Monday, September 28, 2009

A Case of the Mondays: Luxury Edition

The first part of my weekend went something like this:

- Played an opening gig for the band Silent Treatment at the G St Pub in Davis. It went very well.
- Saturday morning I brought my suit in to let a half-inch out on my wedding suit pants.
- Got a haircut.
- Worked the rest of the day at the UC Davis football game (they beat "powerhouse" Western Oregon. Read the quotes as sarcasm.)

Sunday rolled around and it was time to drive to San Francisco to watch the Giants/Cubs game from the luxury box. We arrived early and used the extra time to each buy and drink a 24 oz. can of Miller Light in an alley outside of the park (Future Mrs. B. has occasionally been working as a Miller Light promotional girl so I've been trying to switch from Bud Light. Also, it is the only beer approved by the commish of the More Taste League.)

You may ask, you had the luxury suite, so why are you roughing it out in the mean streets of SF drinking out of brown bags? Well, the answer is simple- I had the tickets for the suite, but catering was not included. I initially was going to try get everyone to chip in and split catering but I was having too hard a time pinning people down so it became easier to just let everyone fend for themselves.

Upon arriving to the park, we walked over to the entrance of the Visitor club house and on the way down the hall I saw Cubs' announcer Len Kasper. I saw him and said, "Hey! What's up Len?" He said, "Hey man, how are you doing?" Then he kept walking and didn't wait for me to tell him how I was actually doing. My friends, not knowing who Len was asked me how I knew that guy. I explained that it was the Cubs' announcer and that I didn't actually know him. It was really a weird exchange for two people who don't know each other.

We got to watch Fukudome take batting practice in the underground cages they have below the homeplate area, and we did see Cubs' GM Jim Hendry just a few feet away from us. He didn't look like he was in the mood for any comments about Milton Bradley, so we left him alone.

It was then time to go up to the suite and turn on the 49ers/Vikings game. We were able to watch football the entire time we were in the suite. They had one TV inside, and one outside for maximum football enjoyment. Most of the people there were Giants/49ers fans, so they last minute Favre touchdown pass was a crushing moment. Even I was mad as I hate Favre and want the Vikings to lose for inter-divisional reasons. Everyone was hoping the video review showed something different, but Greg Lewis made a great play and perfectly dragged his feet in the end zone for a touchdown. The video only confirmed that fact and the Niners and their fans were left with a dramatic loss.

The actual baseball game was fine. Matt Cain pitched very well, and the Giants won without much fight from the Cubs. I'm not sure if I expected much from the Cubs. Sweet Lou gave them the day off from regular batting practice as if to say, "Hey guys, we're out of the playoffs and you have taken the first 3 games in the Giants' home park- don't worry about today."

The weather was great, and the view was awesome. It was also fun to not miss football while still enjoying baseball at such a great park (AT&T Park is an awesome yard- get there if you've never been.)

On the way home, I could still taste the garlic fries that I had had an hour and a half earlier. I could also still taste the Bears' victory which I was unable to watch, but kept close tabs on throughout the day. Both were delicious! It was a pretty great Sunday.


Rae said...

I'm planning to "neutralize" someone in the MN area. I was initially thinking kneecaps, but now I'm sold on "taking out" that arm.

He or she will not be a problem when we meet the Vikings again in the playoffs...

Tony B. said...

Knee-caps and arms are child's play- you need to use a Mortal Kombat fatality to finally get rid of that Wrangler-wearing problem.

GMoney said...

Future Mrs. B. has occasionally been working as a Miller Light promotional girl
--Was she one of the "catfight" girls from about 6-8 years ago? If so, well done, sir.

Between the Redskins and my adopted 49ers, the Yankees 100th win and clinch could still not bring up my spirits.

Len Kasper sucks.

Tony B. said...

FMB was not one of the catfight girls:

though I have a feeling she could catfight with the best of them if need be.

I felt bad for you G$. Losing to the Lions sucks, but don't be surprised if the 0-16ers from last year end up winning 3 or 4 games this year. Remember, the Browns are still on their schedule so there is a guaranteed W right there. That probably didn't make you feel any better.

Len Kasper isn't the best announcer out there, but he's not terrible. The best tandem, by far, is the Giants' announcers Kruk and Kuip.