Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top Five People I'm Sick Of

5. The Steroid Guy At The Gym - For those that missed it, a couple weeks ago I posted about a highly imbalanced individual that frequents the same gym I do. Well, I was reminded of him when I saw him doing ridiculous side gallops on a treadmill (no idea what else to call this exercise.) While I am particularly tired of this specific individual, he is not the only one of his kind. This stereotypical meat-head exists in most gyms threatening people that use equipment that he'd like to be using, threatening people that make him feel insecure, and looking like he wants to fight inanimate objects such as dumbbells and elliptical machines. The funny thing is that it almost seems like the more self-loathing this guy can muster, the better work out he'll get!

4. Ricky Rubio - What the hell? Did you really fly all the way out the NBA Draft, get drafted in the Top 5, then complain when you happened to go to Minnesota? Did no one tell you that when you play in the NBA, you don't get to pick which team you play for? Did you really complain about how your mom doesn't like the cold, then say your preference is to play in New York for the Knicks? I'm fairly certain it's cold there as well Mr. Ru-Ru-Rubio. Oh, you have an $8 million buy out from your team in Europe that has to be personally out of pocket? Then what the hell where you doing at the Draft in the first place? I know some Kings fans were mad that GM Geoff Petrie passed on Rubio, but at this point it looks like a ridiculously smart decision. I bet Sacramento is "too cold" for Rubio's mom as well.

3. Milton Bradley - I can't stand Milton Bradley. He's overpaid, under-performing and overrated. I'm 100% certain that the Cubs are worse with him than without him. I know my man-love for Mark DeRosa has been stated previously, but what about the other piece of the puzzle that the Cubs gave up to get Bradley (and by gave up, I mean traded to clear payroll)- Jason Marquis? Marquis is currently 12-6 with a 3.49 ERA while pitching home games at Coors Field! Marquis was an All-Star this year. Now, there is an argument to be made that Marquis needed a change of scenary to succeed to this degree, but I respectfully disagree. Since 2004, he's always been a competitive pitcher that has matured into to a very good pitcher. His records since 2004 are 15-7, 13-14, 14-16, 12-9, 11-9, and currently 12-6. Not too shabby. The Cubs could definitely use this stability at the back of the rotation, especially when Ted Lilly is on the DL and Ryan Dempster broke his toe jumping over the fence after a game. The point is that Milton Bradley affected the current roster, and has done nothing to help the Cubs offense. Believe me, he'll be my favorite player in the world if he hits a game winning home run to clinch a World Series win, but as it stands now, he's a massive bust.

2. Michael Vick - While this topic did help to bring the worst slip up on radio yesterday from Scott Van Pelt (he said, "Vick's been off for two years, and each year out of the NFL is like dog years for a quarterback... Oh, wow. I didn't even mean to say that. I didn't even think about it..."), who isn't sick of hearing about Vick. Hey guys! Let's debate even more about whether he should be suspended now that he's back! If he should, how many games should it be for?! Tony Dungy is mentoring him, that is going to help him find God, right [be careful, you know what God spelled backwards is, right...]?! I feel like ESPN is in a never-ending, downward spiraling converation with the public, and guess what folks, I'm out! I'm done! I don't think Vick is ever going to be a great quarterback in the NFL. His highest potential is for 10 snaps a game in the Wildcat formation, which is in and of itself a gimmick. Why waste so much time on someone who committed awful crimes, paid for them, then wants to get back to playing football, but isn't as good as people once thought? I'm OUT!

1. Brett Favre - Oh great, Brett Favre is back in the NFC North (maybe.) To be honest, this is awesome. Not because it sucks the life out of my ESPN watching, but because the Vikings are going to be bad this year. It doesn't even matter whether he plays or not. If he plays, he's old and not as mentally tough as he once was. I give him 8 decent games before he gives up (just like last year.) If he doesn't play, the Vikings' coaches and players have publically admitted that they don't have confidence in their current QB's. Nothing rips a team apart like a good ol' fashioned Favrian drama. You've done your damage Favre, you can make up your mind now and enjoy the Vikings 8-8/7-9 record. It's going to be awesome.


GMoney said...

I don't care what you say, I like Ricky Rubio and I think he's going to be really good.

Please don't try to rationalize Jason Marquis being good. It's very unbecoming of you. It was funny on many levels when you said that the Cubs could potentially be in position to have Bradley hit a Series-winning homer.

Tony B. said...

I never said Rubio isn't good- I'm just annoyed by his antics. For someone who is has a few years before a grows into his own body, he needs to chill out and stop being such a whiner.

I could care less if Jason Marquis is ultimately good or bad, my main point is this:

DeRosa + Marquis > Bradley

If you disagree with that, you're crazy. And yes, the likelihood of Bradley hitting a Series winning homer is 0.0000000000000000000000001- but I'm just leaving room in case it happens.

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