Thursday, July 2, 2009

Trade Zambrano?

Apparently there was a poll on the Chicago Tribune site that asked Cubs fans "Should the Cubs trade Carlos Zambrano?" 57.2% said "Yes." Paul Sullivan of the Tribune asked Big Z what he thought of that. Z replied by saying, "Fine. Trade me to Boston."

Ha! Hilarious! That's pretty funny Zambrano. Funny on many levels:

- Go from the Cubs to the Red Sox- Going from one talented team that presents a challenge in the form of mental pressure because of lack of winning (Cubs) to another talented team that has already beat their curse and continues their winning ways with almost sick ease (Red Sox.) Way to step up to the challenge, coward.

- Why are Cubs fans turning on Zambrano? Could it be because his talent is constantly compromised by his antics? It gets to the point when fans grow tired of him yelling at umpires, destroying Gatorade coolers, generally not being mature on the field and in the media.

- Why in the name of Ted Williams would the Red Sox want Zambrano? They have the cash, but they don't need him in the rotation, and I have a feeling they would not give up anything for him. I would trade Z tomorrow for either Jon Lester or Clay Bucholz. That would be the easiest decision I'd ever make if I were Jim Hendry. While you're at it throw in Milton Bradley, Candyland, and a Culver's Hamburger (I've never had one but they always advertise on WGN.)

The Cubs have a huge problem coming up. They are getting old and have a lot of salary committed to steadily declining players. I'd like to call it Yankee-itis, but at least the Yankees went to the playoffs for 14 (was it 14 years?) in a row, and were feared throughout the league. No one fears the Cubs because they can't get out of their own way. Until they stop making mistakes with fundamentals, letting their temper destroy good performances, and lose even the most loyal of fans' love they will not go anywhere. No playoffs, no championship, no nothing. They need to start making Harry Carey proud- right now he's just rolling in his grave.


GMoney said...

There is a Culver's about 5 minutes from where I live and it is the shit. I think it's based out of Wisconsin because they offer fried cheese curds.

The Yankees are getting younger. With Teix, Cano, Melky, Hughes, Joba...there is a decent foundation there of guys who will be around for awhile.

It seems like the only young guys that the Cubs have can't ride the grown up rides at amusement parks. And Geo Soto likes weed more than baseball.

Tony B. said...

The Yankees are getting younger, and I have a feeling that they will be more successful because of it.

I highly doubt Soto smokes as much weed as 70% of NBA players and those guys still perform, but he has been terrible so there's no arguing that. Ever since amphetamines were banned there has been a huge youth movement in baseball. It's harder for the older guys to keep up. Every team needs veteran experience coupled with energetic youth. Too much of either gets you playing like the Cubs.