Monday, August 31, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

I have a few quick updates from the weekend before I get into my main rant:

- Friday night, Future Mrs. B. went out with her friends, and I had the apartment to myself. I pretty much just played music all night and it was awesome. Learning new songs and practicing electric guitar- it was way more exciting than it sounds!

- Saturday morning we went to San Francisco to the Diamond Exchange. We went looking for our wedding rings, and we found excellent choices. We did end up having to special order the bands. While it's weird to spend a bunch of money, then walk away empty handed, the bands are going to look great when we get them.

- Saturday was also the two year anniversary of when FMB and I started dating. It feels like it's been forever- in a good way!

- Sunday brought another trip to the studio. It was very, very, very productive! I laid down bass on three songs, and back-up vocals on two. Five songs were finished during the session. Second Rate Song, Shallow Water Blackout, Neon Sign, This Time Around, and What's The Past Got In Store? are done and done. Ready for mixing and mastering.

- During the session, I made special effort not to look at the Bears' score. You see, I DVR'ed the game, and I was planning on watching it once I got home. I got home around 7:30, and I was pumped for commercial free football in a hostile Invesco Field. Unfortunately, this was not to be...

Your first guess of the DVR not recording would be incorrect. In fact, what actually happened was a fire about an hour north of my apartment. Is it tragic that 500 acres of land were on fire in the Auburn area? Yes. My best friend is a firefighter, and I am well aware of the dangerous nature of fires. It's also unfortunate that 50 homes were destroyed. However, was my blood boiling as I fast forwarded the DVR after the first commercial break of the game, and 2.5 hours later (in fast forward time) there was still nothing other than commercial free coverage of the Auburn fires? YES.

Dear KCRA Channel 3,

Your excessive coverage of the fires in Auburn was excessive and unnecessary (and to be honest, my excessive use of the word "excessive" is also unnecessary- but I'm angry!) You could have cut in ever so often to give us updates, yet instead you felt it necessary to give us multiple views of homes burning and sad people for over 3 hours. That is highly depressing and boring. You could have put a text bar on the bottom of the game alerting people of the emergency in the Auburn area, and given us occasional live updates, rather than blast our senses with visions of fire, smoke and debris.

Best, Tony B.

I, of course, did not send this to the station. It's unnecessary for me to complain as a customer, but I'm still mad I didn't get to see the game. Long story short, I have nothing to say about Jay Cutler's return to Denver because I DIDN'T F-ING SEE IT!

Now to finish my weekend with some HBO programming...


GMoney said...

Is Channel 3 worse than Easy Saver??? I watched it, bitch! It wasn't that interesting although the whiny little (insert vaginal slang term) did play well.

Tony B. said...

I admit it, I would probably hate Jay Cutler if he was dealt to another team (didn't the Redskins want him?) But because he's on the Bears, I find his smugness hilarious and I'm fairly sure his arm is the strongest in the NFL (whether that translates to W's, who knows?)

I'm still mad I didn't get to see it!

clarkster said...

yea but can he thow a nerf football 105 yard thats the real question

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