post went from vacation to rape charges, but such is blogging. Have a great weekend and I'll catch you back on Monday.


Clarkster said...

The A's and Cardinals completed a four-player deal Friday that will send Matt Holliday to St. Louis and Brett Wallace to Oakland. that means bad news for the cubbies and the giants for that matter they could have used that bat in there lineup

Rae said...

Stoked to come out to see you tonight! Awoot!!!

Brittanicus said...
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GMoney said...

Blogging always leads to rape.