Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Say Halladay, I Say Holliday

One cannot turn on ESPN these days without hearing a Roy Halladay update. Is he getting traded? If so, to where? Will this trade be the key component to a team's championship?

Answers: Maybe, Phillies, Maybe

The lead teams to trade for Doc Halladay are the Phillies and the Dodgers. Now, the Dodgers don't make as much sense because they would have to give up Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw has already established himself as a pretty damn good pitcher, and he's left-handed to boot. The addition of Halladay along with the subtraction of Kershaw does not help the Dodgers as much as the addition of Halladay would help the Phillies. In fact, the main reason the Dodgers have to trade for Halladay would be to keep the Phillies from getting him.

The Phillies could give up a number of prospects for Halladay without affecting their major league roster much. This would help the Phillies immensely due to their lack of starting pitching depth. Kyle Drabeck (son of Doug, my former arch-nemesis from when I was 8) is the lead candidate to get traded from the Phillies.

This Halladay talk is all well and good, but the scariest thing I've read is the Cardinals inquiring about Matt Holliday from the Oakland A's. Holliday has been swinging the stick awfully well and if you put him in a line up with Albert Pujols and you will find out exactly how dangerous Holliday can be. As the Cubs have worked their way back to just a game back of the Cardinals, this report scares me. The Cardinals would be a clear favorite if they can grab Holliday. Prospect Brett Wallace (first round pick from last year) is the bounty that Billy Beane and Oakland are looking to grab from the Cards.

This has really been a painful season watching the economy affect so many teams. It also has been painful watching the Cubs (and Giants, really) not be able to hit ever. Not in regular situations, not with runner on base. Not for power, not for contact. Not in a box, not with the fox. It's awful.

I'll be happy to see these trades get made, if for no other reason than it will free up ESPN to put more Favre coverage on- wait- ah crap.

PS: Saw the LeBron video where he gets dunked on. It's no big deal at all. Nike and LeBron shouldn't have made it an issue by confiscating the tape in the first place.


GMoney said...

The Cardinals never make big moves that would help them.


Tony B. said...

Dude- I KNOW!!!

If they really aren't going after Holliday, then Adam LaRoche should be a Giant. No excuse for this ridiculousness.

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