Thursday, July 30, 2009

MLB Trade Deadline Approaches

This is the official last time I'll be talking about this guy, but yet again, the steroid guy was at the gym last night. This time he was jumping rope in the main gym area and yelled at an unsuspecting dude that "walked too close" and interrupted his rope skipping. On top of that, he was wearing an electric blue spandex tank top that hasn't been seen since Buddy Love in the first Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy version.) If this guy fell through a man-hole to the center of the Earth I would feel no sympathy and the world would be a better place.

Beyond all that, we have the Major League Baseball trade-deadline coming up tomorrow, and there are many things going on with a lot of different teams. Let's look at some of the trades/possibilities:

Phillies - Acquired Cliff Lee from the Indians without giving up J.A. Happ, Kyle Drabeck, or Dominic Brown. Organizationally and publicly this looks like a steal. The Phillies were adamant about not giving up ALL THREE of these guys for Roy Halladay, and as it turns out they didn't give up any of them. I do think the Indians got a decent haul for Lee, but you have to think they could've asked for one of these three guys, right? Now the interesting prospect is, if you were the Phillies, would you go get Roy Halladay now? You still have the guys the Blue Jays want, and a rotation of Halladay, Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, Brett Myers (almost healthy), and Jamie Moyer would be sweet. You even have Pedro Martinez as insurance. Ok, so maybe that is a bit crazy, but there definitely is logic to that scenario. Overall, great acquisition of Lee by the Phils.

J.P. Riccardi - Doesn't he seem like Billy Beane's little brother who never gets it right?

Giants - Acquired Ryan Garko from the Indians for Scott Barnes and Freddy Sanchez from the Pirates for Tim Alderson. Hmmmmmmmm... There are a lot of ways to look at these acquisitions. To start, let's make it clear that the Giants are better today than they were yesterday. Both Garko and Sanchez are professional hitters that should do well in AT&T Park. They won't lose much power (it wasn't there to begin with) and there is more room in the field to hit for average (more doubles/triples for Freddy Sanchez?) I think Garko for Barnes is a fair trade, but Sanchez for Alderson really made me raise an eyebrow. Giants AM radio projected Alderson to be just slightly less talented than their best pitching prospect Madison Bumgarner. GM Brian Sabean doesn't have a terribly great track record when it comes to trades, and this may be just another bad trade. However, you do have to give up something to get something, and I do think Freddy Sanchez is the type of proven commodity that the Giants need.

Red Sox - First, how they hell do these guys keep coming up with blue chip prospects all the time? They're always trading for guys and giving up prospects, how does their system always keep the highly rated prospects? One answer is that baseball as a whole has overrated the Red Sox system because of their two recent World Series championship (likely.) The other answer is that are like the bully on the bus who's always trying to trade multiple common player baseball cards for Ken Griffey, Jr. Upper Deck rookie cards (also likely.) Teams need to start holding out for more when the Sox come calling.

Anyway, the Sox have been linked to Victor Martinez, Roy Halladay and Adrian Gonzales. If they are able to snake any of these players away from their respective teams, that team had better get Clay Bucholz. There's no excuse for even considering a deal without getting the top pitching prospect in the Red Sox system (who's already thrown a no-hitter.) Each of the named trade bait players are under control through next year and all are proven commodities that the fans like. Don't give them up for nothing!

Yankees - They seem content with their team, and why shouldn't they be? They have (or are close to) the best record in baseball. You had Mark Texeiria, A.J. Burnett and CC Sabathia in the offseason and you had better be doing well. Texeiria and Sabathia were two of the huge trade acquisitions for other teams last year, and while the Yankees paid a pretty penny for them, it looks to be panning out.

Cubs - Looking to add a left handed reliever like John Grabow, and/or maybe a left handed bat to supplement Milton Bradley's underachieving ways. At this point, they really shouldn't give up much to get anything. It seems like the team is getting a bit healthier and, more importantly, they are hitting the ball more. They're only a half-game back of the Cardinals and it looks like it could be Cubs/Cards all the way until the end. How great would that be to see close division races from all of the best rivalries in the sport (Yanks/Sox, Cubs/Cards, Giants/Dodgers.) The Giants have some catching up to do, but let's make it happen!

There are many other important trades going on, so if you're ridiculously interested, go to for more info. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the trade deadline!


Clarkster said...

I'm totally on board with the trades the giants made. I mean Sanchez has been an allstar 3 of the last 4 years (probobly the Pirate's only rep at least 2 of those years.) And all we gave up was a prospect. Obviously he is a top prospect but he's just that a prospect how many first round guy's never pan out. and sanchez is a guy who is a .300 hitter for his career not to mention a solid second baseman. Garko is a solid guy that can produce some decent power numbers and fill a hole in that shaky line-up. over all I think what The Giant's got makes us serious contenders for the NL pennant as long as the rest of the pitching staff stays healthy. I think we both know that nobody wants to face the giants in the playoffs especially in a short series.

Tony B. said...

Mostly true stuff Clarkster. I like what the Giants did and it definitely makes their team better. The thing I don't like is giving up top prospects for moderate upgrades. The Giants lineup is still not scary and or even above average. When you give up top prospects (especially Alderson) you'd think there would be a little more pop in the lineup.

GMoney said...

The Giants have pitching and they have it for the next few years on the cheap (except for Zito). They had no middle infielder or first baseman. I like both of the moves. You know what Sanchez will give you, you don't about the prospect. Worry about the future later.

I believe that Brett Myers is done for the year. And Joe Blanton has been good. Don't start saying crap like "they could still get Halladay if they wanted to". You sound like Steve Phillips.

Why yes, the Yankees do have the best record in baseball thank you very much.

Tony B. said...

Just talking out loud G$- or pointing out the obvious about how the Phillies still have the prospects that the Jays wanted.

Lincecum isn't going to be cheap as he'll be considered a "Super 2" next year and be eligible for early arbitration. Hello at least $12 million!

Tony B. said...

Just checked on Brett Myers- he's out until late August, and when he returns he'll more than likely be put in the bullpen. C. Lee, Hamels, Blanton, Moyer, and Happ will be the rotation for now until they figure out where Pedro fits in.