Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Depressing Wednesday

While I'm glad it is the midpoint in the work-week, I am awfully depressed about the Cubs performance in San Diego. One good thing is that, because I had my bachelor party this past weekend, there was no chance of me trying to get down to SD to catch a game or two. I highly debated it, but ultimately gave up because of the excess partying I knew would happen this past weekend.

Monday's game was excruciating. Ted Lilly pitched his ass off in his first start back from the disabled list. But my favorite bumbling closer, Kevin Gregg, came in during the 9th to give up a run to blow the save, then a 3-run-homer to lose the game. Hey Jim Hendry, great job trading the Cubs' best pitching prospect (Jose Ceda) for a guy that I can only describe as the Nickelback of Closers. In fact, that might be too generous because at least Nickelback's horrific music sells to people with sub-standard music taste- there is nothing postive about Kevin Gregg. He looks like he's throwing batting practice with the majority of his pitches.

On to the batters. Alfonso Soriano is a shell of himself. He needs a sports psychologist worse than Brett Favre needs attention (and Wrangler Jeans.) Soriano swang and missed at 3 or 4 pitches during his 8th inning at bat. The worst was the pitch he struck out on. The catcher setup for a low and outside pitch. The pitcher, Adams, misfired and the ball was belt-high over over the exact middle of the plate. 95% of major league hitters are, at the very least, hitting a line drive off that pitch. Soriano whiffed like he was facing Mariano Rivera.

I'm sick of analyzing, or trying to figure out what the problem is. The only way a Cubs team can win, is if they stop caring so much about the city, the curse, the tradition of losing, and even Ron Santo's crazy rants in the radio booth. At some point, they need to do it for themselves and stop worrying about expectations. Right now, the expectations are weighing them down like they have the cast of "More To Love" on their backs- and that is spine shattering.


Rae said...

Appropriate graphic for Hump Day ;)

GMoney said...

They need to stop worrying about Ron Santo's lack of legs.

Who would have guessed that building a team around fourteen guys under five foot tall was a bad idea? Or thinking that Milton Bradley was the piece to put you over the top? Or that giving Soriano an 8 year contract was a sound business decision?

Tony B. said...

The graphic is appropriate on so many levels.

Cubs I currently like: Derrek Lee, Jake Fox, Aramis Ramirez, Ted Lilly, and Randy Wells. Screw everyone else on the team.

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