Monday, August 3, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

It's back to the daily grind again, but what did I learn from the weekend? Uh... hmmm... ok, I've got a few things:

- I'm sick of saying it. I hate Kevin Gregg. Seriously. This guy is horrific. One would think that I would empathize with him being that I used to rock the same "guy playing athletics with glasses on" type look. Well, that look ended when I finally was able to get contacts in my prescription (summer after Freshman year in high school) and my patience with Kevin Gregg has run out. Not only did he try to blow the Cubs' Saturday victory by giving up 3 earned runs in the 9th (Cubs eventually won in the 10th), and actually did blow Sundays game (gave up back to back home runs to Dan Uggla and Cody Ross.) The biggest problem with Gregg as the closer, is that even if the Cubs get into the playoffs despite his inept pitching ways, there's no way they'll win many games. Great teams need at least good/serviceable closers and Gregg is not even close to that.

- My Fantasy Baseball team, however, is still rolling. I laid the wood to my opponent this week with a 391.83 to 299 win. In fact, out of all the teams in the league, the next closest team in points scored 331.33. My guys just don't stop. I shutter to think what could have been if Jake Peavy would've stayed healthy, but as it is, they are still dominating. The one thing that does suck, is that they are so good that it makes it hard to pull off trades. People want to too much, and why mess with success, right?

- Saturday was an excellent day filled with lounging by the pool at my friends' house, making fun of the golfers on the 17th hole (their house backs up to a golf course), and playing a show at the Boxing Donkey in Roseville. That place is great! It's usually packed, people sing-a-long with damn-near every song, and the folks that work there are great! I highly recommend coming out for my next show there, August 22nd at 9:30pm. Feel free to comment for any special requests, I'm going to learn a few more songs between now and then.

- I love Poker. Yesterday I was feeling the itch so I bought in on Full Tilt for $33. I lost the first $10 sit-and-go (no great cards/I wasn't playing well.) I took a breather and reminded myself that while playing online, and for small amounts of money, many fancy moves won't work. Many times, a terrible player (or someone who doesn't care about $10) who flops top pair won't lay it down if you represent the flush on the river. You must be PATIENT! I'm fairly certain that is the key to winning online poker (at least in lower limit tournaments and small cash buy-ins.) Anyway, I went on to win the next $10 sit-and-go, then won a $20 sit-and-go (did get lucky at the end as I went in with Ace/Jack against Ace/Queen and two Jacks came on the board.) I then lost a $20 sit-and-go (Queen high flush busted by the Ace high flush- that sucks!) Last, I played a $25 max buy-in cash game and won $16 there. Overall, my account ended with $106 and change (I don't know if that all adds up, but all the important events that I played are mentioned.) I've never really been able to sustain this kind of poker winning over a period of weeks or months, but we'll see how it goes this time. Note to self: BE PATIENT!!!!!!!

It's exactly two months away from my wedding! Yikes! Lots of stuff to get done... so little time!

Now it's back to work, more to come tomorrow.

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