Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Halloween 2004

My Best Man, Sean, and I discussing (via IM) the recent Billy Wagner trade to the Red Sox:

SEAN: i wanna see papelbon and wagner fight
ME: definitely
or what would be better... a fastball duel!
start back to back, take 10 paces, turn and fire!
SEAN: haha, hell ya
ME: that would be sick
SEAN: im in. id pay to see that
ME: it would probably start with papelbon slapping wagner in the face with a batting glove
aaron burr style
SEAN: haha

Sean also sent me a picture from Halloween a few years ago when we dressed up as Ronald McDonald and the Hamburgler. The picture can be seen here:

This is a picture from our work Halloween potluck in 2004. That day at UC Davis, we had finished our work and decided to have some fun. We went around to various departments showing off our costume. Since we had left over McD's hamburgers from our lunch potluck, we brought them with just in case...

We ran into a few of our friends from the Athletic Department and they dared us to run through the Student Recreation gate as a joke. I'm not sure we realized how seriously the workers at the gate took themselves, but a dare is a dare, right? We debated it for a few minutes and hadn't really come to a conclusion...

As I was walking down from another friend's office (near the Student Rec Center), I wondered where Sean had run off to. I was carrying the bag of hamburgers in a haphazard manner. I reached the bottom of the stairs and Sean jumped out from his hiding place and grabbed the bag of burgers. He began sprinting across the lobby toward the Student Rec gate. I did what any great Ronald McDonald would do- I ran (with high knees because of my clown shoes) after him and shouted, "STOP HIM! THE HAMBURGLER HAS MY BURGERS!"

We both passed through the gate as people stared and/or laughed at us. Sean ran into the weight-room area to the left. He began passing out burgers and giving the "Shhh" sign to employees and people trying to get their lift on. I was still on the outside of the weight room because I was less mobile in my ridiculous shoes. I turned back and realized that the student worker at the gate was freaking out. He was on the radio calling Campus Security. The odd thing is that he never reported me- only the Hamburgler. I guess he realized I was the victim in this crime.

At this time, our friend that we had just visited heard via radio what was going on and he came down to straighten everything out. He told the student that everything was ok, and to call off the security. I yelled to Sean to come back out (I think he was hiding at this point.)

When we walked back the way we came in and two funny things happened. One, Sean offered the way-too-serious student worker a hamburger. The student replied, "Are they even real?" We told him they were and he grudgingly accepted.

The second funny thing was that a radio that had been left on the counter went off as we were leaving. "WE'RE LOOKING FOR THE HAMBURGLER!" it exclaimed over the air-waves. That was definitely our cue to exit the situation.

PS: I clearly love Halloween- maybe a little too much. This year taught me that I will never paint my face like that ever again!


GMoney said...

You're lucky that you didn't run into Grimace. He killed Mayor McCheese you know.

Tony B. said...

I'm actually bummed we didn't have a portly friend to be Grimace- he may have been able to take out the kid at the gate before Campus Security even got involved.

sean said...

Awesome! laughing out loud remembering this.

C. Colton said...

Tone, Awesome story, man. Loved it. Wish I'd been over there covering a story to see that happen. Vome to San Diego and we can relive our Chicago experience!