Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bachelor Party (Part Deux)

Ah yes, where were we...

After returning to the Peppermill, I'm fairly certain there was a nap involved for me at this point, but when I returned to the pool area, the rest of the group was socializing with a Bachelorette party. As it turns out, they were Reno locals, and the Bachelorette was getting married on the same day as me. My friends came up huge by chatting this group of girls up, and I'll get to why in a moment.

So after the pool, I went to the Craps table (again) and won $3. Big time, I know. We then went to the buffet for a massive meal. This was our attempt at soaking up most of the alcohol from the previous 24 hours. I'm fairly certain the Island Buffet has stepped up their game as it was better this time than it has been previously. I very much enjoyed the mix of Chinese Chow Mein, with the Taco Bar, and Grilled Salmon.

After dinner there was more Craps (not successful) then more drinking in my room (very succesful.) And it was off to the club. We eventually found the Bachelorette party and hung out with them on the dance floor. At some point, the Bachelorette asked me if the group wanted to go back into the VIP area because they "had four bottles of vodka that we can't finish." I made sure that it was ok to invite the whole crew, and then it was off to the back VIP room.

In Vegas style clubs, I think of a VIP area as a roped off booth within the club (maybe near the dance floor.) They definitely had those, but these girls had a full room with couches, full bar, and a flat screen TV (which may have been unnecessary, but still cool.) It was an absolutely amazing time.

After hours in the club, I found my way back down to the Craps table. This lead to me losing the rest of my budgeted money. So after a trip to the ATM, I was ready to go again! Fortunately, between Craps and Poker (I was up until 7am) I ended up $17 with this newly extracted cash. Definitely not my best gambling excurtion, but let's be honest, I'm lucky I had any money left at all with how drunk I was!

After two-and-a-half hours of sleep it was time to gather up all the stuff, shower and take off... or was it? Most of my friends had planes to catch and places to be, so they left. Woods, Tim and I stayed around. We first ate lunch at the Coffee Shop, which serves massive portions of whatever you order. It's essentially a better version of Denny's (tastes way better and gives you more food.) Our server, James, was the most awkwardly polite dude ever. Don't get me wrong, he was very nice, just not at ease while taking our order. After anything we ordered or said, he would reply, "Well, we'll just take care of that, then." He truly meant it, but seriously, who is "we?" I'm pretty sure he's taking care of it unless he's referring to the entire Coffee Shop Team of cooks, servers, hosts, hostesses, busers, and managers. And futhermore, what is up with people having repeating catch phrases this weekend?

That brings me to the conversation Woods and I had after our meal. If you had to pick, would you rather always have to end anything you said with "All that jazzy stuff" OR "Well, we'll just take care of that then?" Think about all the scenarios you that would come up in your daily life, and take your pick. I'll leave it open ended for now...

After lunch we moved to the pool area. The EDGE club throws a pool party every Sunday at noon, so we could miss that. The weather was perfect. In fact, the water temperature at the pool was perfect. We were hanging out and just enjoying the weather. That's when Woods and I saw a setup in the corner for Beer Pong. Jackpot! We went over and setup a game. It started as one on one, but as we met more people, we did get two folks from a VIP Cabana to join our game. Michelle and Tony were a great couple played on our teams (Tony's vs. Michelle and Woods.) The Tony's were triumphant, of course! After the game, they allowed us into their Cabana tent. This was awesome because there were food, drinks, and the PGA Championship on their flat screen. It was very nice of them to allow us in their VIP area. The other awesome thing was that we became friendly with the poolside DJ and he was playing anything we wanted. Seed 2.0 by the Roots? Done. R. Kelly's Igition the Remix? You know it. Jackson 5's I Want You Back? Flawless Victory.

All of a sudden it was 4pm and we decided it was time to finally reconnect with reality. The Bachelor Party officially ended at 4:17pm when Woods, Tim and I left the Peppermill. We did stop one more time at In-And-Out on the way back (for old times sake), but that pretty much sums up the weekend. It was a great time, and I'd like to thank all my friends for coming up and contributing to an epic weekend! You guys are awesome!


GMoney said...

I would expect a VIP room to be just a constant orgy. I'm disappointed.

Ignition? Really?

Tony B. said...

Hehe... well G$, this is one reason I've been debating becoming a more anonymous blogger because I clearly omitted some of the more interesting details of the VIP room...

And hell yes on Ignition! I've become known for my acoustic version of the song, so it was an appropriate request. The cougars poolside loved it!