Friday, August 28, 2009

Video Friday

I'm taking the easy way out- we're having video Friday here at Second Rate Blog. We're doing this mostly because I want to distract myself from the Cubs, ProFlowers, and the fact that Tom Brady got drafted one spot before I was about to pick him in my first Fantasy Football Draft. Damn.

- I love my iPhone! It has so many lovely features:

- Mario Kart is by far my favorite video game series of all time. I would trust Toad with my life!

- Before Mark Wahlberg was in "The Departed" he once was a white hip-hop artist that did work out videos. His moniker was, of course, Marky Mark, and he was ridiculous.

I saw this guy on Tosh.0- he is not very good at his supposed "talent."

Speaking of Daniel Tosh, here's a clip from his show- is it racist?:

I hope you all enjoyed the videos as much as I did. Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday to talk all about Jay Cutler dominating the Broncos in Denver on Sunday night!


GMoney said...

Talk to me about your fantasy team. What pick did you have? Who did you take first? What is your starting lineup come week one? How can you root for a complete fuck-up like Jay Cutler AKA the Milton Bradley of the NFL? Would you like to save $15 on your next flowers purchase?

Tony B. said...

Here are the details of my team:

I had the randomly selected first pick (thanks Yahoo.) This league has 8 teams (lame, I know, not my ideal choice.) The draft was live and online, with a standard snaking order. I'll give you my line-up:

Peyton Manning
Wes Welker (I love Welker and this pick was cemented after I read your blog, G$)
Roy Williams
Adrian Peterson
Marion Barber (how the hell did I end up with so many Cowboys?!)
Chris Cooley
Kevin Smith

Gostkowski is my kicker

I have both NY defenses.

My bench has Darren McFadden, Ben "The Rapist and Tony B. lookalike" Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, La'Ron McClain and Jeremy Shockey. Do you think I should bench any of the guys up top for any of the bench guys?

The person before me picked Brady in the second round. It was painfully disappointing.

How can I root for Jay Cutler? The same way you root for a team owned by Daniel Snyder- easily and with fierce loyalty.

Thank for you asking, but no, I would not like $15 off my next flower order. I was credited $104.65 on my credit card today though!

Tony B. said...

My next draft is Tuesday at 6pm. 10 teams on We'll see how it goes.

GMoney said...

Well, Roy is hurt but this seems fairly solid. You will probably end up rotating Smith and D-Mac due to matchups/general shittiness of their own teams. That's a playoff team though.

Tony B. said...

Yeah, I figure Roy will be good to go by the season, but I'll monitor the situation.

I definitely agree with your assessment of Smith and D-Mac. I think D-Mac may have a breakout season, so he's a hell of a flier for the 9th round.

Clarkster said...

hey tony it's a 12 man leauge POW!!! say hello to your mother for me.

Tony B. said...

POW!!! is right!

How the hell are we going to finish the draft before our ballgame?!

Clarkster said...

6:00 draft you'd be suprised how fast it will go. if you want you can bring you laptop and do the draft over here. worst case senario auto draft the last couple of rounds games not till 8:30. so I think we'll make it.