Monday, September 7, 2009

A Case of the Mondays: Labor Day Edition

It's already been a relaxing weekend, and- bonus! there's still one more day! But what has been going on so far?

- Friday, Future Mrs. B. and I went out to dinner (which has been rare these days as the wedding budget dominates us.) We went to R15 which is appropriated located at R & 15th streets in Sacramento. Had a delicious stir fry and promptly went home and passed out because I was on 3 hours sleep from the night before.

- Saturday, I watched more College Football than I might watch all season. I am trying to get into it more, but the mythical/magical/theoretical National Championship turns me off quite a bit. Here's what I understand from what I saw:

- Ohio State was never really put on upset alert, but how they hell did they only beat Navy by 31-27? For a team that is supposed to be a Top 10 program, it seemed like they are either still shaking off some of the rust, or they are just plain overrated.

- OSU's opponent next week, USC, also looked a bit rusty early on, but eventually put a hurtin' on San Jose St. This is no surprise, and if they go into Ohio State next week and beat OSU, they will answer questions about how good their Freshman Quarterback Matt Barkley can be this year.

- I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Syracuse/Minnesota game. Admittedly, I was cheering for Greg Paulus to complete the upset. This is odd because I didn't care for him all that much when he was a basketball player at Duke. A poorly thrown ball into the end zone by Paulus basically sealed the fate of the Orange, though it seems like they'll be better off with Paulus than they would've been without him.

- Cal killed Maryland. They looked better than I expected them to look.

- UC Davis went down to Fresno State in the largest game they've ever played. They lost 51-0. Ouch. Worst part- they still have to play Boise State on the blue turf on my wedding day, October 3. Good luck with all that.

- Moving on from College Football, how funny was Prince Fielder's walk-off home run stomp yesterday? Giants fans may disagree, but that's only because Fielder's home run puts them one more game behind the Rockies for the Wild Card. Biggest hope for the Giants: they still play the Rockies for three more games in SF.

- Does anyone want Milton Bradley? He recently accused Cubs fans of being racist. Now, I don't disagree that some of the Bleacher Bums are douche bags, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say he'd be a loved figure in Chicago if he hit .300 with 25 home runs and 80 RBI (stats he's definitely capable of.) Cubs fans are "horrible-performance-ist." He's a head case and needs to be gone. What is with Cubs that wear #21 and play right field???

- I watched Point Break yesterday. Keanu Reeves underacts to mediocrity and Patrick Swayze is in perfect pike position when he jumps out of plane. Fully ridiculous- and I enjoyed the whole thing.

I'm likely going into the studio to finish up some bass tracks today. Fingers crossed... enjoy the rest of the weekend.


GMoney said...

USC is going to come into Ohio and rape everything in their path. It is going to be sweet.

For some reason, I was pulling for the Cuse, too.

Tony B. said...

As of Friday, I thought Ohio State would beat USC. I thought the opposite at about 4pm on Saturday.

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