Friday, August 21, 2009

Obscure Music Friday

First thing's first, here are my remaining shows for the week/weekend:

Tonight: Pyramid Alehouse, Walnut Creek 7-11pm
Saturday AM: Farmer's Market, Vacaville 9-11am
Saturday PM: Boxing Donkey, Roseville 9:30pm-12:30am
Sunday: G St Pub, Davis 10pm-1am-ish

Considering I also played last night in Sacramento, you can tell I'm going to be as worn out as my neighbor who seems to regularly call the cops on her abusive ex-husband (don't worry, they make up consistently- I know this because I can hear them through our walls. It' s disgusting.)

How about we do an obscure music Friday? Here are a few albums I strongly recommend you check out:

The National "Boxer" - Originally from Cincinnati, OH, this band is so underrated it's ridiculous. Lead singer Matt Berninger crones in the sweetest of baritones while that band's music is some of the most creative around. This album includes one of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME. You can listen to "Fake Empire" by clicking here.

Grizzly Bear "Veckatimest" - I've just recently gotten into this band, but they are unlike any other band I've heard. I don't have as much knowledge about this band's background (though I'm sure a quick jaunt to Wikipedia will solve that), but I really like the song "Two Weeks." I suppose it could be described as dreamy indie pop/rock. And after searching for the video on YouTube, I can officially say the video is CREEPY. Be warned- it's like these kids are in the Overlook Hotel.

Julian Plenti "Julian Plenti is... Skyscraper" - Paul Banks of the band Interpol heads this new indie rock band. I'm not sure if this marks the end of Interpol, or if this is just a side-project, but I once saw Interpol soundcheck before their concert at UC Davis (2005) and they became entreanched in a loud shouting match on stage about "who the leader of the band was." It's surprising they released another album after that tour. The music is still great with this new band and is similar to Interpol. Check out THIS SONG.

Last but not least, there is THIS VIDEO to start your Friday off right!


GMoney said...

Congratulations, I have never heard of any of this stuff.

So you have walls like Lawrence and Peter in Office Space?

Tony B. said...

I'm trying to help you out G$. I know you haven't heard of it- but I'm recommending it.

Yes, we have walls just like Lawrence and Peter, except I hear the disgusting rough sex through the wall rather than a nice recommendation to check out the breast exam on channel 9.